TH Family! Can you fill me in please? [celebrities]?

TH Family! Can you fill me in please? [celebrities]? Topic: To come to a conclusion in french
May 25, 2019 / By Neo
Question: What's happened? I must've missed this whole thing with tom and the french fan :\ Can you tell me what's went down? btw, I had to put the word celebrities in the title or it wouldn't post in the right section :)
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Kim Kim | 10 days ago
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiwLcI3Nk... It all sound too not-like-Tom to me! I mean it could be true but it could aslo not be true. The girls could have just made all of this up then again it COULD be true. I honestly think *if something did happen* that the girl must have really pissed him off and maybe/probably she's one of the 'fans' who have been following them to their studio and everywhere! I honestly think that if she's one of these stalkers then she deserved it. U know wat gets me really pissed, how there is such a big deal made out of it! I mean yeah ok... but there is a prob that it was him but they said in this video that it looked like him *by clothes and hair* but it wasnt confirmed yet! This is all the girl's part of the story, but how do we know dat she didnt leave a part of the story out? the part that explains it all? Man im just gonna wait for them 2 come out and explain all of these rumors. Though i am on Tom's side! I just hope that watever the conclusion of this is, that Tom doesnt get damaged bcuz of this! Edit: U know wat, there r some fans who r gonna drive them to the point where they r just gonna want these things to stop happening and dat would mean the end of TH! <--NOOOOO!!!!!....> I really just wish they'd give them their space! Ahhh...A selfish fans! They hosnestly dont care bout anything but themselves and really dont think of wat the boys want! ******OHHH DID U KNOW THAT THE RESULTS OF THE FAN PARTY CONTEST CAME OUT!!!!!?????***** GO 2 DEIR WEB SITE!!!!!!
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Kim Originally Answered: Celebrities in dreams?
long answer read Sigmund Freud's 'the interpretation of dreams'. short answer i'll summarize it dreams consist of mainly what you saw that imprinted itself on your subconscious, external stimuali while you sleep (such as a noise that does not wake you but effects your sleep), internal stimulai not including the basis (your feeligns when you go to sleep, how the dream owuld make you consciously feel) and in cases of lucidity your own 'actions' in your dream.. basically a dream is what the 'back of your head' stores up playing back once your conscious mind is out of the way which is then changed by stuff happening around your sleeping body and how everything makes you feel while you dream. no more than that.

Hughie Hughie
are you talking about tom punching a fan??? Tom Kaulitz (19), guitarist of the band and twin brother of the singer Bill (19), met a female fan at a petrol station in Hamburg. The 21 years old girl says, that the musican gave her a punch in her face in the late wednesday evening, that’s what the police found out at thursday. The woman, who was there together with 4 friends, noticed Kaulitz in his car and knocked at his window to take a photo of the 19 years old guy. After the description of the woman, the Tokio-Hotel-star let the window down and threw a cigarette at her, that she took from the ground and put it out on his window. So he stepped out of his car and should’ve hit her. The woman got a swelling bellow her eye and called the police. By their arrivial, Kaulitz was already driven away, so they couldn’t ask for his side of the story. The 19 years old guy will get the opportunite to say something to this case, said a policeman.
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Erle Erle
im so disappointed in him. apparently, there are two sides to the story. The fans side is this: She saw him at a gas station and asked him for an autograph. in response, he rolled down his window and through a cigarette at her. She picked the cigarette up and threw it at his car. He then got out of the car and punched her in the face and drove away before police arrived. Tom's side is this: The fan had been stalking him for years and he believed she was dangerous. She wouldn't leave him alone so he got defensive. He claims he didn't punch her, but pushed her away from him. Whatever it was, Tom had no reason to get physical. I will support him no matter what though. I cried so hard when i found out..no matter how crazy this chick was, it was still a fan and I don't think his behavior can be excused. But i will still always support him..no matter what. I love you Tom!
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Colman Colman
Who knows if its true but wait til we hear toms side of it, its seems like everyone has been picking on tom lately, i dont think he would do something like that. Where does he show in his actions or the way he does things that he would hit a woman? NOWHERE. I dont know why people seem to associate him with violence but they do, i clearly remember in videos and stuff that he wasnt a violent person and bill has even said so. I heard the fan who was attacked by "Tom" took a picture of him, well i would like to see this picture, and it still wouldnt prove anything because i doubt it shows his fist coming towards her face. The pic could be from him refusing a pic and autograph and driving off. (i wouldnt blame him, i mean have you seen the freaking psycho fans lately???) I think we all just need to wait and see what happens but until i am proven wrong, i dont think he did it.
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Areli Areli
i'm so completely with you and now all people is over reacting approximately Tom and Chantelle I propose a minimum of the boy has a woman buddy, and that i study somebody else say OMG Now If invoice gets a woman buddy there'll be subject i'm thinking recover from with it jeez people, The Leak songs I enjoyed them i did no longer like how they the place leaked nonetheless reason the album grew to become into meant to be a ask your self for us yet I cherished them nonetheless =)
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Trista Trista
even though it's wrong, I still love Tommy, and I just hope he starts being better I love him, and support him the same way, as I first saw his handsome self in Durch Den Monsoon in 2006.
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Samanta Samanta
I JUST got the video..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiwLcI3Nk... Tom has a lot of issues with fans, but you cant really blame him......i still love him tho!
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They can influence people to do things they wouldn't normally do . Some do drugs. Smoke. Swear. Violence. A lot of kids have false hopes& dreams beacause one day they want to become a celebertie and they probably wont . Also theres: Miley cyrus's pole dancing . Chris brown's abuse. Good luck on ur essay !

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