I love to read but I just cant read this book. what is the most important character in Wuthering Heights?

I love to read but I just cant read this book. what is the most important character in Wuthering Heights? Topic: Essays on i am legend
July 24, 2019 / By Raphaela
Question: I love to read but I just cant read this book. So can someone please help me with this essay. It has to be 5 paragraphs. what is the most important character in Wuthering Heights? Please and thank you!
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Best Answers: I love to read but I just cant read this book. what is the most important character in Wuthering Heights?

Meredith Meredith | 1 day ago
Everyone is going to say "Heathcliff, Heathcliff, Heathcliff". And they're going to say that for several good and valid reasons. And I won't argue that it isn't true, but the thing of it is: Heathcliff's behavior has a catalyst. It doesn't occur without reason or cause, and without it, there would be no story. That cause, reason, and catalyst is: Catherine. In brief I would argue there is no single most important character, because you need both to have not only the story, but complete character development. I mean, think about it. Would Heathcliff have been wandering the earth as a ghost without Catherine? No. Would have he had the drive to go and end up being the property holder of both Wuthering Heights and the Grange? No. Would he have been as single mindedly driven mad and angry with the world, without Catherine? No. Would he have married for petty jealousy and revenge without Catherine? No. Would his suffering have been as intense and would he make miserable all those around him? No. Ever see the movie Legends of the Fall ? Remember the quote used to describe Susannah? "She was the rock they broke themselves against?" Catherine is Heathcliff's rock. Only he keeps smashing his head on the rock for the duration of the novel. It's as Catherine quotes " I AM Heathcliff". Only it's never good to fall in love with yourself (just look at Narcissus) and so we have our little tale. Go with Heathcliff if you like, there's certainly enough evidence, but I'd still argue you need the pair to have a complete story and character development.
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Leona Leona
Wuthering Heights is a very good book. If you can't read that you'll never know what true love is. True love isn't always a happy thing...sometimes it is very dark, as Wuthering Heights shows. The most important character is a guy named John who always tells Catherine to read the Bible. No one who reads the book can understand a thing John says so you have to read the footnotes that translate it. PSYCH, John is a minor character. The main character is Mr. Lockwood, but that is not what you are asking. However, I will not answer your question. Good day.
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Jordana Jordana
Please attempt to read Wuthering Heights...for your own sake! Heathcliff is the most important character. This is debatable, but most agree that he asserts himself as protagonist. He is vile, vengeful and passionate, but evolves as the story comes to an end. The action revolves around his entrance into and reemergence into Wuthering Heights (and Thrushcross Grange) as a young orphan and a apathetic old man. He at first seeks revenge then solace in his 'unrequited' love. Read it! Heathcliff is a dirty ole scoundrel and his love interest Catherine is just as depraved as he . There are layers and narratives from some confusing perspectives, but If you only read it you will find that the themes and characters are archetypal and interesting!
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Genny Genny
Heathcliff 1. He is the romantic hro, the beloved of the heroine, Catherine Earnshaw. The most intense emotions are associated with him, and the reader is swept along, notwithstanding his underhanded dealings and amoral character. 2. He is most powerful person--physically and intellectually. He winds up owning Withgering Heights and Thrishcross Grange, even though he started out as poor Liverpudlian urchin. 3. He endures, even beyond life. Death cannot stop him, unlike the other characters (except for Catherine); he is seen walking across the moors after he has been reported dead (and he dies, of course, on his own terms).
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Delila Delila
I suppose it can be debated but I think Heathcliff is the most important. But you should seriously read the book. I know its hard to get into at first but its a great novel. Its one of my favorites. If you refuse than I guess you can just try sparknotes or whatever.
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Delila Originally Answered: What does Bronte teach us about love in "Wuthering Heights"?
In Wuthering Heights, it teaches us that love can destruct, devastate, and control everything else. It can make you weak, strong, and a complete mess. It can turn you into something other than yourself... ...Got a bit overboard there, sorry :} I think love is a good theme for Wuthering Heights.

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