Best middle and last name for this character?

Best middle and last name for this character? Topic: Music for writing action
June 20, 2019 / By Eason
Question: Sean is a high school English teacher. He has always had a passion for writing and has even had some of his works published. He loves to help people achieve their goals and loves to be there. He loves music and will often spend hours in front of his piano or drum set, drowning out the world. It's how he gets his stress out. He has a vibrant, bright, charming, and sarcastic personality. Sean doesn't like any physical contact of any kind unless its from his wife due to his abusive past. He loves to cause chaos and make messes in the beginning of the story. He's a troublemaker, but has never even been dubbed as a "player" or "ladies man" in his life. Growing up, he was always the nerdy kid who was quiet and had straight A's. In fact, he graduated high school with a 4.2 GPA. Sean is highly intelligent; it's just that his actions don't always show his abilities. He has a hard time admitting when he's wrong and is prone to arguing. In fact, he loves to argue and prove himself right. A major part of his character is that he always wears hats, typically only baseball-type caps and beanies. When he was twelve years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It wasn't cancerous, but the doctors said it had to be removed. After it was removed, he made a full recovery, but he has always been self-conscious about the scar that it left. Only a little hair will grow in that area, but it grows in full and thick everywhere else. Ever since, he keeps his hair short, but he never goes anywhere without a hat on. He even teaches with some sort of hat on, but his students don't mind. His wife sometimes struggles to get him to leave without one. In the story, he starts to get persistent migraines and worries that the tumor has grown back. After his father punches him in the face, his adopted brother stops acknowledging him again, and his mom wants him to see her in the mental hospital, he stops causing his normal chaos and becomes very quiet and hesitant. He is twenty-eight years old with short brown hair, hazel eyes, and is very scrawny. MIDDLE NAMES TO CHOOSE FROM: -- Sean Daniel -- Sean Gregory -- Sean Henry -- Sean Robert LAST NAMES TO CHOOSE FROM: -- Sean Reilly -- Sean Spencer Please only pick one name off each list above and say why you chose the name that you did. What do you think of him as a person? If you answer this question fully and completely, you are more likely to get ten points!
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Caden Caden | 1 day ago
Gregory because it sounds like someone who is introspective Spenser because it sounds more dramatic and interesting than Reilly. Reilly is more bland. He shows signs of Asperger's syndrome. There is the playing of the instruments for hours. His inability to have physical contact and his always having to wear hats. You could also explore if the removing of the brain tumor might have affected the part where it was taken out. He could also have the tumor growing back and it is affecting his personality. He could be paranoid about the tumor growing back. He's coming up on 30 years of age and is realizing he's growing older. He's thinking about the past and worries about the future. He sounds interesting.
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Alec Alec
Sean Henry Reilly - It flows together well. Your character description confused me a bit, so I don't know what to think.
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Being a fellow writer, I speak your language, and understand completely. It's really hard to explain this sort of thing, because everyone has a different style, but here's what I can tell you: Typically, you want a main character to be dynamic, meaning that they'll grow and change with their experience throughout the story. By default, a main character will also be the protagonist (not necessarily the "bad guy", but the one the reader will root for), and has to go up against an antagonist (maybe not even a person, but some force trying to hinder the main character). If you want the reader to have a reaction, good or bad, you have to pull on their heart strings. There has to be some aspects the reader can relate to, but that depends on the target audience. For example, if you want a group of typical teenage girls to love your character (we'll call it 'Character X'), you'll want him to be a handsome stud or a generally nice female interested in normal things. Contrastingly, if you want Character X to be hated, he'll need to be mean, angry, hateful toward others. Maybe even have them bash on Justin Beiber or something :P You'll want a likeable protagonist to be strong, confident (or become confident as the story progresses), heroic/selfless, but not too perfect. A common flaw- it can be as small as acne or trouble fitting it- can make every person relate to this Character X. Perhaps Character X begins the story with a personal vendetta, or a search for malice, that will wear off. Give them a love interest they can't have, a friend they started off hating. An unlikeable one can have a wide variety of characteristics. Perhaps they're unattractive to society in some way, a social deviant, interested in strange things. Maybe they're confident and good-looking just like a protagonist, but live with malice in their heart. Do they have a mental disease? Are they apathetic? Sadistic? Whatever negative thing you can think of on the spectrum of bad is completely usable. Remember that past has a big effect on the way a person will act in the present. Character X can be based completely off of his/her experiences. Good and bad experiences can shape a person in different ways. As long as you can back it up through writing, the possibilities are endless. Don't forget that the little details are important, too. The way a character looks and speaks are just as loud and important as the way they act. So, what does Character X sound like? Does he/her have a soft, melodic voice? Are they monotone or excessively loud? If it's a male, is his voice gruff, or gentle? Is a female's voice more bell-like, or gritty? This will effect how a person perceives a character. Describe their posture, their walk, their sense of style. Connect it with the type of personality they have. Maybe a more socially reserved person would be a little hunch-y. Perhaps popularity has to do with the way they wear their hair. I don't really know how much information you needed, or how long your story is going to be. I guess if you really didn't need to go into depth, pogy points for reading this much. But it's always better to give more and be helpful than less and be useless, right? Thus, I really hope I managed to help you even just a little bit. Do tell me how it goes!
Alec Originally Answered: How can i make a character be a character?
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