Help essay help! please:(?

Help essay help! please:(? Topic: Essay help topics
June 20, 2019 / By Angelina
Question: i need to find a cause and effect essay topic which i can research on. can someone please give me ideas of cause and effect essay that i can do research on ? can you please give me the 3 supporting details with the topic u suggest? thank you..please someone help me :(
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Will Will | 10 days ago
omg i have that unit in scocial next!! and we have to write an essay just like that too!! tell me when u get a good answer k??
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Will Originally Answered: U.S History Essay. The Cold War was mainly the U.S.’fault. I need some thesis ideas, to write my five paragraph essay?
1) As soon as the UN was formed after WWII the Americans offered to place nuclear weapons under the control of their newly formed UN if the rest of the world didn't try to create their own nuclear weapons. The Russians refused because the UN was created by the US and held undue influence in the organization, they simply didn't trust us. The Russians would only accept a total disarmament which the Americans wouldn't accept because Russia's conventional military force was enormous and already on the ground in Europe. We needed the A-bombs to keep Stalin at bay without them we would have had to keep a large conventional war weary force in Europe after WWII. So we took the easy route told the Russians to get stuffed and kept our nukes. 2) As the Cold War progressed the US LIED about the Russian's actual combat capabilities in order to justify our enormous military build up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bomber_gap https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Missile_ga... 3) The US started the Cuban missile crisis by stationing nuclear missiles on the USSR's doorstep in Turkey the Russians were only trying to keep up with the US nuclear posturing. After the failed US backed "Bay of Pigs" invasion the Cubans asked the Russians to station nuclear missiles in Cuba to deter future US aggression. The Russians finally agreed when the US put nuclear missiles in Turkey and Italy well within range of Moscow. Note: during the Cuban missile crisis a Russian sub commander saved the world by NOT returning fire with a nuclear torpedo after an American depth charge attack. In addition after the crisis the US quietly removed our missiles from Turkey and Italy that is how close our nuclear brinkmanship brought the world to WWIII. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasili_Ark...

Scotty Scotty
Birth Name: Rillian; now R(changed name) 1. Awful experiences. I was often teased as child for not having a real name. As a teenager friends insisted on calling me Killian after the cheap beer Killians. In college I found that I wasn't getting scholarships or other opportunities while people with lower grades and less experience in the same subject were. I changed my name legally and almost immediately people who only knew me on paper started taking me seriously. An example: I originally applied to graduate schools as Rillian. I had an undergrad 4.0 but I didn't get a single offer. The next year--having done no extra coursework and with the same personal statement--I reapplied with the changed name and was accepted with funding to all eight universities to which I had applied. I think this is a fairly clear example of a name holding a person back. 2. My name comes from the name of a prince in the Narnia series (my mother has an obsession). To make the name "feminine" she added an extra L. I don't think it worked. 3. Personally I don't like Rillian, but I'm used to it. I still answer to it and my family still calls me it. What I really don't like is how it worked on a professional level. 4. I'd rather not say what I changed my name to on the internet, sorry. 5. Rillian and R(changed name). Rillian with family, sometimes with my husband (we were dating when I changed it). We've moved since I changed my name, so everyone in my new city only knows me by my new name. 6. I didn't change my last name when I got married, mostly because I had just changed my first name a year before and didn't feel like doing the paperwork again. I may get around to it one day, I may not. 7. They're OK. My maiden name and my husband's last name sound awful with each other, so it's not an option I am personally considering.
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
Well what is your class? Is it history, science, religion, math, literature? Writing can cover lots of topics. Personally I find health issues to be interesting. Human geography and ethics are some topics I like also. You can even write about current-day events, like the economic recession, the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Octo-mom, even the conflicts between Rihanna and Chris Brown. I do not know how I can help more. I hope I served well.
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Kevin Kevin
1. Cause: Lack of education Effect: low income 2. Not protecting the endangered fish species They will disappear 3. Any environmental cause and effect
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Hudde Hudde
animal rights Between 25 and 50 million animals are killed in American Laboratories each year, approximately 20 million animals die each year from mistreatment, 40 million a year for their fur, more than 100 million animals are reported killed by hunters and around 15 billion animals are killed each year for meat. hope this helps..... heres some more information down below on them being testes in laboratories Do you consider yourself a pet lover? Do you love animals in general? The majority of the population loves animals, however, evidence points that people don’t like and care for animals as much as they claim to because the majority of the population tend to overlook the genocide that exists among us. The truth of the matter, is that people don’t love animals as much as they claim to, because they allow mistreatment, support companies that practise Vivisection, which is the practise of experimenting on live animals, and most people still eat a considerable amount of meat. Did you know that from buying your toothpaste to buying your cosmetics, you open yourself to up to the opportunity to participate in the funding of Vivisection. Animal’s such as mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, cats, dogs, primates, sheep, cows, and pigs are subjected to the effects of Vivisection. The tests are conducted by government agencies, corporations, hospitals, the military and chemical companies. The single largest financier and advocate of vivisection would have to be The National Institutes of Health. The saddest part about this is that taxpayers are paying for the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals. Every time we pay taxes we are supporting Vivisection. The American Anti-vivisection Society states that, "These animals can be subjected to a myriad of painful procedures. They are burned, starved, irradiated, shocked, mutilated, kept in isolation, poisoned, drugged, electrocuted, and the list goes on and on".The tests range from a monkey’s eyes being sewn shut for long periods of times, to a dog’s eyes getting burned by radiation, and even so far as to subject fully conscience cats and dogs to surgery with no anesthetic. When they are done, if they survive they are then reused for more tests. Often times, animals such as dogs and cats are silenced through a horrific, painful procedure. This process which consists of cutting the animals vocal chords to silence the animal.
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Enoch Enoch
Mail [email protected] for professional help. They did a similar essay for me and I got A for the same. I hope this helps.
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Enoch Originally Answered: Is this essay good? Plz give me some comments,some improvements and the IELTS band score for this essay?
> SHOULD FOOD MANUFACTURERS BE FORCE Wrong verb form: it should be 'forced'. > Nowadays, junk food is gradually becoming a specific part of daily life I think it was always 'specific'. A more to the point word like 'important', 'basic' or 'constant' is better for the essay purpose. > Eating much of these foods causes obesity and premature death; especially foods with high fat Two uses of 'foods' very close to each other. I suggest replacing one of them by a pronoun. > In this essay, I intend to show that food manufacturers need to be forced to ... IMO, a good essay should speak for itself, so the 28 words you use to close the paragraph could be replaced by something more original. > what is good for their body. '...their bodies', actually :) For those cases, if unsure, use adjectives, for example: 'what is good on a corporal level'. > why should the food manufacturers be forced to lower the fat, sugar and salt? You're recycling too much IMO. > The government does not need to make the decision... Unless somebody said the government 'needs' to make that decision, there's no reason for you to state that (i.e. you don't need it, funnily enough). I think something like 'isn't supposed to make the decision' or 'can't afford making the decision' is better. > For example, people would eat more than a sausage if the salt and fat content has reduced because they are not satisfied with these tasteless sausages. While there are no grammatical errors, the way you phrase this part is a bit rookie. Suggested revision: 'For example, a low-fat low-salt sausage would hardly satisfy consumers, so they'd try to compensate by increasing their intake.' > Thus, forcing food manufacturers to lower the fat, sugar and salt content in food may induce people to eat more. You're spinning 'round too much IMO. > young or old alike. Suggested revision: 'young and old alike'. Reasons: it avoids a gratuitous alliteration ('or old') and emphasises the warning nature of the essay. > children being overweight result from taking excessive junk food. This one's not correct. Suggested revisions: '... overweight, a result from...' or '...overweight resulting from...' > Therefore, forcing manufacturers to lower the fat, sugar and salt content in food is necessary. Again, you're repeating yourself too much. > When you eat a poor diet with all kinds of junk food You don't eat a diet, you either 'eat all kinds of junk food' or 'have a poor diet with all kinds of junk food'. > Furthermore, having unhealthy food causes premature deaths. There's nothing wrong in 'having' unhealthy food, unless you're 'eating' it as well ;) Of course, 'having unhealthy meals' does work very well here. 513 words all in all, which is a bit too much for IELTS (you're good to go with half of it), but both grammar and fluency are sound. I'd give you a 7 band or maybe a 7.5.

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