What are the best jobs in the Army?

What are the best jobs in the Army? Topic: Soldier field jobs application
June 20, 2019 / By Jeff
Question: I'm about to swear into the Army. I got a 91 on the ASVAB. My lowest line score was 129 and that was GT. I have no clue what kind of job to pick... based on my scores i qualify for everything... please lend your opinion on the best job in the army! Thats guys.. I have actually picked my top 3: EOD(89D), Intel Analyst(35F), and Mortuary Affairs(92M). I'm just not sure which to choose... but thank you all for your opinions!
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Garfield Garfield | 1 day ago
On the real bro choose something in the support field. The best job that i seen an enlisted soldier get was 25B which i think is Network SPC because you get so many different certifications which the army pays for and you can apply towards the civilians side when you get out. IT fields are hot right now and people that have these certifications do really well. Medical MOS's are pretty good and offer many chances to apply the experience on the civilian side. Radiology Techs, Pharmacy Techs, Dental Techs, are all great MOS's that can be applied on the civilian side and get you paid. Financial SPC (39 series) are great too because you know that your pay is going to be right. Human Resource SPC (42A) are great because you can make sure that your paper work is right. It all depends on what you want to do when you get out. Not dogging combat MOS's, without them the army would be nowhere, but there are not too many applications of that experience on the civilian side. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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Garfield Originally Answered: What are the best jobs that translate to civilian jobs in the army? and that wont require you to leave much?
I don't suspect you're going to like this answer, but having been on both sides of the fence, and have done reasonably well on both sides, these are the facts as I've seen them. The military isn't in business to train you for a civilian job. It'll train you for a military job. You'll learn on military equipment, and military systems. You'll learn to resolve military problems within military regulations. Some of that training might be helpful in a civilian job, but that's kind of a bonus. When you get out, your three or four years in the military will be worth almost zip in most instances. A knowledgeable hiring manager will presume that you were unable to make it in the military and quit... or that you weren't really interested in the job... just the benefits, or that you really have no direction and are just playing around looking for something that suits your fancy. No company is interested in a candidate with any of those predilections. I retired from the military after 25 years. My second career was managing government contracts for a management consulting firm. In that capacity I hired a lot of Vets. Most of them officers because of their proven leadership ability. But unless his (or her) specialty was exactly what the project needed, and unless he had done some pretty innovative things during his tenure in the military, if he wasn't in for more than one enlistment, I had no interest in him. I may have tossed some good candidates' resumes, but my company's clients were happy, my retention was improved from 60% to over 95%. Some of those I hired were eventually hired by the customers on whose projects they were involved. That said, I'm certain a recruiter will tell you the advantages of his (or her) particular branch as far as job training goes... of the educational benefits... of the opportunities for travel... That's because he wants you to sign up. He's a salesman. That's what he gets paid for. Picking a branch of the military based on benefits is like picking toothpaste. Toothpaste is toothpaste... but each brand tries to convince you it's the best. And to continue the analogy, just purchasing the toothpaste isn't going to do you any good. You have to use it at least three times a day. With the military, you're in it 24 hours a day 365.25 days a year until your contract's up. If you haven't accomplished anything beneficial to the military in that time, it's not going to have done you any good.

Deryck Deryck
It depends on you and what your interests are. If you like to work with your hands and are interested in cars, then 91W(was 63B) is your best choice. If you want adventure and a challenge and you are physically fit, go 11B with Airborne and start working towards SF or Rangers. If you want to work towards working with law enforcement or CID, then MP school is your best bet. If you are interested in the medical field and want to do something with it after military service, then any of the medical mos are a good bet(no 'bad' jobs there). I would stay away from Quartermaster and supply as they are a little over strength right now. If you like computers and working with technology then look towards the signal corp. If you are interested in foreign language and maybe a govt job after the Army any of the 35Mos series (intelligence) is good. Are you planning on making the Army your career? If so it doesn't matter what you chose, there are chances for you to change your MOS if you get burnt out. If you just want to serve a term or you aren't sure, I'd suggest medical. It has the best chance of you getting a good job after your time is up.
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Benoni Benoni
This Site Might Help You. RE: What are the best jobs in the Army? I'm about to swear into the Army. I got a 91 on the ASVAB. My lowest line score was 129 and that was GT. I have no clue what kind of job to pick... based on my scores i qualify for everything... please lend your opinion on the best job in the army!
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Abiel Abiel
Maybe. But It could also go the other way and maybe instead of 3 jobs available it my be 2 or even only one for time. People are flocking to the military because of the economy get it while you can.
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Sienna Sienna
I met a soldier in Vung-tau Vietnam who had a job as a life guard at red beach but that was his second overseas tour he was wounded the first tour. Dont worry kiddo they will find one for you. Bottom line every one is a rifle men
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Sienna Originally Answered: What jobs in the US Army carry weapons?
Every recruit in the Army and the Marines are trained with the M16 and are able to use it effectively to dispatch enemy targets if necessary. As a Chemical Operations Specialist (74D) you'll be maintaining and using chemical equipment. You probably won't be seeing combat at all, unless someone is attacking your area of operations. You will always be trained with weapons, but your area of profession that you wish to pursue won't need you to be using it.

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