Why Do Republicans Always Assume That Discussion of Health Care Reform Means?

Why Do Republicans Always Assume That Discussion of Health Care Reform Means? Topic: Holding company business plans
June 27, 2019 / By Carlyn
Question: that somebody is going to ask them for some of their "hard earned" money. Why are they strangely mute on the issue about people who cannot purchase coverage due to preexisting conditions, lack of portability between states and insurance companies raising rates on older Americans until they can't pay? As self employed people age the problem becomes more and more acute (no pun intended) and many find themselves facing financial disaster due to this. However, this question will be met with a barrage of nonsense about no "govment ' involvement blah blah Blah and how perfect our system is. Why can't they deal with the question in a rational manner?
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Ange Ange | 5 days ago
Republicans have been trying to allow cross state insurance for years, And Republicans have been trying to allow small business to go across state lines to go in with other small business for years. Both proposals have been blocked by the democratic party. And why do you blame insurance companies for the rise in health care cost ? Insurance companies, are the only thing holding health care cost down. Insurance companies, do not make doctors and hospitals charge so much, that people cannot afford health care. Why haven't liberals ever started a insurance company and offered low cost insurance ? Why ? because it cannot be done. Why do liberals, never ever mention what national health care would cost ? Canada spends more than $4,000 per citizen on their national health care. That would be 1.2 trillion dollars a year in the US. We only had 1.5 trillion in corporate and individual tax revenue last year. You really wanna raise tax's 80% to fund national health care ? Whats next? national housing plan to subsidize everyone owning a house?
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Ange Originally Answered: May you kindly enlighten me what Obama Health Plan Reform means?
I'm a republican and I don't feel the same way as comment number one says. I do not believe government should run a program that should be competitively marketed - free market so that you have a choice on which company can offer you the best plan for your needs. I don't care about corporate profit -that is what everyone thinks about republicans that they are money hungry and they are not. There are principles, morals, and values that make a person too. Less government in our business is better - look at social security, Medicaid/care, cash for clunkers, even DMV - - most programs run by government usually are not economically run and have no competition to improve. If you outsource then you are paying 3x as much. Existing health policies you have a choice. Under the Obama plan you will still have your health policy until a life changing event, like changing jobs forces you to accept the government run plan because the other plans will not be offered to you. Companies will not be able to afford to offer those plans to their employees because they will be charged absorbant fees to do so...small business owners will not be able to afford that. The reason the popularity is dropping is because people do not want to be dictated. We all ran screaming from our parents home when we grew up because we didn't want them telling us what we can and can't do. Socialized government is your parents all over again. 300+ million Americans are happy with their health plan. 5-14 million are the ones who need real help. Help them and leave the rest of us alone. Liberals are against the plan because they are afraid of being voted out of the majority - which is very likely to happen because of this.

Wilf Wilf
We need health care reform. No argument there. We don't need socialized health care. Again, no argument there. Health care is expensive - very expensive - and people need some sort of safety net for catastrophic illnesses. But primary care for minor concerns is not a right - it's something that we simply need to pay for, whether in the form of health insurance or a pay as we go plan.
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Schuyler Schuyler
Because some people hear the word Democrat and automatically go against whatever it is they say. If a Democrat says the sky is blue, the person will say that it's read. Some people are just plain stupid to realize that they would benefit from it as well. Some people would rather cut off their arm to spite a Democrat. Sad but true.
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Neal Neal
I never said that someone is going to ask me for my hard earned money to fund this mess. The government will simply take it. Why should i have to pay for somebodies "preexisting" condition? "preexisting" is usually liberal babble for someone lazy schmuck who sat around for the last 20 years eating Big Macs and expanded to the point that this fat clown can no longer breathe.
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Neal Originally Answered: What does everyone think about the health care reform?
all these people who are against it are selfish bastards. look around you the world is **** because no one gives a rats *** about anyone but themselves. you should be happy that ou are given the cahnce to spend a night in a hospital bed for free. you cheap bastards who care nothing for human life should be refused healthcare.

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