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July 24, 2019 / By Orrin
Question: I'm 16, I wanna know exactly what happens if I join the Marines at 17 can I stay in highschool til I graduate. Or should I just wait til I'm 18. I turn 17 in january, and I just wana know exactly what to do or what's the better choice and how it works. Can I stay in highschool and join and during the summer go to basic? Or just wait til I graduate or whatever? Please help.
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Lemuel Lemuel | 6 days ago
No, you can't stay in school until you finish. If you are 17 and want to join, you have to drop out, get your GED AND get 15 semester hours of college, AND have written and signed permission from your parent, no other way to do it until you're 18, sorry kid. Besides, if you join and get hurt and sent home like my buddy did, you have nothing to fall back on but a GED. Stay in school, join when you're done. You can sign the papers before you graduate, but not until you're 17, but either way you can't enlist while going to high school.
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To be enlisted you only need to be a legal permanent resident with a green card. Only officers have to be American citizens. If this is the case then you can join the military. And since you speak Arabic I'm sure there are a bunch of bonuses (more pay, or enlistment bonuses for speaking one language, etc) and the Army could have lots of use for you. Talk to recruiters from all branches (Marines, US Army, Navy, Air Force) and see which ones offer the best deals. Do your own researcher online because recruiters tend to lie and feed you all the stuff you want to hear.
Lemuel Originally Answered: Military translator, does it even exist? How useful would it be for a trilingual in the military?
I'm pretty certain Arabic is one of the top tier foreign languages that are wanted right now...if you enlist you can even earn extra money (I think up to several hundred a month extra)...talk to a recruiter...If you are physically fit and have a fighting spirit I suggest you speak with a Marine Corps recruiter. Oh and good luck with your computer engineering studies...the course work is a real ball buster.

Jahleel Jahleel
You can join in the Delayed Entry Program when you turn 17 until you graduate. Once you do, you'll ship out. I'm not sure about the Marines, but in the Army you can go to BCT in the summer, finish your senior year of high school and go to AIT, etc after graduation.
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Flint Flint
join one of the private armed forces that work for the gov't. You do the same job as marines but you get paid like, three times more.
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