I am friends and a client of someone who was subpoenaed suddenly to be deposed as a witness on the behalf?

I am friends and a client of someone who was subpoenaed suddenly to be deposed as a witness on the behalf? Topic: Court case stories book
July 24, 2019 / By Jadyn
Question: of the party that I am suing. They don't realize they are calling a witness on their behalf is my friend. She has nothing at all to do with this litigation except the other half knows that we know each other but only as business/client.. Wouldn't this be a conflict of interest? The bottom line, they are grasping at straws. Or, shouldn't my lawyer also subpoena her as well? Does this make sense? Her business has zero to do with this litigation. This is what happened. I bought a pup from my breeder, she was 12 weeks.. Long story short, when my pup was 1.5 yrs old, i took her a very reputable vet for a simple eyelid procedure called entropion. The vet called that afternoon and said all went perfect and requested an overnight stay for supervision so she didn't paw at her sutures. I naturally agreed. The vet called me the next morning and told me that my dog was dead and that she hung herself. Idiot. I brought her in on a loop leash, he put an unbreakable collar on her. Gross negligence and a liar, just to hit me with an overnight fee I suppose. She was not supervised. There is no overnight supervision. Entropion was developed from injury playing with the other dog we have. This is in NJ. I hope this made sense, any help would help. fyi, it's not the money. it's the principle. I am sorry this is a book rather than a simple question. just looking for input, not a direct answer. not frivolous, as a matter of fact the vet wanted patment. intrisic value.
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Emiline Emiline | 4 days ago
As for they calling a friend of yours: that's their choice, that's no "conflict on interest" from your side; "conflict on interest" would be if the Judge and/or jury were your friends. So forget about it, it's their choice if they call all your friends as witnesses. As for the dog: Are you asking for more than the face value of the dog? It sounds like this is not a small claim case. The Court will mostly go with the actual value of a dog of similar age and breed, unless you can prove the dog has any special reason to justify a higher value. Sentimental value is not taken into consideration by the court.
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All you know about your co-worker's ex-girlfriend is what he has told you about her...you don't know any of it for a fact. And I have news for you, if his ex was truly a known drug user, your friend would have had custody of his child and his ex would be the one to be paying him child support. Since that is not the case, I think your friend/co-worker is lying to you. As for your little plan to avoid child support, don't worry about whether or not it is illegal as all his ex-girlfriend has to do is get his paychecks garnisheed. That means that his employer will take off the child support owed at source and then your friend will only get what is left over, which won't be much. Is what you are doing illegal? No, but it is immoral and unethical. Further, your friend is a total idiot as there will be a paper trail regarding his salary and the judge will order child support based on that and on state guidelines. Even if there is no money in his bank account to pay the support money, he will still owe it AND if he does not pay, they will cancel his driver's license and if necessary, they will put him in jail until he does pay up. And guess what, if he doesn't pay his child support on time, he will be slapped with compound interest and that can really add up. Of course, he cannot go bankrupt either on child support debt. And that means that if your jerk of a co-worker does not pay up now, he will be still paying when he is an old age pensioner. I suggest that you give your "friend" the good news and stop helping him avoid paying his lawful support for his child. Good luck and God bless. *************** Addendum: Yes, you can get subpoenaed but as long as you tell the judge the truth about cashing your friend's paychecks, you will be fine. As for why you did it, no one can prove it if there is nothing written down. For all the judge knows, you are just a kind fellow helping out another person without a bank account!
Emiline Originally Answered: Can i be subpoenaed for having my co-worker put his paycheck into mine to avoid paying child support?
That is intentional fraud , you can be charged with aiding and helping a person avoid paying the correct amount of child support. Best thing you can do is tell the truth, because records can and will be subpoenaed, and that is also tax fraud. Peter, sorry to say is not your friend, he used you, tell the truth and the Judge might have mercy on you. As for as being a known drug addict, that remains to be proved, as a court can and will certainly order drug testing on both parents, courts and Judges are not stupid, and they will find out the truth. Best thing to do is be honest, lie to a Judge and he will hang you, and never believe another word you say.

Chryssa Chryssa
Pardon my honesty. I am not trying to be mean or cruel. What is the value of this dog that makes a lawsuit involving depositions by attorneys necessary? Was the dog a champion show dog and you are out breeding fees and such? Did you spend tens of thousands of dollars on vet bills for this procedure and now you want all of your money back? Are you claiming emotional distress over this? You only owned the dog for 1.5 years and the death was an accident. It wasn't a malicious and vicious murder of your dog that would shock any person. That sort of thing is where emotional distress damages come from. Perhaps your friend has been subpoenaed because the defense believes this is a frivolous lawsuit and you are a frivolous person. I apologize if my tone offends you as I don't know the deepest details of this. But I don't see the need for attorneys and depositions on what appears to be a small claims matter.
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Avilon Avilon
The only thing that matters about this question is that you are asking the wrong people. Why are you asking strangers online? You have an attorney. Ask your attorney.
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