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July 23, 2019 / By Amalee
Question: Today I picked up some job applications from various fast food places, clothing stores, cinemas etc. I'm kind of nervous because this is my first attempt to get a job. If anyone has any advise on how to make good impressions in an interview or suggestions on anything job related, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Wainamoinen Wainamoinen | 5 days ago
Dress neartly and conservatively (nice clean, non-faded jeans, polo shirt or similar shirt, clean shoes or sneakers). Arrive on time for the interview, or at least 5 minutes early. Have a firm (but not overbearing) handshake. Make eye contact with the interviewer. Write down anything you want to ask the interviewer and bring it with you (such as, what is the typical shift like for this employee?). Do not chew gum. Put your cellphone on silent. Do not discuss salary. You will be informed of that if they make you a job offer. Be honest in your answers - don't say you are willing to work weekends if you're going to call in so you can hang out with friends instead. Let them know it's your first job and you would like a chance to prove yourself. Give them some reasons to hire you (say you're dependable, hardworking, etc). Be prepared to talk about school. Since you don't have any prior jobs, the interviewer may ask about school to get an idea of your work ethic. Good luck.
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Wainamoinen Originally Answered: How can I search an entry level job in USA where they will take only phone interview or skype interview? They will give me VISA and expenses?
As you have no practical experience within your job role, it would prove too expensive to employ someone requiring sponsorship and visa's - You would have to show exceptional skills, qualification and past experience in the job role for a company to sponsor you. In any applications or covering letters you should express that you are not a US Citizen and may require a Visa Sponsorship, if you don't you will be getting interview appointments that will do nothing but give you false hope.

Royston Royston
Dont be nervous! Thats one of the first tips on an interview. Check out this site, http://www.JobInterviewQuestions.us They have Interview Tips and tons of Interview Questions and Answers that you might be asked! Good luck!
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Morris Morris
If its a job at fast food all you have to do is show up and have a pulse. Pretty much the same thing with clothing stores.
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Keir Keir
the main thing is confidence. i personally interview and hire and thats what i look for mainly. if u r nervous, by all means tell the interviewer, "im sorry.. im a little nervous".... theres nothing wrong with that. :)
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Keir Originally Answered: Review Interview q's prior to interview?
Yes, to be fair to all candidates they will ask the same questions to everybody. When I worked for the school district they would have a panel of people to interview you at the same time. They would rotate by reading off the questions to you. Any of the people on the panel could ask for clarification or more information. There was a big microphone in the middle of the table to record the interview just in case there was a question about how the interview was conducted. One interview I got excellent ratings by three people, and I person graded me as poor. She said that I took too long to answer the question. It was an communication problem with the interviewer. She kept on saying UH, UH, and I thought that she did not understand my answer. So, I would add more information to my answer to help her understand what I was saying. After the personnel person played back the tape she discovered that the person was from a foreign county and and in her county it was like saying OK OK in our county. Be straight forward with your answer, and do not use any slang or street talk. Keep the interview very professional, and have good eye contact with the person or panel that is interviewing you.

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