Am I wrong for not wanting to meet my dad's girlfriends?

Am I wrong for not wanting to meet my dad's girlfriends? Topic: how to begin a personal statement
May 25, 2019 / By Kit
Question: My parents divorced when I was 11. I am now 18, and am completely content with everything. My dad, since the divorce, has had a constant flow of g/f's; and everytime I am expected to become "buddy buddy" with them. I have no problem in doing this, if my father were to stay with one. The issue I have, is that I end up becoming "attached" to them in a way, and I begin to really feel comfortable with them and then he breaks up with them. The thing is, is that my dad can't commit. He ends up cheating on them after some time, and he's onto the next one. I'm tired of meeting new women, only for them to leave and I never see them again. I find it pointless, and if I'm being honest, really annoying. I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, but it does. My dad is wanting me to meet the new one. I told him that I didn't want to once, but he's asking again and keeps bringing it up in conversation. This time, I didn't directly say no to him, but I was apprehensive. My dad started getting mad at me, and said goodbye quickly while we were on the phone talking. He's not understanding at all of how I feel. I'm afraid to tell him (honestly) how I feel because I know he will get mad at me. My dad has a bad temper, and is so sensitive when it comes to his gf's. I'm sick of the dancing around I have to do with these women, having to impress them and slowly build a relationship with them; only for it to be broken some months later.. Am I being overdramatic about this, or are my feelings justifiable?
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Ibri Ibri | 2 days ago
Your dad is not respecting you like you deserve to be treated. He is a bad role model for you and it is extremely wrong for him to have a constant flow of women he is just cycling because he has issues. When a woman comes into his life, it should be none of your business unless he is extremely serious about her and plans to marry her. Then the woman should ask your permission if it were okay with you if she could be with your dad. Your dad is not a good father figure, and it's sad because you are the kind of daughter parents dream of having. My mom was like your dad, a constant flow of men, and I was disgusted by her, because she did not care that I had a problem with it. It's sad how some parents can be so selfish, and put their insignificant relationships before their own children, and their children's feelings. Please check out my blog<3 and leave a comment, you are smart. goodluck sweetheart. Post a comment to my blog if you like i just created it, I added more of my personal thoughts on the subject. http://abstractcatechism.blogspot.com/20... 1 minute ago
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Esmund Esmund
i think of you're on your rights to wish extra time. even nonetheless your dad has a clean female chum he's in all hazard desirous to spend the trip journeys with you besides. consistent with hazard the two one in each and every of you're able to do some thing no longer concerning the recent female chum so which you would be able to spend the trip journeys with one yet another. After the trip journeys take it sluggish for your self and consistent with hazard grief counseling and then slowly meet the recent female chum- she might finally end up being somebody you're able to be close with. keep in mind it rather is in all hazard awkward for her besides. superb of success to you and Merry Christmas!
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Conor Conor
Tell him when he has been dating her for 6 months, you will know he is serious about her and then you will be happy to meet her. Stand firm on the 6 month rule. If he tries to guilt you or gets angry, just nicely say "Sorry, Dad. But I've become friends with many of the women you dated and when it fell apart, so did those friendships. Six months, Dad. Six months. Six months."
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Arnie Arnie
No, as human beings we get attached to others. You need to tell your dad that you can't do this anymore, and that you don't want to meet his girlfriends unless he's finally found someone he feels special with.
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