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July 24, 2019 / By Jere
Question: im going to write an essay but i dont know what to argue about. it has to be something that is a good arguement that i know is true but the audience disagrees. for instance, road rage, corrupt schools, what are other good ideas that affect people. also it cannot be global appreciate it
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Gerry Gerry | 3 days ago
Animal Cruelty Antibiotic use in agriculture Meat irradiation I work in the Poultry industry and these are major problems that we face on a day to day basis. This would make a good speech/essay. You can keep it local by looking into what is going on with the Ag industry around you.
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umm, usually quotes go in the essay, in the paragraph with the topic that you are talking about. and essay's dont have figures or images on them.

Dodge Dodge
I know many oppose to school uniforms, but you could write about it. There were several articles were school uniforms has help school loose many probles. students dont worry about what everyone is wearing and laught at those who dont have enough many. If you need a counter example, you can say that some might no have many to pay for them, but they could pay in long terms, as in a few dollars per week.
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Booker Booker
The overly-strict discipline enforcement that just lures kids into making more trouble. Or perhaps why "they" still let kids get a free public education after smearing dog sh*t all over the seats of a school bus... etc.
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Adaliah Adaliah
I'd say write your essay about an issue you care about. That way, you're sure to have a good one. :) When I had to do a speech in tenth grade, I did it about downloading music off the internet. Not a popular choice, but it was mine. :)
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Starla Starla
if you want to have an edge, try: 1. abortion 2. stem cell research 3. corrupt government policies
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Your numbers aren't adding up. You should send him an email even if he doesn't respond. If you send it and he doesn't respond, you can blame him, unless he clearly defined the assignment in other ways. If you just forgot what he said, then you should contact some classmates to clarify their understanding. Normally, a 6 page MLA essay would be 6 pages plus any works cited. So 2 pages of works cited would make an 8 page paper for a 6 page essay. It makes no sense at all for an MLA paper to have 6 pages or 2 pages.

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