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June 20, 2019 / By Meed
Question: Ok so I am terribly confused when it comes to moving once you get your orders. I understand that my husband will get 10 days off to find a house in the area of the base he's stationed at, but where are our household items going to be during that time? And does he have to check into the base or the off post housing office (we definitely want to live off post) before he signs any lease? Step by step instructions on moving would be extremely helpful lol
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Laverne Laverne | 8 days ago
If your PPM (Personal Property) arrives before you have a place to live it will be put into storage for up to 90 days free. When you get a place you go through TMO and set up the move in. If you haven't moved your things yet then he will set up the move there at the Transportation Office (TMO/PPO). It will be professional movers who come to your location and pack up your belongings. Make sure you do have things prepared for that, get rid of liquids, take out batteries, pictures of electronics as well as serial #s written down, things you need immediately moved to another locations and so on. He can get UP TO 10 days of house hunting but there is no guarantee he will actually get that amount of time. The command could require him immediately and he only gets a few days. He has to check in with his command first and then they will walk him through everything else. He should go through the Housing Office as they do have referrals for out in town that will discount or waive deposits. He needs to make sure that places he looks at are not on the do not rent list meaning if he does rent in those areas they can take back BAH. In some locations they do have them.
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After the first 9 weeks (assuming he passes that part and stays out of trouble) he will have a 24 - 72 hour break where he can leave post. 5 weeks after that (after the entire 14 weeks) there will be a graduation you can attend. He will have 10 days of leave saved up by then which he can choose to use or not, depending on when his report date is. Once he gets to his unit, he'll have 30 days of leave a year he can use (he will gain 2 1/2 days a month), but he'll be limited on when he can use it because of the schedule so be patient. Also, don't expect to hear from him while he is at basic because he wont have access to his phone or a computer. Take up the old fashioned art of hand writing letters.

Jochebed Jochebed
Hey. We did a move that was not really planned. We had no place to go but arrived in a town that was 30 minutes from base and pulled into a driveway of a realtors office as they were locking up for closing. We asked them if there were houses available and that we needed a place to live today. The lady unlocked the door, grabbed a key and told us to follow them. We pulled up to a house and she said "this place is up for rent and you can move in tomorrow and sign a lease." We took the place. It was crazy how it all worked out to. I would look into neighboring cities that are around the base and look online for Realtors and call them and saying what day you will be in town and if it is possible to look at some places you have and if they are move in ready. Usually military towns are accommodating and deal with moves all the time so its not unusual for realtors to see this happening. We are renting a place and there are tons of realtors around the base I am at that offer cheap houses to rent from $600-$1000..our place is $915 a month. I would call ahead of time and let them know that you are coming and set up an appointment to meet with them. best of luck and email me if you need anymore help! ~Marine Wife
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Gae Gae
1: do not count on him getting ten days Househunting leave. in 14 years we have NEVER gotten it. 2: the movers will keep your stuff in storage up to 30 days at no cost to you. of course it may take 2 weeks for it to actually GET there. 3: he will be required to check in with housing as part of his check in procedures at the command. they will also be able to tell him of any OFF limits areas and what programs there are like certain apartments do not charge deposits or give a break on fees. and depending on area and command he may be required to have the lease approved by them first.
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Dayna Dayna
your house hold will be packed by a shipping company and put in storage till needed but i never got 10 days. i went to the new post and while in precessing applied for housing. i i was not allowed housing i checked for rentals in the area
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