Is it safe to drive car with brake light on?

Is it safe to drive car with brake light on? Topic: Case switch assembly
June 25, 2019 / By Kae
Question: I have 2002 Honda Civic. Yesterday my break light came. It's stayed on. Is it safe to drive to church an then get fixed afterwards?
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Hashub Hashub | 10 days ago
The light is a WARNING! Is it safe to IGNORE a warning? My opinion is NO. It's NOT safe. People who want to operate a machine when something may be wrong with it, do not respect the machine, and they do not respect others who may be the victims of the machine, and they do not respect themselves. WALK to church! In general, the brake light will come on if the proportioning valve assembly detects an uneven pressure between the two sides of the hydraulic system (a leak or malfunction) or if the emergency brake is activated. First, make sure your emergency brake (hand brake, parking brake) is off. Next, look in the master cylinder to see if the fluid is LOW. If it is, fill it and go directly to a brake mechanic. Do not rush. Do not procrastinate. If you don't have "the money", then you surely won't have the money for a crash. Park the car and walk, ride a bicycle, take the bus, get a ride, stay home, until you can afford to have the problem resolved. p.s. In the case that you mean that your rear brake lights are stuck on, there's a problem with the brake light switch near your brake pedal. Just get it adjusted or replaced. Do it soon!!
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Hashub Originally Answered: 1990 camry brake warning light comes on when hard on brakes.?
Most likely it will be the fluid level. Adding fluid will keep the light off. However where did the fluid go? Most cars now are designed so as the front brakes wear down and get close to needing replaced the fluid will get low enough to turn on the light. So if I were you I would have the brakes inspected before it starts making noise and does any damage. Make sure the system is checked for leaks too.

Elhanan Elhanan
It depends on what is wrong, and we don't know what's wrong. You need to check; if the brake fluid is low, bring it up to the right level and make sure the brakes remain as firm as they normally had been before the light. If they are soft, or take longer to stop the car, it may be due to air having entered the brake line which MUST be bled out. Brake fluid level goes down as the brakes wear out, or fluid leaks from the brake system. That can get much worse and repair cost will increase after there is damage from neglect. It may be that the brake light switch is stuck or misadjusted and fixing that solves the problem with no danger being present for driving. Certain GM vehicles were recalled for the brake light coming on and not going off, so that other drivers cannot tell from your lights if you're driving while standing on the brake, or actually attempting to stop. Changing a bad relay fixes that- though the simple relay is priced at $50 and takes 10 minutes to change, but you pay for an hour's labor. I corrected one of those relays by opening it up and cleaning and burnishing the contacts and it worked like a champ after that. I don't have $50 to throw away. I had brake lights come on a Mitsubishi car when the ALTERNATOR failed. The literal message, though cryptic, was "stop and fix the car". To continue driving would result in having the battery go flat and the engine stop after a short while. Make up your mind how much trouble you want to be in driving your car with the brake light illuminated. Get it fixed.
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Cedric Cedric
How long is a piece of string? If it is safe to drive depends what is wrong with it. This light indicates everything from a frayed, chaffed wiring loom grounding on the frame and providing a circuit for the light, to a reservoir so depleted of brake fluid from a major leak that you are about to lose 50-70% of your braking ability as one half of a split system runs dry. And everything else, like a sticking park brake switch... Driving intoxicated is quite safe, many, many people do it regularly. Safe that is, until you slam into a power pole at 60mph and a serious crash investigator has to smear menthol under his nose so he doesn't vomit as he scrapes your guts out of the wreck. How much is your life worth to you? Or the life of someone's three year old kid if you can't pull up before that crossing, even though you're only rolling along at a leisurely 25mph, the kid is still dead. "If you have a fifty dollar head, buy a fifty dollar helmet".
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Allystair Allystair
You can check the brake fluid if you want to, but what you should do is to have the car seen by a good mechanic. If you merely add fluid it can appear to fix the problem, but if you have a leak you are running on the edge of a catastrophic failure. How to find a reliable brake mechanic? Most mechanics understand brakes, but the guys who live in the mountains are the best, because they'll tend to work on their own brakes, and the ones who do it wrong will fall off the mountain and die. Natural selection.
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Terrie Terrie
No, that is an unsafe car and you most likely will get a ticket. Replace the brake light switch near the brake pedal and see if it goes away.
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Rosalin Rosalin
Open the hood and check the BRAKE FLID LEVEL! As pads wear out this level will drop. The fluid level indicates how much the brake pads have worn. On . If many cars there is a PAD WEAR sensor that will also illuminate that light. If in doubt, stop at any OILCHANGE CNETER and they can explain how this works, or just OPEN your hood and see BRAKE FLUID LEVEL! Use ONLY genuine HONDA Or other JAPANESSE brake fluiYour BRAKE and TIRE condition save youLIFE
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Moreen Moreen
I had a 2001 Accord and the dash brake light would come on when it was cool outside. Everything was good on car, I checked it all out. Hondas of these years have this problem. Check you fluid anyway.
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Lissa Lissa
Yes, but don't play the game too long. As others say it normally means either the parking brake sensor switch thinks the parking brake is not fully released or the brake fluid is low. In any case, get the brakes serviced as soon as possible. Do not add brake fluid, ever. There are only two reasons the fluid will be low. Most of the time it is because the disc brakes are nearly worn out, but occasionally it is because there is a leak. Adding fluid is the wrong thing to do in either case. I agree that low fluid from worn brakes is the most likely cause, with parking brake trouble being next in line. The brake wear is not that much worse than it was yesterday.
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Karenza Karenza
usually, when the brake light comes on, its an indicator of either the emergency brake is not fully released, or the master cylinder is low on fluid. 99% of the time, the latter. if the pedal still feels ok, just buy some brake fluid and fill the reservoir. if the pedal feels spongy, I wouldn't drive it. good luck!
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Karenza Originally Answered: Safe to use brake booster line for seafoam in 1991 olds 98?
Why put in the Booster line at all? Either put it in the gas tank or the crankcase. If you put it in the crankcase, do it when you are about 300 miles til the next oil change.

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