What's the best way to teach yourself something?

What's the best way to teach yourself something? Topic: Best way to learn writing skills
June 27, 2019 / By Roseann
Question: I have a lot of books that are supposed to teach me things. What is the best way to go about absorbing that information and actually learning it. I read it, but have a hard time remembering it. Can someone help?
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Mya Mya | 8 days ago
Learn by doing. Read some, then try to apply it. If it's a skill go do it 10 times. (eg. catching a foot ball, factoring a quadratic equation, painting a picture). If it's information / facts then try restating what you've learned. Say it in your own words. Write it down, create an outline. My making it your own you'll remember it better. Everyone has they're own best way to learn, experiment and find yours. Good luck!
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London London
Take a class maybe? Everyone learns differently. You might do better with videotapes and visual stuff. Or maybe you like to experience things first-hand.
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Karyna Karyna
first of all read it ur self, then try to understand it,next u try to prepare notes based on it and after few hours try to remember it.if u need u can also draw some figures or diagrams to remember it easily.(please 10 points 4 me.)
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