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Writing prompts? Topic: Prompt writing as a genre
May 25, 2019 / By India
Question: I need writing prompts for a short story or just a story. I want it to be a fiction, doesn't matter if it's science fiction or fantasy or a crossover between genres, just type it as an answer.
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Elanor Elanor | 5 days ago
Writing prompts are simply spring boards, like "The girl with the brown hair stood on the corner." or "Because he had never seen a hummingbird, Klaus, thought the iridescent creature was an illusion."
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Elanor Originally Answered: Has anyone ever tried writing prompts?
They re good at times to get in the writing zone or for practice. The Writer s Digest website has a good list of prompts and an entire magazine issue dedicated to writing prompts. You should check them out.
Elanor Originally Answered: Has anyone ever tried writing prompts?
Good writing experience. Some authors enjoy creating the initial thought themselves, but using prompts can be good practice for creating within guidelines, etc. Anything you write can be fun and a good experience. If it's purely fun you are looking for, the only way you can tell is if you do one and enjoy the experience. You might find it too difficult and not enjoyable enough. Try it and find out. Cant hurt.
Elanor Originally Answered: Has anyone ever tried writing prompts?
We had to do them in creative writing class. They can be fun, and they can really get you thinking - especially if you're being timed.

Cheri Cheri
The Writing Excuses podcast (www.writingexcuses.com) ends every episode with a writing prompt, some very silly, some quite thought-provoking. The website lists each week's writing prompt, so you don't have to listen to the episodes to hear them (though the episodes are well worth listening to if you want to write fantasy or science fiction).
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Cheri Originally Answered: Technical Writing Prompts?
What do you like to use or make? If it were I, I might write on how to make a lemon icebox pie or bake a cake. Or I might write on how to knit a scarf. Seriously, I think that the idea here is for you to consider the minute details of some function so that you include every nit-picking little step. For example: How to take a bath. First, decide on whether to take a tub bath or a shower. Let's say you decide to take a shower. There are several things you will need to do in preparation. Gathering your materials: Be sure you have shampoo, soap, and a washcloth for the shower. Be sure you have a towel for drying off, and place it where it will be easy to reach when you leave the shower. Be sure that you have a robe and shoes handy for putting on after drying off. Preparing the water: Turn on the water and let it run until it is the appropriate temperature. Adjust the shower head to the pattern and intensity you prefer. Determining the order: Will you shampoo first or soap your body first? Get wet and then lather up the body parts you've decided to wash first, using your hands if shampooing your hair is first or washing your face is first and using your washcloth (or poofy) if washing your body is first. Rinse and continue with the other body parts until you are clean and rinsed all over. Rinse out and hang up your washcloth (or poofy). Finishing up: Cut the water off. Use the squeegee to whisk the water off the walls and door. Reach for the towel you placed in a handy location and towel off. Put on your robe and shoes, and you're done! P.S. Remember that technical writing is NOT like writing an essay or a research paper. It is specifically designed to explain everything a person needs to know to perform an operation, use a piece of equipment, make a repair, get the software to function correctly, or complete a process. You can leave nothing out, including whether to turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise or if there are "cues" when a process has been completed successfully. Once you've described whatever it is step by step, you need to follow your own instructions to be sure that someone could make the thing or use the thing with ONLY your instructions as a guide.
Cheri Originally Answered: Technical Writing Prompts?
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awDeD Start with everything you're going to need to wash dirty socks by hand: A bucket Liquid soap Warm water Maybe a scrub brush Then you're going to soak the socks, add detergent to the water. Rub the socks together. Write it in a way that sounds very serious. Step-by-step. The assignment is to write a technical piece, so it should sound a bit scientific and staid. Scrub the stains. Describe how to do that in detail: Grasp the handle of the scrub brush with one hand and guide the bristles toward the stain. Add half a teaspoon of detergent to the stain. Work it into the cloth using the scrub brush. It will be funny because it is so technical. Then be sure to wring out the socks over the bucket. Hang them up to dry. You can describe how to do that. Yes, it's a silly assignment, but the grade is what you want, so approach it seriously. You'll get an A if you do, and that's what you want. Who cares if it's silly. Just give me the A.

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