Tell me about a time you had to meet pressing deadlines as a legal secretary, how did you cope?

Tell me about a time you had to meet pressing deadlines as a legal secretary, how did you cope? Topic: how to write a paper on an interview
May 25, 2019 / By Caylin
Question: I am expecting to be asked this question Monday come my interview. Tell me about a time you had to meet pressing deadlines as a legal secretary, how did you cope? I have an interview Monday for the Superior Court and they always seem to ask this question. I have been in my job search for a year now. I am not sure how exactly I would answer this. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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Anne-Marie Anne-Marie | 6 days ago
No one can really help you with this as much as you can help yourself. We don't know what you did or how you did it. So sit down and make a list of all the questions that you think the interviewer will ask -- you have already come up with 3 good ones. Let me add "What benefit can you bring to this office, if we hire you?" "How do you work under pressure?" "How would you feel working for many bosses?" "If one of your bosses came to you with an 'urgent' project and in a few minutes another boss came to you with an equally 'urgent' project -- how would you handle it?" Put a question on the top of an individual page of paper, writing or on word processing. Then under the question list words, phrases, answers to the question. You want to be truthful, you want to express what you did and how you would handle the task. Once you are out of ideas for that question go on to the next. Then go back and formulate the best answer from all your ideas under each question. I will guarantee that even with this great preparation you will be asked something that will be a surprise. Good luck.
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Anne-Marie Originally Answered: Legal Secretary/File Clerk?
Volunteering at the court is a good idea. Try Legal Aid, Legal Services, the prosecutor's office and the public defender office too. All of them use volunteers and that is the way to get your foot in the door. You might also try the student job office if you have a local college. Attorneys advertise jobs there. If you're headed to law school in 08, you are either in college or just out. If you went to college elsewhere, your college's job office can write a letter to the local college and ask that you be permitted to access the student jobs. If you are really ambitious, you could research any attorneys who just got an occupational license (it means they are opening an office). Then go by and introduce yourself. Take a letter to leave in case they are not there. Offer your services. Even if it means helping them move in. The idea is to get your foot in and then make yourself indispensable. You should also be talking to everyone you know to see if they know any attorneys who may need someone in the office. Even if that attorney doesn't need someone, s/he may know another attorney who does. Good luck.
Anne-Marie Originally Answered: Legal Secretary/File Clerk?
Why do you need your parents to move? whatever the job is just make sure you're making enough to support yourself. Law schools like any type of work experience not just law, actually, it's preferable if you have some other experience. You may also want to try being an administrative assistant, etc at a law firm, you'll learn about the legal world, but paralegals and legal assistants for the most part have gone to paralegal school. Additionally, depending on your experience thus far, you won't be able to work for a decent sized firm, and working for a one room law office IS the best experience because you'll be doing the most. Working in the mailroom at a huge firm is NOT going to look as good on your resume as saying you filed x, y, z or prepared forms, etc for a smaller office. Any more related questions, feel free to email me.

Wymund Wymund
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Shay Shay
That happens every day in my law firm. 5 lawyers throwing stuff my way that has to be done "Right Now!" So I go to the head lawyer/owner and ask him what he wants me to do when. There's always a pecking order and you can ask whose work is most important.
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Shay Originally Answered: Miserable in college because of legal trouble. Advice on how to cope please?
I have three ideas but each actually have a bad side to them... 1. Deal with it: Don't care about the past. You've done (most of) your punishment and you still are human. If they bring it up, shrug it off and move on. With this attitude, your friends/whatever-mates will just get tired of the same routine. If you truly have changed, show that changed side of yourself rather than hiding who you are. (Hiding will definitely make things suspicious) Bad side: This is IF you can withstand the endeavors of some bullies. Whenever one attempts to prove something to others, there's always a bully somewhere who has that doubt and will do things to make you eat your words. 2. Show face: Mask your past by planning your future. Either excel in class (they can't ban you from that, right?), volunteer of extra curricular acts (teachers are HIRED to let you do that), show off in sports/games/moves/etc (you don't have to be in a team). These aspects are still you but only the side people may want to see. Bad side: Basis on college, competition is a sign of aggression. This can be read as a hostile attempt on the available teams or an opportunity of ridicule. The balance of show up and show off is so fine and your reputation may already have shrunk it too much. 3. Net school. Online colleges exist. I have no experience in these yet but these are at least a bit less accessible to the fear of your classmates. If they fear physical or monetary trouble from you, you can't reach them through the net. Bad side: This is a less personal education style. Thus, you will probably not be able to cope with this problem after you graduate. Remember that a criminal record doesn't just block you from schools. You will have to deal with it at one point and delaying it may make a sense of comfort that shouldn't exist.

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