Whats a profitable business that I can start on my own?

Whats a profitable business that I can start on my own? Topic: Business case study websites
July 24, 2019 / By Nirvana
Question: Ive thought just about everything I can think of where i can choose my own schedule; wedding planner, petsitter, nanny, personal assistant, etc. Also, what should my capital be to start with? like how much money do you think i should have saved to start so im not broke at the beginning?
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Lynnette Lynnette | 8 days ago
I would opt for a website. You can choose your own schedule and your own topic. It's the easiest web to build your own business, because the startup costs are rather low. You'll still need to dedicate some work to it, before it will become profitable. F.e. I know of some very profitable websites focused around kids birthdays, wedding planers, cornhole games, etc. Maybe you'll get some inspiration from these stories: http://case-studies.bestsmallbusinesshel...
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Lynnette Originally Answered: Profitable business ideas for rural area?
How about event planning for local businesses. I'm sure they still try to motivate thier employees even when it's cold outside. So you can assist them buy planning what they will do, parties, trips, luncheons...

Keelin Keelin
Have you ever thought of starting a home business using your home computerand internet .There are various ways to do home business, the real challenge is to find the legitimate program and follow it. I would recommend you to check the website below for review about some of the real money making programs.This site was helpful to me, when just like you I was searching for some program to assist me in making money Browse through the site to find the right program for you. Hope it helps, http://money-review-site.com/bizopportunities.html
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Ilene Ilene
You might study to construct a internet site and construct a industry internet site, speak approximately the matters you understand and love. You do not have got to have any product to do that and it may be a amusing process.
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Eileen Eileen
mmm... interesting question... I've always wondered the same... and I guess we've talked about it, right?? let me know if u get a good opportunity... maybe we both can invest on something... partners!! Pam
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Eileen Originally Answered: What does it take to start and run a profitable retail wine store?
I agree with the knowledge aspect. Know everything that you carry. Know what people will like about it and what people won't like about it. Be able to help people that are price constrained. If they come in and say "I need a $15 gift for a co-worker who only drinks Chardonnay," you have to be able to help them. Just as you ahve to be able to help "I have $50 to spend on something that goes with Portabella Mushroom Tomato Sauce over Bow Tie Pasta." (My answers would be Maryhill Reserve Chardonnay and Fontelloro Red, respectively). You also need to have wine tastings to build your local clientel. Once, preferably twice a week to get people interested in your shop and the wine. Serve snacks that can be purchased in your store (artisan cheeses, high-end crackers, etc). Give detailed info about each wine being poured (4-5 sentences) and leave room for people to take notes. Offer tasting night deals on those wines. Consider having catered 'wine nights'. People will pay $25-$50 a head to learn about wine, or to try wines from a certain region paired with foods. Build business by offering case discount coupons in local mail-outs. Even offer bottle discounts on bottles over $35 with x coupon. Put the store in an up and coming area with lots of people with excess cash and time. Suburban sprawl is the wine shop's friend. Have the location be near other things - in a Supermarket strip mall, near a Target, near another large draw anchor store that draws in the crowd that you want (Wal-Mart may not be a great idea, but Target is another class). Have fun with it!

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