Ok i really need some advice?

Ok i really need some advice? Topic: School homework diary
July 23, 2019 / By Wisdom
Question: Ok ive been really stressed at school with all my assgnments being due . The one subject i suffer in is money management but for some reason my teacher will just not help me. But anyways i ended up failling the subject im so stressed now because i dont know what to do. My grandpa is sick so i go to the hospital every second day and i just dont have alot of time for homework right now. I dont know how to be organised i have cried 4 times today. And im having all these thoughts about me not being alive i really want them to go away but dont know how. what can i do i need some advice . The other thing is a have really strick parents so im not allowed to do certain things for example i havent gone out with my friends since i was 13 im 16 now has this got anything to do with it ? also my parents wont let me do certain things or else i get yelled at which gives me more stress Right now im in highschool I have tried writing my feels instead of telling others in a diary but my parents found out and read it so i dont have much privacy.
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Shavonne Shavonne | 6 days ago
Suggestion: either lighten your school work load while you are caring for your granpa or stop going to school while your grandpa is sick - you don't want to get sick where you can't be of help
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Pamella Pamella
I recommend doing your homework at the hospital, I did that when my aunt had a stroke everyday. Plus sometimes when I missed school to be with her, I had my teachers e-mail me the assignments. Now I don't know whether your in HS or college but if you are in college than maybe you should think about dropping your money management class and take it up again next year. But if your in high school, before school starts try talking to the principle or a counselor about switching that class for another. I bet it would really help. Don't worry things will get better. hope this helps.
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Marcy Marcy
The best way to get rid of school stress is to do your homework everyday and study what you've learned after coming back from school. The reason why you are stressed is because you don't know the material and need help yet can't find it. If you study every day and take good notes you wont have any problems.
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Kirstie Kirstie
first of all, you need to realise that life is just stressful sometimes. and that things will get easier. and you will face even harder times in the future aswell. thats just life. if you cant comprhend that sometimes you will go thru hard times, you will always fall flat on your face everytime things get tough. its hard to be organized. but just do your best to finish all you homework and study for tests. if your teacher is not doing his job, report him to his superior. he is obligated to make sure you understand everything. and i think you should find someone to talk to. dont kill yourself, i dont think the after life is any better. just find a friend to talk and a hobby to take your mind off the tough times
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Janis Janis
Have you checked at your college to see if they have a tutoring office? Most of them do. They're staffed by older students, so maybe one of them could help you with your other problems, too.
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