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July 23, 2019 / By Ami
Question: does anyone else besides me enjoy making baby names? i am a 14 year-old girl who is NOT PREGNANT AND NEVER HAS BEEN EVEN CLOSE TO GETTING PREGNANT (just incase you are wondering). but on boring or rainy days i like to sit down with my parents old "baby names" books and make baby names, mostly for girls, but sometimes boys examples: Angelina Marie Nacia Laurelle Charlene Rose so does anyone else enjoy doing this, i have been doing it for about 2 years.
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Till Till | 10 days ago
YES!! I used to make lists of names allll the time! The girl that lived next door from me as a kid used to come over and we'd write stories with our favorite names... lol I still have some of my OLD lists and its crazy to see how much my opinion has changed on names! Now I'm 31wks pregnant and choosing a name has never been harder!! =] I love your girl names by the way! For 14 you sure do have good taste!!
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Roxanna Roxanna
Yes actually I love doing that and I'm also 14. I have been sitting on this computer answering peoples baby name questions and giving my opinion on names they picked out. I have come up with lots of names in the time I have been doing this. You sound exactly like me!
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Nanny Nanny
Yes, I'm 13.... and that's all I do on the computer. I go on websites and look at names. And hey, you never know, someday, I might have a kid. But I'll have a name all picked out, you just watch. :] Nice names btw. Mine right now are: Serena Kendall and Carter Michael I also like Joel for a boy..... :] (I don't have a middle name yet. :[ ) Yeah, and everyone on here is always like congrats and I'm like, I'm not pregnant, I just like names. Is that such a crime?
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