What can be fixed to get noticed? Possibly an interview?

What can be fixed to get noticed? Possibly an interview? Topic: Market data business plan
May 25, 2019 / By Alisia
Question: OBJECTIVE To gain valuable work experience in an accounting and finance related field to go further within a company EDUCATION Bachelor of Business Administration Exp. Grad. 12/2008 American InterContinental University Hoffman Estates, IL Concentration: Accounting and Finance Relative Coursework: Financial Accounting, Advanced Topics in Accounting, Corporate Investment Analysis, Managerial Accounting and Organizational Controls, Economics in a Global Environment, Financial Management, Statistical Analysis, Global Strategic Management G.P.A. 3.67 Associate of Arts in Business Administration 11/2007 American InterContinental University Hoffman Estates, IL Relative Coursework: Math for Business; Fundamentals of Marketing; Introduction to Accounting; Fundamentals of Business Law; Business Management and Leadership G.P.A. 3.61 Commercial Art Diploma 4/2005 Lawson State Community College Bessemer, AL PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Communication Skills • Presented information to large group of students regarding class project • Communicated with customers to ensure deliveries were correct • Trained new hires how to perform daily job duties in compliance with companies standard policies and procedures Quantitative Skills • Recorded all inventory levels including merchandise and supplies • Analyzed order sheets to ensure all merchandise orders were accurate • Made delivery orders based on products that were left in the storage rooms and products Customer Service Skills • Assisted walk-in customers with questions about ordering storeroom merchandise • Answered customers’ questions regarding company products • Loaded the correct merchandise onto trucks according to customers’ orders Technical Skills • Utilized Microsoft Word to record research projects • Created spreadsheets illustrating financial data using Microsoft Excel • Developed slideshow to illustrate business management plan using Microsoft PowerPoint • Used QuickBooks to perform essential accounting functions • Have knowledge of Peachtree accounting software EMPLOYMENT HISTORY 12/2002 – 8/2007 Loader/ Cintas Bessemer, AL 05/1999 – 12/2002 Stockroom Clerk/ UAB Medical West Bessemer, AL 08/2007 – 8/2007 Account Representative/ LMT Innovations Hoover, AL That is the problem sheloves. I don't have professional experience and because I never had the professional experience (and I do want to gain some), it is really hurting me and I know if given the chance to prove myself I can do the job.
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Upton Upton | 9 days ago
I'd redo the professional summary and employment history sections of your resume. This should be "Employment History" with names of your employers, city and state where they are located and dates you've worked for them in a chronological order. Underneath it, highlight your responsibilities telling them what your accomplishments were. Example: Account Representative, LMT Innovations, Hoover, AL 08/2007-08/2007 -I did such and such for LMT Innovations. -I accomplished such and such for LMT Innovations. Stockroom Clerk, UAB Medical, West Bessemer, AL 05/1999-12/2002 -I did such and such for UAB Medical -I accomplished such and such for UAB Medical ALSO, beware that the market for accounting/finance is horrible right now.
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Yes I am a Practitioner. I will try to answer your questions. 1. No different to any other within Buddhism. 2. It has become part of my life totally. I am now very aware of others, I feel pain where they have pain. Their stress and so on. How I affect others, to reflect, be honest and accept. 3. Their are challanges to all things one does. You do need a very experienced teacher, I am fortunate, my teacher recognised me from past reincarnations and I recognised him. 4. It is something I have practised in previous incarnations, this became evident by my meditational practice. Initially it was very easy for me to enter one pointedness and what are commonly termed 'Dhyanic states' My teacher recognised this and very gradually, carefully taught me the practices. 5. We are all at different stages of the path, when ready all beings will eventually become vajrayanic practitioners. It becomes a natural progression. 6. To disagree with any aspects of Buddhism, would be impossible. We practice to the level that we wish to. We are taught to question, meditate and decide whether it is correct, or right for us. 7. Yes I have experienced discrimination. This was because the person who was doing it, knew ,that their behaviour on the way they lived and handled people was incorrect. For them, I was the person who did not condemn them, but continued to be myself. I was the opposite to them, and every time they saw me, they belittled me, in front of others. I did not need to say anything to them, but they knew that I could see their character and true behaviour. In other words 'I could see through them'. That was to hard for them to handle, and enventually I left the employment I was in with them. Not for my own sake, but for theirs, as they were creating very bad karma for themselves. 8. The Buddha's best lesson is the 'Four Noble truths' and that we all can attain Enlightenment. His wisdom and skill, gave many ways as to how to achieve this. He was a truly great teacher, if you know anything about teaching, he used teachings to cover all learning styles. 9. Vajrayana is no different to any other Buddhism. We work our way through all levels, until we reach the stage of practicing it. Think of it as going to school, then college, and then going to, and graduating from university. 10. To be aware of no ending and no beginning. To be at one with all things that exists. The mind has no limitations, the body does not hamper, To be within the eye of the whirlwind. Totally at peace. Observing, listening and acting when the need arises, The only emotion that you experience is love and Bodhicitta for all that exists. Om Gate,gate, parasamgate Bodhi Svaha. I sincerely hope this will be of some help to you. Some things cannot be written or spoken about openly. Not all are ready for some of the knowledge, and some will deny that it can be experienced, or that enlightened beings exist in our time. You may email me if you wish. Yeshe Tsomo. May all beings have the causes for peace and happiness. .
Upton Originally Answered: PLEASE help with my World Religions interview! I need to interview someone who practices Vajrayana Buddhism?
I'd say Hinduism or Buddhism. I can speak more for Hinduism since I'm Hindu. Hindus have no penalty for apostasy, and those wishing to return to Hinduism are welcomed. Hindus respect all faiths, this is evidenced by the fact that India has so many religions and very little internal conflict. Hindus believe strongly in the notion of nonviolence and in karma, both of which would contribute strongly to people acting better. A lot of the things I mentioned for Hinduism would also apply to Buddhism. In actuality, all religions are meant to be tolerant and peaceful, but sometimes there is a natural drive to spread the faith and for some, that means putting down other faiths in favor of their own (at least that's what I would guess). This does not apply to all constituents of faiths that are known for active proselytizing, just a few. No religion preaches violence, that goes against basic moral fiber, yet a lot of ignorance, misinterpretation, and communication leads to the religious conflicts we know today.
Upton Originally Answered: PLEASE help with my World Religions interview! I need to interview someone who practices Vajrayana Buddhism?
Also, keep in mind that there *two* branches within Vajrayana Buddhism: Tibetan Buddhism and Japanese Esoteric, or "Shingon" Buddhism. They do have common roots, but otherwise have little in common. BTW, you might have better luck posting these questions on a religious forum like e-sangha or beliefnet. Good luck!

Robbie Robbie
The original advert is irrelevant because the contract that you have becomes the contract in force and the one that is legally binding. The advert was not a contract. You have a permanent contract but there isn't a permanent position by the sounds of it. If that is the case then they can make you redundant, just like any other company can. If they made you redundant and then employed someone else to do the exact same job, immediately after you leave, then you'd have grounds to claim unfair dismissal. As it stands there is little that you can do. If there is no position at the end of the three months then there is no position.
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Robbie Originally Answered: What stupid interview questions can expect @ the job interview?
Search yahoo, there have been lots of articles written. They will want to know about any experience you have. I assume you are either going for a stocker or cashier position. What ever job experience you have had, be prepared to talk about it. Even if it was not paid and was more volunteer work, or a leader ship position in school or sports. Know what your schedule is and when you will be able to work. Know what your strengths are! Having strengths is not bragging. Possible answer is I am goal oriented. If I know I need to have these displays done by a certain time, I will work as hard as possible to met that goal everyday. THey may ask for a weakness. Don't be afraid to have one. Possibility is I get really nervous meeting new people, and it takes me a little bit of time to warm up, but I have been working on it by joining a study group. And the always famous, Tell me about yourself! These can be goals to wish to meet, ex I am going to school to get a degree in marketing, Activities you are involved it, sports, clubs, volunteering - try not to mention any church activities - it is none of there business. Usually they are not interested in how old you are, what kind of family you have, or what kind of car you drive, but they may want to make sure you can get to work every day. If you have a resume you turned in with your application, take extra copies! If they don't tell you, when they ask if you have any questions, you can ask when they expect to hire someone, and what the starting date of the position will be. Remember to say thank you for you time and I look forward to hearing from you. Always offer a hand to shake at the beginning and end of the interview. DO not sit until they offer you a place to sit, or make it clear what seat is for you. Do not sit all the way back in the chair and slouch, but do not hang on the end of the chair like you are ready to run at any moment!!
Robbie Originally Answered: What stupid interview questions can expect @ the job interview?
First I'd work on your attitude. Seriously. I'm not trying to be mean but if you go in there expecting nothing but a bunch of "stupid" questions, your attitude will be apparent and they'll likely choose a candidate with more enthusiasm for the job. It's seasonal retail help, not rocket science. A lot of times this is a person's first job so requirements aren't usually that strict. They may want to know what retail and/or customer service experience you have (if any) to place you appropriately if they have openings in various departments. Just go in and be relaxed and confident. If you understand a question, ask for clarification. If you don't know the answer or have no experience with that, then say so. Since the position is for seasonal help, you will probably not be hired on the spot. It's likely they have a pool of people to interview, and will make their selections from that after the interview process is over. You do need to show them you are friendly and work well with the public though, unless the job you are interviewing for is a warehouse position or some other role that wouldn't have you interacting with customers. Good luck!

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