I want to buy a guitar?

I want to buy a guitar? Topic: Case starter switch
July 24, 2019 / By Kolby
Question: Well, i am 14 and a complete beginner in guitars. I want to know which type of (acoustic or electric) guitar i should buy and more info about them. Links would be appreciated. Thanks for reading and answering :) P.S.--- It's my first guitar so it should be cheap somewhat.
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Imla Imla | 7 days ago
Your best bet is to buy an acoustic guitar. There are two reasons. Acoustic guitar can be harder on your finger tips and thus you will develop callouses that enable you to play for long periods of time. When you switch to electric it will be very very easy to play. Secondly, acoustic guitars let you hear what you are playing very clearly instead of being muddied through effects and amplifiers. When learning you need to be able to focus on getting a good sound that plays all the notes that are supposed to be played (as in a chord). Another reason not to go with electric first is because people get too wrapped up in effects and amplifier settings (which take time to learn) instead of learning the actual instrument. I would advise you to go for a medium level guitar. It is notoriously difficult to learn to play guitar on a very cheap guitar. I am saying this from experience. Cheap guitars are more difficult to play and run into all sorts of issues. I would budget between 2-$300 for your first guitar. If it sounds great then you will want to play more and thus you will become a good guitarist quicker. I don't suggest buying a guitar on the internet. Take a friend who plays guitar (and is good) or a guitar teacher with you to a music store and have them play the different guitars in your budget for you. When you find the guitar that you like the look of and that has the sound you are after you will know. As far as brand names go there are too many to count. Ibanez and Epiphone are excellent starter guitars and there recent acoustic models are very very good at a very good price. There are lots of other brands that aren't famous but are still worth buying. Don't let brand names influence your decision. My only caution is don't buy a guitar that comes from Walmart or Sears or any type of store that isn't a music store. When you buy a guitar ask what freebies you can get with it. Often times you will get free picks, a strap, maybe even a softshell case. Buying a tuner or a pitch pipe is essential. Hope this helps. P.S. To the person who said their strings snapped - all guitar strings need to be replaced at some point or another depending on how much the guitar is played and how the guitar is tuned. Also banging your guitar or letting it fall will cause strings to break. When a string breaks it's usually not the guitar's fault and any sensible guitarist should expect to have to change strings every couple of months if not more often.
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if u buy either of the last two, make sure u pick up a tuner available at any guitar store..they are only 10 dollars or so and a must for a beginner~

Eugene Eugene
If you prefer electric guitars, I'd just go and get an electric - they're both tuned the same and played the same way. In fact, you may find an electric easier as a beginner because the 'action' (that's guitar geek for how high the strings are, and how hard you have to squeeze to get a note out) is often lower on an electric. On the other hand, acoustics are generally cheaper - which means if you decide guitar is not for you then you haven't spent so much money. One word of advice either way - obviously don't buy anything too expensive, but don't go for the cheapest option either. There are some really terrible-sounding cheapies out there which are also really uncomfortable to play and could easily put a beginner off when they'd be happy with a slightly more expensive but more comfortable model. In terms of electrics, there are some particularly good and reliable beginner-to-mid level models made by Peavey, Squier and Yamaha. I started with a Peavey Predator Plus and would recommend that to anyone starting out. Of course, that's just my opinion - maybe go into the shop and ask what they think, maybe get them to give you a few demonstrations of the different guitars on sale.
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Corbin Corbin
I bought an electric in 8th grade when I first started learning. Stupid, I know. I hardly ever picked it up. My grandpa just gave me an acoustic guitar last year, though, and it's been a lot easier to learn on and I'm actually motivated to play. I don't know why, maybe it's just me. I'd definitely recommend starting out with an acoustic though, unless you want to play like heavy rock or something where you really want an electric for it. Just keep in mind, when buying an electric guitar, you need an amp, which is about another $70-$150. Guitar Center has some reliable guitars that come with warranties and everything. Just be sure to read online reviews, so you know the ups and downs of each. :) Good luck!
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Arryn Arryn
Ummmm... ebay has cheap guitars, but don't get a guitar under $50 unless it's on clearance or something. Me and my sister both got guitars for $35 and her strings snapped off when she picked it up, and mine keeps making noises, like the wood is cracking... so that would be my advice.
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