Do you think some celebrities are a bad influence?

Do you think some celebrities are a bad influence? Topic: Essay is tv good or bad
May 25, 2019 / By Hollis
Question: im writing an essay about todays media such as music ,tv, and celebs compared with the past. depending on the celeb, do u think some of them are bad role models? (excluding sexuality such as les,gay,bi) 1. When new people are found and became famous , do u think they have changed as time passes? ex. When they are starting out , they are more humble. As times passes, have they turned more cocky? 2. What celebs dress (ex. inappropriate dresses , tight revealing clothing, baggy pants ,etc) influence us to dress like them? 3. If these bad role models influence one , do u think it sets off a chain reaction? (ex. if one person dresses or acts like the role model , do their friends tend to follow? ) 4. Is there more good than bad media being displayed , or the other way around? thanks for answer! xD
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Elwin Elwin | 1 day ago
Yes and no. 1) Yes, I think they can definetley change. As they become noticed and get more money they can change. 2) I think celebrities just where whatever they want to express themselves, or hollywood makes them look a certain way so they can give out a certain image. 3) I don't really think it's a chain reaction. 4) I would say probably more bad then good. It just depends on the way you look at it. I don't always believe every famous person is really showing their real selves. To explain, I think people kind of change them so they can become more "successful". An example would be when celebrities names are changed. One time I saw a post and this guy was trashing Nicki Minaj, saying she was a bad influence on society and his little daughter and she was terrible and all this junk. It's not really Nicki Minaj's fault, her target audience probably isn't little seven year old girls, it's more like high schoolers or teenagers,so if the parents don't want their little daughter exposed to her music, then they should make sure she isn't! Her parents are responsible for that part. Hope this helped! =D -Ali
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Elwin Originally Answered: Celebrities in dreams?
long answer read Sigmund Freud's 'the interpretation of dreams'. short answer i'll summarize it dreams consist of mainly what you saw that imprinted itself on your subconscious, external stimuali while you sleep (such as a noise that does not wake you but effects your sleep), internal stimulai not including the basis (your feeligns when you go to sleep, how the dream owuld make you consciously feel) and in cases of lucidity your own 'actions' in your dream.. basically a dream is what the 'back of your head' stores up playing back once your conscious mind is out of the way which is then changed by stuff happening around your sleeping body and how everything makes you feel while you dream. no more than that.
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It doesn't mean anything. I had a dream that i was murdered by Justin Timberlake, and it had no affect in my life whatsoever, lol. The only thing i found wierd about it was that i didn't like Justin Timberlake at the time, so him murdering me is kind of ironic...but, it's just a dream =)

Clements Clements
1. Oh ya, of course. Ya know, like Nicki minaj for example. I heard she's very rude. That may not be true though. Also, when you're famous you're always told how amazing you are, everyone loves you and you have loads of money. Some celebrities become very ignorant because of it. 2. Kim Kardashian and lot's of other singers mainly. Not many actors really dress inappropriately, usually just singers. Not trying to generalize. 3. Yes! 4. More bad then good. People become so influenced on how celebrities act. We all watch their every move. Once they start drinking and partying every week, normal people start to do it. It's weird that people follow them like that. Celebrities could start smoking dolphins (if that's possible) or something and we'd all begin to do it. Because of some of there bad behaviour, it influences us. NOT the celebrities fault that this happens, though. It's societies.
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Clements Originally Answered: Why are celebrities bad role models?
They can influence people to do things they wouldn't normally do . Some do drugs. Smoke. Swear. Violence. A lot of kids have false hopes& dreams beacause one day they want to become a celebertie and they probably wont . Also theres: Miley cyrus's pole dancing . Chris brown's abuse. Good luck on ur essay !
Clements Originally Answered: Why are celebrities bad role models?
Wearing baggy clothes isn't bad. Many celebrities are good role models. The ones that are bad are usually because they take drugs or drink too much alcohol. Or they may get involved in violence. Usually when celebrities do bad things those are the top 3.

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