My acoustic guitar only has one strap bolt?

My acoustic guitar only has one strap bolt? Topic: Guitar case strap
July 24, 2019 / By Greta
Question: On my acoustic guitar there is only one guitar strap bolt thing. I've got two on all my electrics, and I only have one acoustic. I want to put it on to see how it feels. Is this normal, do I have to do something different or are some guitars made like this?
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Deziree Deziree | 8 days ago
A lot of acoustics come this way. They leave the other strap pin off because they want the player to decide where to put it. You see, it's placement depends on what kind of strap you are using. If your strap is narrow at the end then you might want to put the strap pin in the center of the heel of the guitar neck , if the strap is wider you might want the pin on the side of the heel or sometimes even in the top bow of the guitar next to the heel. So basically by leaving the pin off they are giving you a choice of where to put it. A lot of companies include the other strap pin in the case along with the other case candy. If you don't have one though you can get one for a couple of bucks at your local music shop and in some cases they will even put it on for you , free of charge.
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Deziree Originally Answered: Help with my acoustic guitar?
Don't expose it to temperature fluctuations. Especially high heat. The bonding used for the bridge may soften and cause the bridge to separate. Try to always keep the guitar in its case. Use the same size strings all the time. If you go lighter or heavier have a guitar technician put the strings on and adjust the truss rod, if it has one. Wipe it down with a dry, soft cloth before and after you play. Always wash your hands before you play. Oily residue will build up on the strings and fretboard if you don't keep it clean. Other than that, just play the heck out of it!
Deziree Originally Answered: Help with my acoustic guitar?
Always leave it stored standing up in its case, if possible. And leave it in a heated room where it doesn't get too dry. They sell little rubber humidifiers that hold some water and go inside guitars to keep the glue from drying out, you can get one for $10. Also, never lean the head of the guitar against anything for very long. And keeping it tuned maintains the right tension to keep the neck from warping or bowing. Good luck! Hope you get famous!

Candy Candy
Thats how my first acoustic was, you dont have to buy anything special for it you can just use some type of string or rope or fabric to tie on the strap and the guitar. dont use anything like yarn, that could snag on the strings. but if you do want you can buy these things im not sure what their called buy its like a quick release guitar strap adapter type thing which makes taking the strap off easier, you just have to look at a guitar store. hope this helps :)
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Amelia Amelia
the bolt is at the very bottom, yes? that's how most acoustics are. here's a picture of where the other end of the strap goes. http://i5.ebayimg.com/07/i/000/ce/d1/cc07_1_sbl.JPG
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Amelia Originally Answered: Acoustic guitar?
It was probably a piece of the bracing. I strongly disagree with the other response that it won't make much difference. Bracing is the integral support structure of your instrument. Damaged bracing can cause more serious problems like cracks or warping in the top or back of your guitar. It is also key in the tone your guitar produces. This is from http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/brace... "Braces reinforce and strengthen the top and back of most acoustic instruments. The braces on an acoustic instrument bare the brunt of string tension placed on the instrument and it is essential that they be securely glued in place. Because most acoustic flat tops are no more than say .100+/- of an inch, braces play a huge role in keeping everything together. Deformities such as bulging, top rotation, ripples or cracks can develop when structural braces have broken loose and it some cases one may actually be able to hear a strange vibration when playing. A top which is no longer being strengthened by it's braces has a good chance of developing cracks or even severe top rotation (a 'twisting' of the top causing it to dip in front of the bridge and raise behind it). Repairing these properly can help save your instrument from noticeable damage in the future as well as more costly repairs." As to warranties, that dependes on the brand of your instrument and your dealer. Regardless it will cost less to repair the guitar now than to replace it. Understand that losing a brace could cause enough damage if not fixed to make the gutair unrepairable.

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