Are celebrities overpaid?

Are celebrities overpaid? Topic: Celebrity essays
May 25, 2019 / By Karyn
Question: This is the topic of my english essay, and i want to know what most of you think? Do you think celebrities are paid more than they deserve, or do they deserve it?
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Haydee Haydee | 10 days ago
Yes celebrities are overpaid. Especially celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, the cast of Jersey Shore, etc. who don't have any talent and are only famous for their looks and for putting their personal drama on tv. These celebrities are making millions of dollars for just walking around in little to no clothes, fighting, drinking, having sex, etc. meanwhile people like police officers, firefighters, doctors, teachers, etc. are making little money and they are actually risking their lives everyday to save other people lives.
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Well the police officer doesn't get to decide how much the ticket is going to cost you. His job is to cite those who break the law. I forgot to take my paperwork showing that my smog check was passed to the courthouse and pay a $10 fee. A few weeks later I got a notice that the $10 fee is now $800 - that's an 80 fold increase and I lost my job and am dirt broke, I can't even afford to eat every day, I eat every 2 or 3 days and now if I don't fork over $800 I might lose my driving priveleges and more fees will be added. Maybe I will sell all my clothes and some of my furniture to come up with it. I don't know where all the money they take like this ends up going. On top of it they had sent the previous notices to my old address but they don't care, I went in person to try to explain but it's already in collections. 2 years ago I got pulled over because I am short and my shoulder strap was adjusted lower (it's movable) so the police wasn't able to see it through the window. He pulled it up so that it would be visible from outside even though it now nearly chokes me and goes across my neck and the bastard wrote me up a ticket!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another time I got a ticket because I crossed over a yellow line in order to get to the left lane to make a left turn. I mean everyone crosses over those lines a little prematurely, gimme a break. I ended up being late to my dental appointment plus having a ticket. And the worse ticket I got was I was waiting for people to cross the street. They reached the gutter on the other side but had not stepped onto the sidewalk yet, maybe two steps away and everyone behind me was honking because I even waited that long. I had learned in drivers ed you only have to wait for them to cross half way until you can turn so I was being extra careful, but turns out if it's near a school you have to wait til they're fully on the other sidewalk, but come on, they were like 2 steps away. I was so mad and thought it was not fair. It was during my lunch break and I got written up for being back late on top of it. But I always wonder if the police sit around boasting about all the tickets they write up not caring about how it has life altering impacts on the people they do it to. I wish they would use better judgement and have more compassion for people instead of a 'gotcha' attitude.

Doretta Doretta
industry complain about how there have been more and more box office flops, about how people are losing interest in movies on the big screen and in going to the cinema...you know how the story goes. And at the same time, I have always been wondering just how someone like Nicole Kidman, who seems to be turning to dust pretty much everything she touches, reportedly made about $15 million for her latest movie, "The Golden Compass" - which is largely deemed a major flop. Well, wonder no more - for here comes the answer: these are Hollywood's most overpaid celebs. The top was drawn out by Forbes, and the idea was to draw a comparison between the stars' salaries on the one hand, and the gross income made by the films in which they starred, on the other hand. And here are the top 10. At number one, meet Kurt Russel, an actor who may have triumphed in "Gladiator", but whose more recent films (think "Cinderella Man" and "A Good Year") have been serious box office flops. His rescue (well, sort of) came with "American Gangster", which has already cashed in about $173 million. And here is Nicole, second on the list. I was telling you about how she got a whole lot of money for starring in "The Golden Compass". I guess it's also time I mentioned that this movie allegedly cost about $200 million to make, and in its debut weekend it took in a meager $26 million. That pretty much says it all, I'm afraid. Next come Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell, followed by none other than Jennifer Lopez, another one of my favorite "sit around, do nothing and get paid" actresses, also known for her embarrassing box office flops - if you'll remember, that horrible "Gigli" did not even manage to take in as much as it cost to make. I'm kind of surprised Tom Cruise made it on the list - but then again, nothing that has to do with this guy surprises me anymore. This is the complete Forbes list of Overpaid Celebrities: 1. Russell Crowe 2. Nicole Kidman 3. Jim Carrey 4. Will Ferrell 5. Jennifer Lopez 6. Adam Sandler 7. Cameron Diaz 8. Denzel Washington 9. Will Smith 10. Tom Cruise
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Cassidy Cassidy
Yes!!!!!! What the hell do they do other than act behind a camera or whatever else they do?! Policemen, teachers, doctors, firemen, should be overpaid because they actually save lives and do things that are rewarding. Celebrities don't do **** that can be called heroic. Especially movie stars or tv stars.
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Annabel Annabel
people want doctors,firemen,researches,etc. to be paid more than celebs but they don't ask themselves where that money should come from. paying these hardworking groups such money would mean sky-rocketing taxes or expenses. on the other hand,the money the actors are paid is directly coming from the people themselves. where do you think all the money should go when MILLIONS of people go see a movie? each may pay $12 but the sum is huge,and the celeb involved should take their fair cut.what else do you think is right,that the studio takes it all? I don't think the money these stars earn is proportionate to the work they do but as long as I am personally paying them myself,I won't complain. and the wealth is at the cost of no privacy,which is a huge cost.
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Annabel Originally Answered: Am I being overpaid as a nanny?
No $300 a week is perfectly normal for part time work. ( I know it's daily but it's only half days). I used to make $600-$800 weekly for full time.

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