Itachi and Madara meet?

Itachi and Madara meet? Topic: Ems case scenarios
May 25, 2019 / By Jaylen
Question: I highly doubt it will happen. But these two are the greatest Uchiha. Why didn't Masashi Kishimoto let them meet each other? What would they say to each other? Madara: "So you're the one who massacred our clan." etc. Wouldn't it be awemazing?
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Galahad Galahad | 2 days ago
Yeah it would, for some reason I also would like him to meet Kakashi and also witness his sharingan prowess him being a non uchiha and all. If he meets Sasuke he realizes ( there's a guy that spams susano'o more than me and this is the guy that Tobirama and Orochimaru stated that will surpass me. Ridiculous!!) M: So you're the best uchiha of your generation and true master of the sharingan that even made Obito wary and delayed my plan? (He reminds me of Izuna for some reason) I: And you're the man that has a losing streak against Hashirama even with MS, EMS and goes as far as to summon Kyuubi to aid you in battle. You're no longer worthy of being considered the greatest Uchiha and above all else you put konoha in danger. FYI Obito is a pathetic shell of your former self. M: An Uchiha that is bound to his village and dislikes fighting, how hideous. Regardless of your skill before my Rinnegan all of you are nothing to me. I: I don't need a Rinnegan, give me an EMS and I would show you skill (Sasuke come here), your weakness and risk are me. M: Son of the white fang, your father having a title superior to even the sannins ( according to Minato in Kakashi Gaiden) rumors are that your prowess are as good as an Uchiha. Show me your 1000 techniques I will nullify them. I wil take you all on Susano'o, does hand signs along with susano'o I: Idiot, If you do that technique you will die too. M: good point.. Kakashi thinking worst case scenario he would have to kamui madara's susano or the meteor or madara's head. LOL anyway who knows what they would say to each other and now thanks to kishi we can only wonder... Now that I think about it Obito would be a beast if he had both of his sharingans. I would like him to meet Itachi only If he also wanted and had the EMS but since he never wanted it no point...
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Deonte Deonte
Madara didn't seem like he took pride as an Uchiha. All he ever wanted was to live his vision, he was very focus on that, he even betrayed the shinobi world and his own clan. Remember, the Uchiha went against him in the past. If he meet Itachi, I don't think he wouldn't care less.
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