I need you're help. Please read this.?

I need you're help. Please read this.? Topic: As you like it thesis
July 24, 2019 / By Cadence
Question: Okay, so I really don't know where to start but I have attempted suicide. Last year, I threw myself off the balcony if the 3rd floor, i survived somehow, with a broken spine and spent a long time recovering. I suffer pain everyday from the injury. I have felt like this since I was about 12-13. I'm always sad inside, always. My parents told the doctors that I fainted when I fell and a cover story was made. I went along with it because I was so ashamed. They never asked me why I did it or how I feel. Everyone pretends like it never happened or when my mother does mention it, its always mentioned as something that was my fault. I don't want to hurt myself currently , mostly because I'm scared of the physical pain. I know I sound like a complete idiot, who is possibly trying to get sympathy points or is looking for a way out. I always try to get good grades and look good because I don't want anyone to think I'm weak. I like to stay at home alot, I like to sleep during the day and just get by, doing to minimum I can. I feel fat, useless and bad. I know my dad cares about me but all I ever have done is let him down, so i feel like I don't deserve it or his love. I don't have any friends who know the real me, everyone thinks I'm the person with the perfect life. I'm not okay. I know that. I cry for hours and hours sometimes and remember when I was 13, I was in a boarding school and everyone hated me and I would sit and cry for hours. I hated being made fun of by the girls there. And I try to distance myself from people because every little thing hurts me too much and I can't take that, so I just try to stay indifferent. I just want to know if life will ever get better? Will I ever be happy? How do I do that? Thanks for you're time. :)
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Allycia Allycia | 2 days ago
hi, im really sorry about everything that has happened to you in the past. No one deserves to feel that way. I am happy to hear that you dont want to hurt yourself :) .. i think that maybe everyone may not want to bring up what happened for a few reasons; they may feel like its not good to bring it up because they may think it will upset you. maybe they dont know how to talk about it. If you want to bring it up with your family, just tell them that its okay to talk about it. but trust me i know they care about you. i want to let you know that its okay to fall apart and cry sometimes, it dosn't mean your weak, at all. As far as your friends.. theses are your high school friends, and people change and you will have new friends and you might be still friends with the friends you have now. By reading your post it almost sounds like you feel like you cant talk to your friends about certain things. but im also like that i have a friend i have been friends with since grade 2 (10 years now) and i can talk to her about some stuff, but personal stuff like if im upset about stuff i dont talk to her about it. I kept everything inside and i was just not talk to anyone about that. a teacher came to me and i learned to trust him and i talk to him now , and at first i wouldnt really tell him much because first i felt like he really dosnt care and i wasnt use to telling people about my problems but now i talk to him all the time and sometimes he gives me advice sometimes he'll just listen, but it personally makes me feel better just letting it all out and knowing that someone is listening to me. you can also do that to if there is a nice teacher at your school try talking to them.it can honestly help soo much you wouldnt believe. so as for your question. will life ever get better? Absolutely, your still in school and this is only a small part of your life. there is soo much out there outside your school. Will I ever be happy? Yes !!! your just going through a rough time right now and you will get through it i know that because you are strong and can get through anything that comes your way :) How do I do that? well it well take time, just focus on yourself and no one but you. learn to love your flaws and know that you love yourself and that people love you and care for you sooo much it can not be measured!! I really do hope this helps you, even if it helps you in the slightest way, that will make me soo happy.
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Rolland Rolland
wow, i never thought i would hear about someone whos in exactly the same position as i was a couple of years ago. i used to self harm and i attempted suicide 5 years ago. my parents and teachers didnt care. and i had no friends too. i had severe body image and self esteem issues. well now, im in a much better position than i was then, but my life is not perfect and i know that life will never be perfect. well firstly youve got to want to change your life. when i wanted to get my life back on track, i moved school to get a fresh start. i then started attending personal development seminars and reading self-help books. (this helped sooo much!) i really reccomend 'you can heal your life' by Louise Hay, watching 'the secret' and going to a Tony Robbins seminar. they will help soo much! After that, my body image was still really crap, so i watched Glee and i did a pageant so my self esteem has raised a lot. it took me such a long time to recover though. i mean, at this new school, i still dont have any friends and am bullied every day, but im a lot stronger. it doesnt affect me anymore i hope that helped and good luck :) xx
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Miles Miles
Your parents are afraid of the stigma attached to a mental illness....they fear the worst and are probably afraid of what some people may think of them...but it is not about them and although depression is categorized as a mental illness it does not mean that you are crazy...you need help coping...that's all. You need to speak with an adult that you trust...another relative who cares, a school teacher or guidance counselor...someone that can direct you to the help you need and hopefully convince your parents that you need them to understand your needs...Good luck to you always....because life is not all sad....really it's not...
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Justy Justy
What you should do its go to a counselor talk about how your dwelling......also see about a psych. evaluation it certainly wouldn't hurt.....
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