Guys: Would u date a younger girl or older girl than you?

Guys: Would u date a younger girl or older girl than you? Topic: China research for kids
June 20, 2019 / By Afton
Question: Lets say the girl is 5-10 years younger and the older girls are 5-10 years older. explain why for your choice.
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Best Answers: Guys: Would u date a younger girl or older girl than you?

Suellen Suellen | 5 days ago
This is the way it works in american culture. (especially our white culture. I dont know about others). white males call white females older than us "cougars and milfs and fine wines and hot mommies" and then when the wedding rings come out.. we mostly wed females our junior. In big gaps.... we marry females our junior a LOT more frequently than senior. A male is almost 8x more likely to marry a woman 20 years his junior than senior. males that go the opposite direction of that norm are more likely to cheat on their spouses and divorce their spouses according to my dating agency that generally advised against dating females older than us.. if marriage was the ultimate goal... citing the horrible failure rate of that. Their stated mission was creating successful marriages. I took their word for it but am waiting to see where they got that stat. white females do the exact opposite of white males. They call white males their senior "creepy, scary, lecher, dirty old men" but when the wedding rings come out... they are a billion times more likely to marry upwards than downwards. and a 40 year old woman is more statistically likely to marry a 60 year old man than a 20 year old. And females give males their senior lower divorce rates than they give males their junior. I dont know about infidelity rates. I guess that varies by culture and class. Women are the least likely to cheat on rich males according to research. So, women with rich husbands 20 years their senior are probably less likley to cheat than males with rich wives 20 years their senior. Males cheat on breadwinners according to recent studies. as for us white male asian female couples? we only really have one option: younger than us. And in big gaps.. Younger than us. Asian females are more likely to marry males their senior than white females are. In china only 10% of females are older than their husbands vs usa 25%. There is no older asian woman younger white male trend.. which is ok.. young asian females have cat shaped eyes anyways.. so its still like having a cat only for real. Now..i'm upperclass and as such I want to father at least 10 children like my father did.. so clearly as I go thru life and age.. I'm going to need fertile females at all time to achieve that fantasy (which isnt a hard fantasy to achieve for business owning males. my dad did it. why cant i?). I'm open to a female 20+ years younger than me when I get old enough to do that legally because thats what raised me. Its familiar. Its mommy and daddy. Upperclass males dont really have to set limits for ourselves. ESPECIALLY if we date asian females. So in the end.. i dont have many choices. I date asian so i HAVE to date females my junior because they are more likely to be open to interracial dating than the older ones are. And .. i want to father children. Alot of them. But i also want a successful marriage .. and if I achieve that.. I will never reach my goal of 10 kids (my fiancee said no to 10 citing "are you crazy, boy!!?? 5 tops").. which is ok. 5 is a good amount.
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Rachelle Rachelle
Honestly, I'd go for an older girl. Just from experience, I've had more in common with older women than I have with ones my age or younger. I'm 19 going on 20, so I'd easily go for someone 5-10 years older than me.
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Melicent Melicent
Older. I'm 14, why would I date a 9 or 4 year old? But then again, why Would a 19 or 24 year old want to date me?
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Leanora Leanora
i wouldn't go for a girl younger than me, they're usually more immature. I would date older women or the same age as me, MAYBE a woman 1 - 3 years younger than me, but she would have to be pretty interesting.
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