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July 23, 2019 / By Elfrieda
Question: Hi there! i have a question concerning blood. I understand and completely respect your desicion on refusing blood transfussions. But, help me understand something please. The verses that would back up your desicion would be the verses saying to abstain from blood, which you will find. (Not the ones that say you can't eat blood. because a blood transfussion isn't eating blood, as eating invlovles digestion) So to abstain from blood doesn't just mean blood transfussions, it would mean anything that invloves blood. Including getting you're blood drawn or helping someone thats bleeding. So why are blood transfussion held so high? @bill Yes, i understand what you're saying, but i'm not asking why you guys don't accept them, im asking why is a blood transfusion held so high while say being a phlebotomist isn't. They both aren't abstaining from blood.
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China China | 9 days ago
1st of all (Unsilenced Lioness) is a (Apostate) every ??? she asks or answers is negative & every ??? she asks is about Jehovah's Witnesses. She (blocked) me because she does not like anyone telling her, what she says is always untrue. Apostasy is abandoning or deserting the worship and service of God, actually a rebellion against Jehovah God. Some apostates profess to know and serve God but reject teachings or requirements set out in his Word. Others claim to believe the Bible but reject the religious organization they belong to. Not only do they abandon the their faith but they then “beat” their former associates, using public criticism and other methods to hinder their work; the efforts of such apostates are devoted to tearing down, not building up. Which is what (she) Unsilenced Lioness does in her ??? & answers. Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse to accept blood transfusions. This refusal is based on Bible commands, the earliest of which says: “Only flesh with its soul its blood you must not eat.” First-century Christians were told simply: “Keep abstaining from blood.” At Monterenzio, Italy, secondary-school students were asked to write an essay on the importance of donating blood. Among those students was Benedetta, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who wrote the following: “It is well-known that Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood transfusion because of their adhering to Bible principles, but this does not mean that they do not accept other treatments. In fact, Jehovah’s Witnesses value their health. They strive to find the best medical care available for themselves and their children. They are more than willing to cooperate with doctors, on the condition that their beliefs are respected.” Benedetta then added: “Every patient has the right to choose the treatment that he believes is in his best interests, the right to be respected, and the right to know the risks and benefits of the treatment he will undergo.” The Monterenzio branch of AVIS (Association of Italian Blood Donors) awarded prizes to the students who best expressed their personal feelings on the subject. A report in Monterenzio Vivace magazine stated: “A special mention was given to Benedetta Barbi for her essay that went against the mainstream the contents being far from the position that AVIS takes but through which the student was able to express her beliefs with moderation and politeness.” Even though Jehovah’s Witnesses’ stand on blood goes “against the mainstream,” many doctors now see merit in their position. The Witnesses’ stand has been a major factor behind a number of innovative medical procedures that reduce blood loss during surgery. This has resulted in benefits to Witness and non-Witness patients alike. However, the main reason Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse blood is firmly founded on the Bible, as noted in the introduction. This Scriptural stand is often misunderstood. Sometimes people assume that Jehovah’s Witnesses refuse all medical treatment or that they simply do not value life. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jehovah’s Witnesses seek the best medical care available to them and their family members. However, they seek nonblood medical management. Why? Their stand is based on a fundamental law that God gave to mankind. Just after the Flood of Noah’s day, God gave Noah and his family permission to eat the flesh of animals. God imposed this one restriction: They were not to consume blood. All humans of all races descended from Noah, so this law is binding on all of mankind. It was never rescinded. Over eight centuries later, God reaffirmed that law to the nation of Israel, explaining that blood is sacred, representing the soul, or life itself. (Leviticus 17:14) Over 1,500 years later, the Christian apostles commanded all Christians to “keep abstaining from blood.” Acts 15:29. To Jehovah’s Witnesses, it is clearly impossible to abstain from blood while taking it into the body in a transfusion. They therefore insist on alternative treatments. That Scriptural stand often results in an even higher standard of medical care. No doubt that is why many people who are not Jehovah’s Witnesses also request bloodless medical treatment.
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China Originally Answered: Jehovah Witness: What are "true Christians" and how you all so sure that His Name is Jehovah?
Yes, those would be interesting claims, if they had not already been addressed literally 20 times before by me alone. You haven't said even one thing new. If you want the answers that have consistently been given in the past, you can search my Q&A record and the links on my blog, or you could email me if you like and I could help you with this question at a slower and more steady pace. Aga'pe, TOOPOO http://tearsofoberon.blogspot.com/2009/0...

Astaroth Astaroth
You have the wrong idea of consuming blood. In hospitals, if a patient cannot eat food in the normal way, another method of getting nourishment to the body is a needle and tube attached to a bags of both saline and glucose. These are what regular food turns into by digestion for the body. This makes it the same thing. There is no difference in swallowing a cup of blood or getting it throw a needle and tube. The reason this matters is principally obedience to the commands of Jehovah God. Contrary to majority opinion in this world today, salvation and other blessings God gives is not poured out to just everyone. The Bible makes clear only those obedient to Jehovah God will be allowed to have those blessings. Disobedient ones will not survive. Even if such obedience costs our lives now, we are assured by the Bible record, Jehovah has the power and the desire to restore all of those faithful to him back to life under God's heavenly Kingdom government rule which will annex the planet Earth. Obedience will mean everlasting life as both those restored since Abel will return to perfection as well as the planet. That will be an ideal time for any human to live. Too, there is no limit to those living on the earth at that time. Revelation 7:9-10 notes "a great crowd which no man was able to number." The stakes are very high for humanity. We can disregard God's commands and he will disregard us. Or we can remain faithful to his commands and he will keep faith with us. One of which is to abstain from blood. ---------------------------------------... A phlebotomist extracts a blood sample for testing--not consumption---and does not put it back in. Exactly like a wound caused by a cut. The blood goes out but never comes back in. Transfusions are based on blood going back into a human. That is what Jehovah forbids as being sacred. Whether eating, drinking or infusing, it is all consumption. As far as a phlebotomist extracting a pint for transfusions, would that not be grossly insulting? To give up something we are firmly against and more importantly, Jehovah is against?
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Abaegayle Abaegayle
Not to be crude in any way, but to not be able to in any way "touch" blood would cause problems with the way women are designed with monthly periods and even childbirth. Both have the matter of blood to be dealt with. And abstaining would be impossible with these two women's issues. If our personal blood - as an individual - is held in the highest esteem possible for a human, then this ELEVATES the blood of Christ and his sacrifice of his blood in our behalf. If we lower the value and respect for our own blood, then it lowers the value of the blood of Christ. Hebrews 10:29 warns us of treating the value of Christ's blood as ordinary. Each of us are a unique human, given our right to live by our Creator, Jehovah God. We are to value what makes us, us. And that includes our personal make-up and our blood. It is like a fingerprint of who we are. That is why we even have blood tests in the first place. It can tell a lot of what is going on with us as a whole. But the abstaining was not said to ever touch it, but said so that it would not be misused and not respected for the life it represents. And who that life came from since Jehovah sets the standards of how blood is to be used, and the value placed on it.
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Sonnie Sonnie
Bill said it all/I have a quick example. In a hospital, when a patient cannot eat through his mouth, he is fed intravenously. Now, would a person who never put blood into his mouth but who accepted blood by transfusion really be obeying the command to “keep abstaining from . . . blood”? (Acts 15:29) To use a comparison, consider a man who is told by the doctor that he must abstain from alcohol. Would he be obedient if he quit drinking alcohol but had it put directly into his veins?
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Osbourne Osbourne
Your example of a blood test, that blood, a small amount is used for testing, and then disposed properly. (In fact, in the era of AIDS, it is improved in the disposal of it). As for treating someone bleeding, is the person "collecting" the blood for other purposes than cleaning a wound? No. Remember that the Jews killed animals, and bled them properly. That is always a mess. But unlike the gentiles who would make food out of it, the Jews properly buried the blood, covering it over. But a transfusion, even if it given freely by the donor (in Nazi German, that was a form of execution and "support" for the war effort), is BEING USED for a purpose.
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Lenny Lenny
Unsilenced Lioness has answered your question very well. Do your own research into the watchtowers history on the topic of blood transfusions. You will be astounded by their chopping and changing on this very sad and tragic belief they hold. The bible has nothing to say on blood transfusions in the first place. Medical science only discovered this life saving practice last century so any JW who says its forbidden in the bible -- ignore them ! In fact some of the verses they quote to support their stance (Gen 9:4, Lev 7:26-27 and Acts 15:19-29 ) are referring to the forbidding of eating animal blood not human blood. Hypocritically the watchtower condems christendom for going to wars and killing other humans as a sin yet they have allowed tens of thousands of their people ( who knows the real total ? ) -- men, woman, and children to die by denying them blood transfusions and organ transplants. Woe unto this devilish religion ( 2Cor 4:3-4 and 11:3-4 ) who God will judge with the penalty of everlasting torment in the lake of fire for every JW ( Rom 6:23, Heb 9:27, Rev 20:15 and Luke 16:23 -24 ) Every JW reading this should get on their knees right now and ask the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness so they can go to heaven because after they die it will be too late ( Acts 16:31,Rom 10:9-10, 1Cor 15:1-4, 2Cor 6:2, and Eph 2:8-9 )
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Jairus Jairus
The command to "abstain from blood" means not to take it into ones body at all, not to partake of blood. It does not mean you cannot have your blood drawn to check your blood count, or check for disease, as long as the blood is thrown away after it is tested.Therefore you have kept the command to "abstain from blood". A phlebotomist collects blood samples, process, and analyze them. They are not partaking of blood.
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Fonz Fonz
Blood Transfusions are held so high as they are the purest & most direct way one can acquire delivering blood into ones body & break the scriptural command to abstain from blood - Acts 15:29, other methods of consuming blood, let's say eating black pudding that is well known to be made up of blood, has to go through the digestion method once eaten, but still ends up mixing with your own blood once it has been broken down & processed by the body, so it also clearly breaks the scriptural command to not eat any type of blood in Leviticus 17:10-12. I hope this helps
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Fonz Originally Answered: Jehovah's Witness. please help?
You are speaking from a matter of perspective. I have researched the same things, and have concluded that all religious denominations have some doctrinal inconsistencies. This does not make them apostate, there is no such thing as a perfect church as of yet; Christ has not returned to re-establish it. THere is no evidence that He has. Also, I have found that all cult organizations are apostate; Christianity hides nothing, there is no "hidden secret" or mystery available only to Christians which is not available to anyone else. Nor does Christianity hold the opinions of men above the Word of God. These are only two points to which I say EVERY religious organization in existence today has some inconsisitencies with the scriptures, some to a greater degree than others. What is truth? Did some one convince you the scriptures are inaccurate? Are you following what the Bible says, or what other people say? But no, it is not a sin to question your faith and investigate your own religious organization. That is how you either get set free from religion, or become more enslaved by it.

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