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Does this story make you want to read on? Topic: No place like home essay
June 20, 2019 / By Fenella
Question: BABY STEPS Life is just a mirror, and what you see out there, you must first see inside of you. Wally 'Famous' Amos The sun had just set below the horizon, and the misty moon, as of now ,was peeking out of its hiding place. A warm breeze brushed by, bringing the sweet fragrance of summer. The red cedar trees bear their seeds on scales clustered into cones. Everything was too picturesque, beautiful, out of reach. Soon today will just be another day and tomorrow will come in due time. The whole world will be pitch black, that was when I focused more. The things in life that didn’t make sense seemed to come into view when the night was still; quiet. If you avoid opportunities that stare at you dead in the face, life can pass by in a blur. Who knew sixteen years could flash in the blink of an eye. “You’re thinking again, aren’t you?” I turned to see my sister smiling at me. Gretchen was currently on break from college and it was almost impossible to get time to myself nowadays. I was always overshadowed by the famous valedictorian but I had accomplished something greater than my older sister; the art of black sheep. “Yes, I do it everyday. You should try it sometime.” “Hmmm, very funny.” she said, while sitting down next to me on the patio steps. I sighed inwardly hoping that my insult would drive her away but failed miserably. “You know, I’m only staying here for a few more days then I’m out of your hair. You have this whole patio to yourself afterwards but until then you’ll just have to deal with me.” A few more days seems like an eternity. I added to myself. She sighed falling back perched on her elbows. “I never realized how much I missed this place. The whole college life can be such a drag if you have to focus on work. Every night my friends go out and have fun while I’m stuck in my dorm with essays piled high above me. But someone has to get it done,” she leaned forward, looking at me. “You’re so lucky sometimes. Not having to worry about being in the limelight, because if I fail then the world ends but if you fail…No one seems to notice.” I grinned at that, she was telling the truth. I had it made. “Lucky me.” “School is starting back up again for you, excited?” Was that suppose to be a trick question? “I mean,” she stumbled trying to reword her question. “Your friends. Aren’t you excited to see them?” Another trick question. Friends were a complicated situation in my life. It’s not like I completely shut myself off at school, people never wanted to strike a conversation with me. The only true friend I had made was Peggy Gray. A girl who had yet to find herself in the world, a girl who was just like me. For me my definition of school wasn’t a second home where you learn things you’ve never heard of. School to me was a raging wave, a place where I can’t escape. A combination of both heaven and hell. In short school is just a place where your parents send you to get brainwashed by people who think they know what they’re talking about. “Sure. Can’t wait.” “Laura, you can tell about what’s been going on,” she looked around before asking. “Do you have boyfriend?” “Oh, God no! Guys don’t even look at me they think I’m a weirdo.” “What? You’re beautiful and it’s perfectly natural for a girl to have a boyfriend at your age. Maybe its because of these dark clothes you wear. We could go shopping if you want. Give your closet a bit of color.” “I don’t want a boyfriend and I’m perfectly fine with the clothes I have.” “Always so difficult. Why don’t you try to connect with me? You’re like a brick wall that I can’t get through to. It’s a struggle to create a conversation with you; you always leave me at dead ends.” “I guess so.” She laughed unbelievably frustrated. “See, there it is!” “What?” “The dead ends! How am I supposed to respond to that?” “I’m sure you’ll find a way. After all you are the valedictorian.” She scoffed. “So this is why you don’t like me? You actually want to be in the spotlight? I’m afraid it’ll be too much for you.” “I never said I-” “Sorry, got to go.” she hopped off the steps and made a mad dash to her car. A smile had plastered its way onto her face. I stood and crossed my arms over my chest. “Where are you going?” I shouted to her. “Paul’s, unlike you I have a boyfriend to go to. Tell mom and dad I’ll be back in an hour or so.” I watched as she drove down the quiet street. Silence greeted me with open arms and I was more than happy to accept it. The trees now radiated shadows that stretched out towards me, the branches imitated precarious hands, as if, they were trying to grab me. I sat down marveling at the beautiful sky, glimmering lights twinkled next to the s somber moon. It made me wonder what lurked on the darker side of the moon. Sometimes if I looked hard enough a man’s face was carved onto the surface. The fireflies danced wildly across the nebulous sky. The birds had fallen silent in the trees, as if the darkness had taken their wonderful songs away. Crickets chirped in steady tempos and the subtle sounds of the howling winds followed every now and then.
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Cristina Cristina | 7 days ago
It didn't really grab me. I feel like I've read this story a hundred times before; I'd be more intrigued if I had some sense that this story would be different from the others, so maybe work on that—showing what makes Laura different from the other teen outsiders with star siblings out there.
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