What are some simularities of "WHALE RIDER" the movie and "Antigone" the play?

What are some simularities of "WHALE RIDER" the movie and "Antigone" the play? Topic: Rule of law essays
May 25, 2019 / By Nethaniah
Question: I have to do an essay on the similarities of the movie Whale Rider and the play Antigone. I cant think of any. help me please? thank you 8 minutes ago - 4
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Best Answers: What are some simularities of "WHALE RIDER" the movie and "Antigone" the play?

Kimbel Kimbel | 2 days ago
A young girl takes on a men's society. She opposes man's rules and laws because she believes she is following a divine law that has nothing to do with gender. She places her life in danger in proving a whale rider can be a female.
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Kimbel Originally Answered: "Whale Rider" and "Once Were Warriors"?
Once were warriors was terrific but a little confronting for me to watch. My best friend growing up was a Maori and her sister is now my brothers fiance so we were very close to their family. The family in that movie was so very close to my friends & as a teenager I would be staying at their place when they brought the whole pub back for singing & more drinking.. then in the morning, I watched her mother cook us eggs with another black eye. This is by no means an indication of all maori families but the one in that movie was so very close to my friends own that it was a little hard to watch certain scenes. EXCELLENT film though.
Kimbel Originally Answered: "Whale Rider" and "Once Were Warriors"?
I have seen both of those movies and they were great. I did not get that emotional about, however, I think they did a good job of showing the culture and people. I wish the father in "Once Were Warriors" was not a jerk and am glad he severely beat the guy who raped his daughter. Actually actors from both of these movies were in the Star Wars prequels and in the same movie. The father from "Once Were Warriors" was in Episode II and III as Jango Fett and as all of the clone troopers. The girl from "Whale Rider, very attractive I might add was in Episode III as the queen of Naboo. All great movies.
Kimbel Originally Answered: "Whale Rider" and "Once Were Warriors"?
Yeah I've watched the 2nd but pple get it confused with "We were once soldiers" which is a Vietnam movie starring Gibson. Maybe I cried. I thought the cast and set was very real. It's okay. The kind of movie you might watch again.

Hum Hum
The rules of patriarchal societies state women should not: . usurp the power and privileges of men . contrive to make men seem less in the eyes of other men . teach men about honour by word or deed . disregard the laws and rules dictated by men.
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Hum Originally Answered: "Standing up for what you believe in" examples in the play Antigone?
The play is relevant today as it's main themes involve human characteristics which are true today; such as love, pride and the importance of making an impact on the world. For love; consider Antigone's love for Polyneices, Ismene's love for Antigone in that she is willing to lie and sacrifice herself to let her sister off the hook. Consider Haemon's love for Antigone and then Eurydice's love for Haemon. Love has not changed over 2600 years. Think of the pride that Creon shows for himself as he is now in authority and think of the pride Antgone feels in doing her 'holy act'. Antigone makes reference to the fact that no one will mourn her death and she somewhat laments at this, this is also true today; people want to have made an impact. The play also wrestles with civil disobedience; do you bury your brother and do right by the gods? Or leave him to rot and do right by the state? Family vs state is a huge theme in Antigone. Antigone stands up for what she believes in in that she believes that to do the will of the gods is to bury her brother, as to leave a body unburied was a sin against the gods. To bury Polyneices was a crime punishable by death; a new regime put in place by the new King Creon, Antigone's uncle. Antigone, despite being warned by her sister, is purposely caught red handed burying her brother and is put in front of the king, who threatens her with death. Antigone at this point has become in love with death and wishes to die anyway. Antigone was, as you probably know, a woman. Women in Ancient Greek times were expected to stay indoors and do as they were told. The idea of Antgone going against the law and her uncle, and being so hasty would be crazy to an ancient audience. Antigone is a symbol of feminine revolt; a suffragette of sorts. She died in the name of what she believed was right, and what she believed would please the gods most. This turned out to be the correct thing and so her death is tragic and unnecessary. Overall Antigone is a very early story of sacrificing your life as a point; showing that the unachievable is achievable and persevering when all the odds are stacked against you. Good luck.

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