Cake business.career decisions???

Cake business.career decisions??? Topic: Creative writing a level jobs
May 25, 2019 / By Eleazar
Question: For some time now I've dreamed about going to school and then opening up and small business where I could bake and decorate cakes, for weddings and all that good suff. I love doing it but not sure if its a wise career move. I'm going to school this fall what classes and decisions should I think about... please help
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Cassidy Cassidy | 8 days ago
It's the right career move if you think you will love doing it. The stuff that you should learn is baking and decorating. There are many programs that are offered that teach this, like pastry school or baking schools. There are also adult education programs that offer cake decorating at different levels (beginner, intermed, advanced). You might want to take some classes in an adult education center at first because they are cheaper ($40/6 weeks or so) and see if you like learning all of the flowers and writing/piping. You might want to take some intro business and accounting classes or at least read a lot on the internet about those subjects. Some cake decorators do more on the business side of things than they actually do in the kitchen. Another thing that is important is to put together a portfolio of your pretty cakes. So that would require practice with different styles and decorating. You could learn all of these things in school but you can also learn them by doing them on your own. Each time you make a cake and decorate it, be critical and try to learn something new or try something new. The downside of doing cakes is that it is hard to get space in a professional kitchen and hard to get financing. Many states will not allow you sell stuff that you bake out of your kitchen. You have to have a kitchen certified by your state's health dept. Your job then is to find space in a "commercial kitchen" that is certified. Usually you have to pay rent. Churches, schools, and community organizations have these available but you will have to call around to see if they will let you use their space. The other issue is that many small business lenders will not lend to food service businesses. Therefore you would have to buy supplies and mixes from friends and family or have another job at first. These are problems that you can overcome though - many people make a decent living by doing cakes, particularly if you are creative and have good 'hand' skills.
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From your question- I can tell that you are a procrastinator. Procrastinators put things off until the last minute in favor of doing other, more appealing activities. I suggest that you write yourself a schedule for the day and try to stick to it. Schedule time for school, homework, snacks, and some fun time for relaxing or playing games. Write a schedule every day or use the same schedule for each weekday. Just don't out off writing the schedule! If your school offers a class in time management, study skills, or college planning, try to take it. The only way to break the habit of procrastination is to force yourself to do things that you don't want to do. This means making a concious effort to NOT turn on the television or the computer and do your homework. Since you fear not doing things well, ask yourself if you are doing your best work by putting something off until the last minute and rushing to get it done. Ask yourself how much better you could have done had you put in more time on an assignment. There is no quick-fix forprocrastination and it's going to take work, but you can do it. Don't give up! As for decision making- realize that you are going to make mistakes, and that's okay. Think about what you like to do and make a list of all your skills. The make a list of all the jobs you think you would like to have, if you don't already know. Choose a college that offers a variety of majors so you can switch. It is very common for a college student to change majors (I changed mine the first day I entered school!) and you don't have to know what you want to do before you go to college.
Cassidy Originally Answered: I have a problem making big decisions (or any decisions for that matter) question is at bottom?
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Allyn Allyn
The food service industry is a VERY HARD industry to compete in. If you have stamina, drive and are a competitive person who is business savvy then yes you should open a bakery. Best of Luck to you.
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Teri Teri
before going down this path get some expirience working for others ,preferably not where you intent to open up, this should learn you tricks of the trade and contacts to get supplies,always remember before you do this it is very time consuming and people do object to paying for these type of things because you have to charge for your time
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