How do i accidentaly meet women?

How do i accidentaly meet women? Topic: How to write a mystery short story
May 25, 2019 / By Slade
Question: ok, i mean i could go to the river. but there's realy not any women there, mostly men scoping for girls they probably will never meet, or atempt to. but i'm not the kind to go to the river or any place like that. and act like i accidently meet them there. i tried it at the library, however the girl showed interest untill i sliped up. i pulled a conversation out of my ***, thus a lack of smoothness and, a possible misunderstanding. i think i sounded like i was bragging about attending college(thats not what i ment though i ment to emply that i...) yeah anyway, my point is if you like the library idea help me/ give me something to work with. or if there is another place where i can meet average college-aged wemon(around 20).. i feel like i need somne to relate with... i am 18 attending college, live in a college area, i have my own apartment, a job, and NO CAR((how do i meet them and get there phone number in the same hour, just so im prepared)) ("Hellbent, help!!!")
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Originally Answered: How to meet more women?
Because that's where the women are! Churches, libraries, stores, concerts, clubs, etc are good places to meet members of the opposite sex. :o)
Originally Answered: How to meet more women?
The supermarket is a great place to meet women. You can also go to the movies alone or a gas station. Those are also good places to meet women. At a supermarket, chances are the woman will be sober and not looking for cock. This is your chance to catch her off guard. The element of surprise is your friend. At a bar, you are just another chode. They line them up and pick the hottest hunk of man meat with the most money at the end of the night. In other words, you go home alone. At the grocery store, the competetion is gone. It is all you.

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