If pro choice advocates are so against the government interfering and making decisions for a persons own body?

If pro choice advocates are so against the government interfering and making decisions for a persons own body? Topic: Operations part of a business plan
May 25, 2019 / By Felis
Question: ........why are you OK with them controlling your health care? btw.....I'm a pro choice "radical right wing religious extremist" So Meow, You don't think the government will make "life or death" decisions regarding your health? OKKK Mr.** Are you going to be able to afford it if it is discounted (at best) 20%? For those who say they do not want the government to control health care, please take a second look. That is exactly where they are heading. You are absolutely right Logan! However, shouldn't our government work at getting the industry (as a whole) under control BEFORE they begin offering health care, even if it is at reduced rates? There is no plan at all, yet they are pushing this through very quickly.
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Best Answers: If pro choice advocates are so against the government interfering and making decisions for a persons own body?

Cy Cy | 8 days ago
The issue is that the unborn have no one who can say, "I do not want to be killed just because I am an inconvenience!" So pro-lifers stand in the gap to say, abortion on demand is WRONG. What is really wrong with abortion is that it IS used as a form of birth control, regardless of what Obama said at Notre Dame. He claims that woman agonize over the decision. Perhaps a few do, but not the majority. And why the clinics LIE about the consequences is criminal. It is NOT a safe operation and is very intrusive. Many suffer irreparable damage and can no longer carry a child to birth. But the business of killing the unwanted and unborn goes on - despite the moral and ethical outrage against it. I am not OK with their being in charge of my Health care. When did the government ever do anything well? Cost overruns is their middle name. Inefficency is their mode of operation. And who picks up the cost? That is right, We the People. No to Big Brother and HMO's. Government documentation costs have been part of the problem for escalating medical costs. Doctors spend more time filling out forms than seeing patients. This drives up costs.
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Aubrey Aubrey
Zaza, they already do control our health care. Or I should say, they choose not to. The pharmaceutical and insurance companies have their hands in the politicians pockets. Those companies are the ones who decide the prices and coverage of our premiums and policies. The government can't do a darn thing about the american people getting fleeced by them. Washington chose a side a long time ago, they chose those companies over the health and welfare of their constituents. So in a way they are controlling the issue by not controlling the ones who run the industry.
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Vi Vi
Single payer health coverage does not mean the government will be "controlling your health care." However, note that anyone who has medical insurance is having their health care decisions being made by the bureaucrats at the HMO, rather than medical personnel.
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Serina Serina
I am not OK with them "controlling" health care, but I do know that something needs to change when people are crowding up our emergency rooms with non-emergency and minor ailments. hmmm. Dr visit cost with insurance...maybe 50.00. Emergency room visit cost.without insurance..600.00-1000.00.....and the taxpayer pays for that....hello
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Ondrea Ondrea
maybe they shouldnt control it, but id like to be guarenteed some healthcare so that i dont have to wonder how im going to pay for it. healthcare is something that people really need. its entirely different from abortion
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Maev Maev
You’re pro-choice… you should be able to answer that question for yourself. Either way, no one is for government controlled healthcare, or for your propaganda on the Obama Administration’s point of view on his healthcare reform. Who says he wants the government to control healthcare? It’s amazing that Republicans are against affordable healthcare.
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Kerensa Kerensa
Medicare/medicaid as it stands now makes decisions for you body just as private insurance does. However, per HIPPA the government doesn't intrude as you are implying.
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