Why can't the government just leave jobs to the most qualified instead of trying to meet a quota?

Why can't the government just leave jobs to the most qualified instead of trying to meet a quota? Topic: Write letter a to the police department
May 25, 2019 / By Abia
Question: http://www.daytondailynews.com/n/content/oh/story/news/local/2008/09/11/ddn091108dojweb.html This is a letter I sent to the Department of Justice as I had a guarantee slot on the police department as long as I passed the exam but now they are on a hiring freeze because of a law suit To Whom It May Concern, I had a possibility and a good chance at getting in with the Dayton, OH police department and now due to a ignorant law suit my dreams of being a civilian officer are crushed. This is American isn't this where dreams are suppose to come true. I did everything I was told I was suppose to do to make it into a civilian law enforce profession. I am a prior service military member and I feel it is discriminative to me because I am white male even though technically we all are from immigrant backgrounds unless you are 100 percent Native American. I have the required experience Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice 3.53GPA and Honorable USAF Military Police and yet no one will hire me because the color of my skin doesn't match their quota. Why aren't veterans consider a minority or a quota of hires that need to be met? I have been looking for work for two months now and still haven't found anything because of quotas. I understand in diversity however if someone is more qualified then another I think that purely because he doesn't fill the minority quota should be the last thing on the list. Affirmative Action should be abolished we just elected a Black President and had a woman as a potential Vice President if she was Elected this proves that a minority or a woman can do anything if they set their mind to it. Police officers need to be able to write coherent, detailed arrest reports. Whenever a city police force has dumbed down it’s recruitment test in response to the bias charge, the result has been city and district attorneys who have to drop criminal charges against defendants because the arresting officer’s report was so badly written as to be incoherent. What is the USDOJ going to say when the families of black murder victims start a hue and cry because the blacks who murdered their loved ones go free? Didn’t this already happen somewhere? Does the USDOJ want the Dayton police force to emulate the enlisted ranks of the US Army, which has set a bottom IQ limit of 85 for enlistment? A person with an IQ of 85 is functionally illiterate. He/she cannot decipher a bus schedule, calculate a tip at a restaurant, use logic to build an argument, or plan ahead for the future. Are borderline retarded police officers what the citizens of Dayton want between them and anarchy? Angel read the damn article before you sound like a fool it blatantly states that it is because there aren't enough blacks on the force and fire departments
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Stevie Stevie | 3 days ago
First- Veterans do get affirmative action benefits in a lot of fields(which they should) http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/hiring/vete... http://www.opm.gov/veterans/dvaap.asp Second- Plenty of black people can't find work either. In case you haven't noticed the economy isn't doing so well. Third- What does Obama have to do with Affirmative Action? A person who doesn't hire minorities wouldn't vote for him. There are more non-racist people than racist people so he was able to get elected Don't get me wrong I hope you can find work. Still almost 575,000 people have been lost their jobs last month so you are by no means alone.
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Stevie Originally Answered: What are the best jobs that translate to civilian jobs in the army? and that wont require you to leave much?
I don't suspect you're going to like this answer, but having been on both sides of the fence, and have done reasonably well on both sides, these are the facts as I've seen them. The military isn't in business to train you for a civilian job. It'll train you for a military job. You'll learn on military equipment, and military systems. You'll learn to resolve military problems within military regulations. Some of that training might be helpful in a civilian job, but that's kind of a bonus. When you get out, your three or four years in the military will be worth almost zip in most instances. A knowledgeable hiring manager will presume that you were unable to make it in the military and quit... or that you weren't really interested in the job... just the benefits, or that you really have no direction and are just playing around looking for something that suits your fancy. No company is interested in a candidate with any of those predilections. I retired from the military after 25 years. My second career was managing government contracts for a management consulting firm. In that capacity I hired a lot of Vets. Most of them officers because of their proven leadership ability. But unless his (or her) specialty was exactly what the project needed, and unless he had done some pretty innovative things during his tenure in the military, if he wasn't in for more than one enlistment, I had no interest in him. I may have tossed some good candidates' resumes, but my company's clients were happy, my retention was improved from 60% to over 95%. Some of those I hired were eventually hired by the customers on whose projects they were involved. That said, I'm certain a recruiter will tell you the advantages of his (or her) particular branch as far as job training goes... of the educational benefits... of the opportunities for travel... That's because he wants you to sign up. He's a salesman. That's what he gets paid for. Picking a branch of the military based on benefits is like picking toothpaste. Toothpaste is toothpaste... but each brand tries to convince you it's the best. And to continue the analogy, just purchasing the toothpaste isn't going to do you any good. You have to use it at least three times a day. With the military, you're in it 24 hours a day 365.25 days a year until your contract's up. If you haven't accomplished anything beneficial to the military in that time, it's not going to have done you any good.

Paise Paise
The time is right to consult your attorney. Quotas have been inappropriate in implementing affirmative action since the Supreme Court decision in Bakke v University of California almost 30 years ago. If you have applied for a job at an organization that uses racial quotas, have your attorney address this matter. The race of any officeholder is immaterial to the need for actual affirmative action, since its purpose is to address the effects of racial or other unlawful discrimination. Have those behaviors ceased with the election of one person? Quotas are not a part of affirmative action, except in the minds of uneducated managers.
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Lindsey Lindsey
Wow....Dude...if you can't get 'on the cops' close to home there are thousands of other police departments that are looking for YOU! If you're getting skunked out by those pesky 'blacks', take a trip up to the Dakotas..north or south....nary a black guy to be found. Or Idaho or Utah or even Arizona. The Arizona town I live in with over 50,000 people has no more than a dozen African-Americans and NONE OF THEM ARE COPS. Quit 'yer belly achin'.....don't let the disadvantage of being WHITE hold 'ya back!
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Jaron Jaron
There is no affirmative action anymore. if you are not getting a job, it is on you. A lot of people are having trouble getting a job these day, we are in a recession. I'm black and always score in the top 90% and I'm ex military and I've had trouble getting a government job. If what you are saying was true, I would have a goverment job right now. Some times it is who you know not what color you are.
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Fredrick Fredrick
"yet no one will hire me because the color of my skin doesn't match their quota." You've got grounds for a civil rights lawsuit. Racial reverse discrimination.
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Fredrick Originally Answered: Government jobs and FBI background checks?
You are not automatically disqualified for an Article 15. Also, keep in mind that an Article 15 ISN'T a conviction. It is non-judicial punishment. A conviction can only arise out of a judicial proceding. You can have an article 15 in your history and still get a security clearance, so you don't have anything to worry about. If they don't ask for any non-judicial punishment, don't offer it. If they ask, then be truthful.

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