Been talking to a really nice guy online, want to meet, but im not sure, what should i do?

Been talking to a really nice guy online, want to meet, but im not sure, what should i do? Topic: What kind of phone case should i get
May 25, 2019 / By Wiley
Question: started chatting with a really nice guy online, we have good conversation, he's really nice, caring, and funny. we have been chatting for a few weeks now, and he asked me out the other day. i was happy to hear this, but at the same time, i am not sure if i should take the next step and meet him. how can i know if he's talking to me to be in a relationship, or just for relations? i can't differentiate between what he wants out of a relationship with me, and i am not sure if i should ask him if he is willing to be in an actual relationship with me, and get to know me better, or if he's just wanting to meet me as more of a 'friends with benefits' kind of deal, which of course i am not looking for. he seems very sweet and caring, but i dont know if i should take the next step in meeting him. please help. i am 17 years old + he is two years older than me
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Saxon Saxon | 6 days ago
Has your conversation involved "benefits"? I would say that if that has been mostly what you've chatted about, then he probably is looking more for a sexual thing. If you've stayed away from that kind of chat, then hopefully he's more interested in dating you. The only way you'll know for sure is if you ask him... you could do it in a more discreet way without even bringing up the whole friends with benefits thing - maybe just ask what he wants out of a relationship, or where he sees the relationship that you have with him going. Also, if you do meet him, be safe! Make sure it's a public place and you have a friend who KNOWS where you are and will contact you at a certain time, just in case. Get his full name and phone number and make sure your friend has that, because you never know what might happen.
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Saxon Originally Answered: What's the best way to meet girls after college? I'm a nice guy, but I work alot, and I'm having trouble
Believe it or not, you've got LOTS of ways to meet great women and you don't even know it! Aside from work, what activities do you like to do? For example, maybe you like to stay in shape so you go to a gym...you'll meet lots of women there, especially if you join a class. Gym not your cup of tea? There are tons of clubs, organizations and activities out there and Seattle is a big exciting city. Figure out what revs your engine and get active in it. You'll meet lots of other people...men and women. And you'll want to make other new guy friends simply because they might have wives who have sisters or friends who would be perfect for you. What about the guys you work with now? One of them must have a sister or something! You see where I'm going with this. You can even look online for people in your area. I actually met the man of my dreams on myspace when I wasn't even looking for a boyfriend...I was just getting out there and making all kinds of friends and then BOOM. Hope that helps and good luck!

Nathaniel Nathaniel
The first thing is this: a few weeks isn't really long enough to meet ANYBODY from the Internet in my opinion. I met my now-husband on the Internet but we talked for a year or so before we ever met or anything. It was basically an accidental-Fate thing: I wasn't looking for anyone and neither was he. I ran a chat room and he came in. The rest, as they say, is history. But that was out of the ordinary for me. I took a chance and believe me, I was torn. If I were you, I'd get to know him better first. If he's as nice as he seems, he'll totally understand. If he has a problem with it, well... that's a problem. Any guy worth his stuff will understand that you need to be careful. He could be a serial killer, you know. Or just some weird freak. People like that don't wear signs. You have to be careful nowadays. Once you "know" him a little better (like using the webcam and talking on the phone) then meet him in a public place. Make sure you tell someone where you are going, when and who you are going with. And "Bob from the Internet" isn't good enough. If he won't give you any more info then that, don't bother.
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Kerrie Kerrie
Be Very Careful! It's always better to meet people out in the real world but hey, that's you. Anyways, on the news there was a lady that's missing after going on date with a guy she met online. If you are not so sure at the idea of meeting him then let him know. If he really is a nice guy like you say he will respect your decision for as long as it may take. Be careful! http://cbs2.com/ -----The story to the San Diego woman that has been missing for like 12 days now! ps-Always meet in a public place! Take a friend if you have to so it won't be as scary or dangerous.
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Howell Howell
Why not set up an afternoon meeting for lunch somewhere to make sure you're not alone w/him. Please don't take a chance & meet some nite on a God forsaken place where no one is around. If he's willing to meet you for the first time in broad daylite, good for him, he MIGHT be on the up & up. You just can't trust everyone, especially on line. You have no clue who the real "he" is. You don't want anything to happen to you. Just take it easy, see how things go, & go from there. For awhile, do things where there are others around until you feel you really know & can trust him. Just be careful, but have fun. Also, make sure somone knows where you are going!!! That's VERY important!
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Emmerson Emmerson
Well you left out some important information, your age. If you are under 18 yrs of age tell your parents a soon as possible. If you are 18 or older think about it very carefully (I'm speaking from experience the good and the bad). I have met plenty of women at their houses and usually I've slept with them on the first night I met them, so if you don't want to sleep with him on the first night meet him in a public place. By all means have fun but don't let infatuation and lust take over because if you meet him in a private place it usually does. Now speaking as a man there is nothing wrong with sleeping with him on a first date if thats all you want, but make sure you want the same thing. I slept with someone on the first date once and we wanted the same thing when we talked on the phone and chatted online but after we slept together she pulled away and when we talked she said it was because she thought I looked at her differently when we slept together so soon, but honestly I didn't. I wanted her then and I want her now but because of one mistake she doesn't believe me. So just be careful
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Emmerson Originally Answered: Whats a way for teenagers (14-16) to meet new people online?
Mariel is correct that these social networking sites can be a good way to meet new people but you also have to be careful. I don't use myspace because of the uncontrollable crazy pop-up windows, but I joined Facebook a few months ago and it's been great. Perhaps the best thing for me has been connecting with my nieces and nephews, who live in other towns. I only get to see them once a year, and always felt like I was missing watching them grow up. With Facebook I can communicate with them everyday, see their pix, see what they're up to and what's on their minds, and I've become quite close to some of them. This makes me so happy to the point of tears almost every day. I feel like they are with me, and this wouldn't have been possible with other forms of communication like telephone or email. In terms of meeting new people, nine of my Facebook friends I have never met in person before, mostly recommended by my other friends. That's remarkable because I haven't even been trying to meet new people. Of the nine, three of them I chat with more than anyone else on Facebook, and I consider them close friends now (Facebook has a P2P chat function, like IRC but without file sharing). Also, even though I'm an "old" man, I befriended two young women on Facebook because we have similar obsessions with Regina Spektor's songs (you may remember from an insane answer I gave to one of your previous questions!). None of my "old" peeps understands my obsession, so these connections provide vital "nourishment" to a large chunk of my brain. One of them was only 16, and turned out to be really charming and clever and fun, and since then we've become friends beyond our interest in Ms. Spektor. Although this has been great for me, I am the first to acknowledge that there can be at least an appearance of impropriety when an older man befriends a teenager, and unfortunately there are a lot of creeps out there with malicious intentions. In the case of this young peep, she's 17 now and smart enough to take care of herself, but her older sister befriended me to check out my info and my peeps and make sure I didn't hurt her sister. That's fine with me, and in fact I'd do the same thing if I had a younger sister or daughter. But your first line of defense will be your other friends, who will be able to see everything that's "written on" your Facebook "wall". If someone writes something rude or creepy or inappropriate, your friends will see it and say "hey, get rid of that jerk!" But there are other things you have to watch out for. Facebook has private email, which your friends can't see. Someone could send you a creepy email or chat request, but then you can delete that guy. The most insidious threat comes from people who are not who they claim to be. If you befriend someone you haven't met, you have to do your homework. Check out all their pictures and make sure that they have family and friends in some of them, and that their family and friends are "tagged" in them and have made comments about the photos. You can also look at their friends list and make sure their friends and family members are there. Check out their profile information and wall and see if they look like a teenager's. If you get a bad feeling, delete the person or get a second opinion from one of your peeps. If you like what you see, initiate a chat with the person. Although it would take considerable work, it's possible that some depraved individual could create an elaborate network of fake friends, fake pictures, and fake information, to make it look like he's someone he's not. But it's extremely difficult for a non-teenager to pass himself off as a teenager in a live chat. I know I could never do it. Ask questions about his high school, teachers, friends, parents, siblings, favorite subjects, bands he likes, etc., lots and lots of questions. I doubt that a non-teenager will be able to fool you. There are also lots of groups on Facebook that you can use as a filter for new friends. You can join groups that interest you, e.g., Regina Spektor or Jonas Brothers, and chat there with people who share your interests. They will not have access to your info until you feel comfortable with them and send them invitations. Finally, your best defense is that you're on the internet and no one will know where you are or where you live. Don't put your personal information in your profile page, and don't give it to anyone you're not comfortable with. My nieces and nephews just put "ask" in the address, email, and phone number fields. Anyone who needs to know already knows, and if you find a new friend you trust you can pass it on. For a location you can use your county or state since you live in a small town. Facebook has a fairly elaborate system of options to protect your privacy, but unfortunately it's difficult to grasp (at least for me). But take the time to learn it and understand who can see your info, and you will be able to meet new friends in a safe environment.

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