Baby Formula-what do you use and why?

Baby Formula-what do you use and why? Topic: No homework coupons
May 25, 2019 / By Amilia
Question: Hi All! I am a first time mama to be @ December 20th and the only thing I am not stocked up on is formula. We have two sample sizes of Similac but I have some coupons and wanted to get at least a few more before princess gets here! Is there a huge difference between the two and if I get one of each will she be confused and not take one over the other and if so can I return unopened cans of either. Thanks so much in advance!! ps-I know breast is best but that is not an option for me; I take medication that will pass through so it's not a good idea. NO I cannot breastfeed, I have done my homework, again why I posted that in my question. It's not possible and it will affect my health negatively which is not good for my baby or for me.
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Wat Wat | 8 days ago
I would actually make my own using the recipes that can be found at the link below. Because powdered formulas are made with dried milk proteins, and when milk is dried the proteins get warped and it's difficult for the body to digest. Plus, I just believe that natural things are better overall. However, if you do choose to use powdered formulas (because committing to these can be pretty complicated, depending upon the laws where you live, or you just may not like the idea of raw milk), I would avoid using any soy formula. Soy contains a great deal of phyto-estrogens which can affect the sexual development of both male and female children. Good luck! Whatever you choose, it is clear you want what is best for your baby, so I am certain she will thrive!
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Wat Originally Answered: My Stepmom has been putting dark corn syrup in my baby sisters baby formula as a "Laxitive"? Is that. safe?
Corn syrup is actually the worst thing she could do, even if baby were constipated. Water is good, but she needs to be getting formula. I would do some research online & show it to stepmom today. If this doesn't change her mind, IMO, sister needs to be taken to the doctor ASAP if she isn't makeing 6 dirty diapers in 24 hours. With excessive spitup & formula refusal, she is at risk for dehydration (that is why it is so good you got her to keep down some water!) If she is making enough diapers, I would make an appt for this week. Because some people just don't listen to common sense unless a doctor tells them.

Sachie Sachie
Never stock up on formula ahead of time. You never know if your baby is going to have an allergy to milk or milk proteins and might need soy formula or hypoallergenic. Usually the process of determining what formula to use is something your pediatrician helps you with. So don't buy anything until the baby is born, see what they give in the hospital, and then they will most likely send you home with some extra of that formula. Then try it at home. If your baby gets alot of gas or upset tummy from it you will have to switch, maybe several times (We had to switch 6 times over a period of 4 months). We wound up using Enfamil Gentlease because my daughter has a sensitive tummy.
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Murdoch Murdoch
I wouldn't stock up on formula unless u have coupons that are going to expire and your store will let u exchange. That being said we use similac advanced that is what our hospital started her at birth and she has done really well with it. You can sign up for coupons on the formula sites. :) Sending u best wishes for a great delivery and healthy baby girl!
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Kendall Kendall
I wish these breast feeders would leave formula feeders alone,Not everyone has the ability due to health problems or the comfort level to do it So just shhh with it already Everyones opinion on it differs why must breast feeders push it down everyone's throat, Anyway i used Similac Advanced for my daughter as i was not able to breast feed due to a blood presser pill that i had to stop taking during pregnancy but had to continue right after i had her I am going threw the same thing with this pregnancy i am 32weeks pregnant and I will use Similac Advanced again because i it worked well with my daughter and she was VERY healthy and was not MISSING any Nurturance from bottle feeding
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Hilkiah Hilkiah
I don't have any info on formula, but if you're truly interested in breastfeeding, are you sure that your medication is incompatible? Doctors are horribly misinformed on most breastfeeding issues and will recommend against taking most meds, while many of them are perfectly safe. Also, there are often safe substitutes for those meds that are truly unsafe. The best resource for medications is http://www.infantrisk.com/. I'm just tossing that out there because I've heard people say that they wished they'd done more research on their meds ahead of time. Some of them would have been able to breastfeed, but were just given bad advice. EDIT: Good for you for doing your homework then. You'd be surprised how many people don't.
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Elrod Elrod
I use frmula because breastfeeding doesn't work. Prove mom against formula baby will be as healthy! (mine is I can assure!) I've been told to hange BRAND gradually or as few times as possible. At my hospital they gave us enfamil, we bought this. But ended up noticing our son was having cow milk protein intolerance like many babies and we feed him nutramigen by enfamil. Peds recommend not switching BRAND for nothing... And they're all the same. BUT if you buy similac, you could try iron version, low iron, gentle ease, soy and it wouldn't really hange anything other than the taste
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Elrod Originally Answered: What is the healthiest baby formula?
The sugar in formula is there because breastmilk also has a lot of natural sugars. It's not considered unhealthy. The sugar and fat content actually is necessary for the health of your baby. Now personally I like how Good Start has whey based, since I think that helps to combat some of the problems babies have with the larger strands of protein in milk. If lactose-tolerance is an issue, soy formula is NOT recommended anymore since soy allergies are very common (soy should be used as a last resort.) Instead there are lactose-low and lactose-free formulas, and that should be tried instead. Personally, I've had pediatricians suggest to go straight to lactose-low and lactose-free formulas, no matter the brand, so that's what we've done with formula and I can't complain. There's basic standards though, and as long as it's an FDA approved formula made in America then you can be sure that it's going to meet their nutritional needs and it's as close to breast-milk as we know how to make it at this point. Breastfeeding wasn't an option for me either. I am continuing to express the little bit I can, and breastfeed what I can to him, but due to a physical defect I simply cannot produce enough breast-milk to keep a baby alive. It's no one's business, you didn't ask for opinions on breast-milk (the question was about formula for those brain impaired), and people need to get off their high-horse about it. But what research I've done on formula tends to make me look at Goodstart favorably, and then think all the rest are basically equal.

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