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Guitar.help needed? Topic: Switch case strings
July 23, 2019 / By Keisha
Question: I own a standard sunburst Stratocaster.... and the place i live is quite humid... i noticed rust up on my guitar screws bridge and toggle switch.... and strings too, tried everything i could to keep my guitar closed,and avoided moisture... but still the problem prevails...any suggestions to remove and avoid rust ....?? Regards, Shiv. I own a hard leather case too but tat didn help as well..
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Indigo Indigo | 6 days ago
Putting some packets of scilica gel in the case will help to suck up some of the moisture in there. That's how they ship them from the Factory, HOWEVER... The biggest cause of rust on guitars is high acidity in the player's sweat. Other than completely changing your diet there isn't much you can do to put even a dent in your personal pH. Cleaning the strings after play with Alcohol will prevent them from rusting as quickly, but you will find it tricky to get this into nooks and crannies of the hardware, and if it have begun rusting already, I think it will be too late for this to be of much benefit there... Look at it this way, Fender sells "Relic" guitars with fake rust and scratches all over them and that stuff costs quite a bit extra! just think of the rust as character.
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Indigo Originally Answered: Guitar storage. help needed?
The BEST place to store your guitar is in the case...standing or not. If you leave it out on a stand, or even hanging on a wall, you risk all kinds of damage. A casual accidental bump can knock the stand over and bust the neck. In a cramped space like you describe, you risk dings. Solid body guitars have less climate control issues than acoustics, but humidity and temperature fluctuations are not good for any guitar. Your case is a snug hide-a-way which protects your guitar against all these issues.

Elba Elba
Well, Thats a complicated problem might. However there are lots of products that get rid of rust. If you really love guitar, you might consider moving somewhere else before the rusting goes inside the guitar and there will be nothing to do...
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Cherie Cherie
There are rust removers you could use safely..use a Q-Tip. Once the metal areas are clean, use lemon oil on all metal parts your hand comes in contact with.
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Ashleigh Ashleigh
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