One more question. Are guns easy to fire?

One more question. Are guns easy to fire? Topic: What does a research support officer do
June 27, 2019 / By Deborah
Question: In reality how easy is a gun to actually fire? Doing research for this little project. I pretty much know nothing about guns. So could someone just pick up a gun and fire it and be some what accurate? When shooting an automatic gun is it possible to be accurate? When shooting a gun with one hand can you be accurate? In real life would it be possible to win a fire fight against someone with a assault rifle if you had a handgun?
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Britta Britta | 1 day ago
Depends. The gun is one of two types, "single action" or "double action". With a single action, you must first cock the hammer and then the trigger simply releases the ****** hammer. In a double action, pulling the trigger pulls back the hammer which eventually is released as the trigger reaches the end of its travel. It is much harder to pull the trigger on a double action than on a single action. If you do NOT KNOW what a gun IS, you would NOT know about the safety, or the sights or even what the trigger DID. So, assuming some fundamental level of knowledge of what a gun IS, I think pretty much anyone could pick one up AND be accurate at a close range from the first moment. The mechanics of using a gun are quite simple. From my knowledge, getting used to the noise and recoil is a trivial matter. Maybe the first shot might go wild, but the person would rapidly get "used" to the controlled mayhem of the explosion of the powder charge and accuracy would improve greatly. Accuracy depends on support, so one-handed will be less accurate UNLESS the person already KNOWS the response to expect and braces for it. Automatic weapons present a different problem, repeated recoil and THAT is what causes the aim to drift, usually upwards. If you do not do automatic and instead use semi-automatic, your aim can be true as you settle between times you pull the trigger. As for the handgun vs. assault rifle, the handgun would likely lose simply because of distance. The rifle has a longer reach and if used properly, can kill you long before you are in range of your handgun. Also, in close quarters, in a building perhaps, firing a rifle from the hip is WAY more accurate than the same action with a handgun. It is for this reason why infantry in WWII, D-Day, ALL had semi-automatic rifles and NO handguns. The only troops on the beaches of Normandy who had sidearms were SOME of the officers, mostly of high rank, Colonel or above. For the military, sidearms are NOT the weapon of choice. Sidearms for a general or other officer, are all mostly for show. Firing a gun is NO problem for someone who knows what a gun IS. One or two shots and you KNOW what the noise and recoil is all about and can do as well as anyone else. I learned how to fire a BB gun when I was 7 years old shooting crows in cornfields of Illinois, a pellet gun at age 9 shooting rats in the city dump, and a .22 at 10 hunting rabbits which we made into rabbit stew for food to feed the family. We hunted rabbits in summer and turkeys in winter. We never went hungry for a lack of money in some very hard times, when there was small game in the forests around where we lived. I have eaten rabbits, raccoons, wild turkeys, wild chickens, you name it. We never hunted feral cats or dogs, but we came close at times. Bottom line: I think anyone can quickly figure out HOW to fire a weapon AND be accurate in a very short period of time.
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Documentaries usually summarize with more pictures what's in a book. The book would have more info. Next time read the book first and then view the doucmentary to refesh your memory and help you think of major points. If you have to do an essay then you're in college or senior high. By now you should have realised you have to read the book even if it is LOOONG! Seriouly even if you got thru most of high school doing multichoice quizzes you need to learn to read longer texts if you're going to college or already in college!

Alis Alis
Q: "Are guns easy to fire?" A: Define "easy". There are certain minimum amounts of muscle strength needed to hold a firearm and to operate it and to squeeze a trigger. Most people are able to pull a trigger. It takes a certain amount of knowledge to recognize and operate the controls of semi-automatic firearms equipped with safeties and other features. Quote: "I pretty much know nothing about guns." Comment: Then you should take one or more classes to learn how firearms operate and gain experience in their use. Q: "So could someone just pick up a gun and fire it and be some what accurate?" A: While this varies from person to person and situation to situation, I will say that the last person I trained commented, "It's more difficult than I thought it would be." At the time, they were attempting to hit a soda-can at 100 yards with an AR-15 rifle and had received prior marksmanship training while they were in J.R.O.T.C. Q: "When shooting an automatic gun is it possible to be accurate?" A: The recoil will quickly cause the gun to veer away from being "on-target". This is why people who use fully-automatic firearms generally mount them to tripods or vehicular mounts, or restrict their use to only engage targets at short ranges while firing carefully controlled short bursts. Q: "When shooting a gun with one hand can you be accurate?" A: It depends on the gun and the shooter. It is possible. Results vary. Q: "In real life would it be possible to win a fire fight against someone with a assault rifle if you had a handgun?" A: If the person with the rifle missed and you were able to achieve good hits with your pistol, then you might survive the emergency. The greater the distance between the pistolero and the rifleman, the more advantage the rifleman has. * "When a man with a rifle meets a man with a pistol ...", then the person using the pistol had better use their wits and every trick and edge available to them in order to win.
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Ulric Ulric
It is easy to FIRE a gun if you know how to operate one. Accuracy is very hard for someone with NO experience, as there are several factors to aiming, sight alignment, distance, wind speed, bullet weight, etc. Possible to be accurate with an automatic? Yes, easy? Nowhere near it. Accuracy is difficult. Machine guns are used in Semi-Automatic when accuracy is needed and in Full-Auto mode you mainly hit your target by aiming for the center mass of your target then firing in short controlled burst to conserve ammo and maintain accuracy. One hand accuracy is possible with training and practice, i can get 3'' groups at 15 yards one handed when i take my time at it and i have only ever done it with a .22 pistol. Finally, an assault rifle vs handgun fight? Depends, what type of firearm? Distance? Level of training of the users? Lets say some gang member with an Ak-47 and a cop with a Glock 22 in .40 S&W. The cop would have much more training and experience and should be able to win the gunfight. It really has a lot of factors involved.
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Rio Rio
depends on what gun and how much of what you know came from games & movies rather than proper instruction. shotguns - point & shoot, chances are you'd probably hit what you're pointing at. rifles- shoulder & shoot, you can probably hit a house from 200 yards. handguns- unless its a .22 and you have some experience, chances are you won't be able to hit a barn from the inside. some guns are easier to us than others, about 10 million untrained illiterate pheasants were issued a mosin nagant rifle and sent off to defend the motherland (the Soviet Union) from the invading Nazis. and what do you know, they managed to achieve victory, captured Berlin before the much better trained, supplied, outfitted US army. the AKM assault rifle is often found in the hands of children & young men in 3rd world countries and local area civil wars. its not hard to shoot one ,and if you don't get killed/horribly maimed within a month, you can learn how to shoot one quite proficiently, even if you do it wrong. shooting full auto can be accurate provided you know what you'e doing. have the right stance, and limit yourself to controlled bursts. but in general all us legit gun owners avoid it because its really just a huge waste of ammo and puts unnecessary wear & tear on the gun. I've shot my shotgun 1 handed. eh, probably hit a tree from 20 yards. I've shot a few handguns 1 handed, I'm not that good with handguns, but I can probably hit a guy from 50 feet if I pace myself. A skilled hand gunner is able to shoot one handed effectively, as well as shooting with their weak hand, snap shooting, double tap, triple tap, speed reloading, and dozens of other skills. you know if they're skilled when at the range he/she fires 20 times at a target but that's just one big ragged hole in it. I group maybe 3-4" at 10 yards at best. better than unskilled, but far from skilled. if i had a handgun and the other guy has an assault rifle, i'd be looking to run away as soon as i can. I'm outgunned. however i could win if the other guy has no clue what he's doing and just wasting ammo. as soon as he's out of ammo and fumbling to reload, i shorten the distance between him and I to where I'm sure I will be able to make a kill shot (3 to center of mass, 2 to head). that's like 5 yards or less.
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Mesech Mesech
No, guns are not that easy to shoot. If you do pick up automatic gun to shoot, you are asking for troubles. Not only you will be liable for consequences, I hope your little research computer can comprehend that. But any fully automatic weapon accuracy is far away from semi auto and single shot weapon. Again, in your silly research you are missing a lot of information that might be much more helpful than just have fully automatic weapon at hand... Your research might lead you to very bad unsafe grounds. If you so inexperience with weapon, I would recommend to start with .22lr Remington bolt action, and go from there.
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