Want a guy I meet in the club?

Want a guy I meet in the club? Topic: The sisters club
May 25, 2019 / By Anise
Question: Hi, I´m desperate. Me and my friend where out for a month ago, we where sitting and talking with her friend (a guy). Then he´s friend came and said to him "I want a kiss (and he´s name)" and they kissed each other (for fun) haha. Then he´s friend said, we can call him D, D said "Now I want too kiss you two" to me and my friend. I answered "Haha no it´s fine" but my friend said "Okay" so he said "Okay first you then you" and looked at me. They kissed and then he came closer to me but I pushed him away and laughed, said "No it´s fine" and so on. But D would´t give up maybe that was because I laughed. He said "What should I do to convince you?", "I´m really good at this" but i said "Haha I don´t believe so" and he said "Let me prove it". But I still said "No". After a while I said "Okay you can kiss me on the cheek" and pointed at my cheek. He kissed my cheek and said "Now on the mouth", so I said "No, but you can kiss me on the other cheek", so he did. But he still wanted to kiss me on the mouth so he started to sniff in my hair and on my neck while I where standing with my back towards him. He kept saying "I´m really good at this" and I was sure he was but I couldn´t give up that easy after saying no so I kept laughing and said "No". We left the club with them and walked in the city and I don´t remember what we said but we kissed anyway, not just a kiss but you know what I mean. My friend and his friend where walking pass us and walked a long way before us. It took a while before we caught up with them. He told me I was pretty. But he wanted to have sex but said "No, I can´t" and so on. We kissed and he stumbled into a streetlight with me, on purpose so he was standing against it and I was leaning on him. D said " Are you sure?", I said "Yes", he said "You are really difficult"....I kissed goodbye but he said "No wait a little bit more" so we kissed a little bit more but then we said goodbye. I´m not very good at shorting things down but there is much that isn´t in this text that happened. Also I´m not that good at english but I hope you understand. My question is what do I do now? I really fell for him. But I know he was just after a one night stand, he did´nt even ask for my name or number. I added him on facebook for 3 days ago, the plan was to flirt with him in the club but he has traveled away and are going to be away for 3 months (military stuff). He accepted my friend request but that does´nt mean he like me, maybe he don´t even remember me. But the thing is that he did´nt seem that drunk. I am a virgin so I don´t want to have sex with a one night stand the first time. I don´t want him to think that I am a pain in the *** either. My sister say "Let the boys come to you" well that´s not the easiest thing if they don´t want you. I said to D "Another time", what I meant by that was we can have sex another time. What would you have done?, what do you think of all this haha? and what do you think I should do?. I really, REALLY fell for him.
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Wilmot Wilmot | 8 days ago
You did the right thing Sorry but this guy was obviously desperate to get into your panties a.s.a.p. If he had succeeded.......at best you most likely would have been just one in an ever growing list of girls that put out for him........at worst you could have wound up with an STD and/or an unwanted pregnancy
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Sennacherib Sennacherib
Excuse me, but how old are you? Because apparently you haven't been going out very often due to the fact that, from the text you have just written, you seem very shy and not at all confident with guys. You can kiss whoever you like, you won't be a "slut" or "whore". He told you you were pretty, that doesn't mean you have to go having sex with him, as you said. Maybe he just wanted to have fun, but write him and ask him if he would like to meet up with you. Then you can talk about your feelings and what he wants, to figure out if you should really "fall" for him or not. Good luck!
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Neo Neo
Ahhhh... The charming, seductive guy... Been there. They make you feel so important and special.....for the moment... If you go for him, expect to have physical fun, and then no relationship. He's setting the groundwork for it now.. And if you get upset, he will say he never pursued anything towards a relationship & you need to relax more & enjoy things as they are because there's no pressure and you both clearly want each other.. Trust me, he will make u feel bad about questioning him, and somehow will convince u to continue your physical fun until the next prey comes along... Eventually, yes, he will find a relationship, but typically it's with someone you wouldn't imagine he'd be in one with... Us girls call those kinda men "Romeo" (but not to get confused for his love for 1 woman.. We're talking that smoothness and way he makes u feel. Too bad there are multiple Juliette's in the picture lol)
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Neo Originally Answered: Should I meet the "other" man?
I am so so so sorry. I don't know what to tell you about whether you should see this guy or not. I can tell you from experience that it is hard to know who the person is. My husband had a 4.5 year affair with someone who was supposed to have been a friend of mine. At least at first she was. Knowing what the person looks like will allow you to put a real face on the person you torture in your dreams as you work through your grief and work through forgiving your wife. My advice to you: 1. Go to the dentist and have him make a mouth guard for you because you will wear your teeth out when you grind them in your sleep. (Found this out through personal experience) 2. Either buy or borrow from the Library the book, "After the Affair," by Dr. Janis Abrams Spring BEFORE you do anything about seeing the "other man." I felt like I was losing my mind...literally...until I read this book. It helped me understand a bit about what was happening to me. The book is written in a non-judgmental way for both the cheater and the cheated. Some chapters were difficult to read because I was being forced to work through grief but it was really worth the effort. 3. Understand that it can take up to 5 years to work through the breach of trust and the grief that is the result. I highly recommend that you two BOTH go to marriage counseling. My husband and I are still together. Sometimes I wonder how we made it through everything alive. Our lives are different, but we are growing closer every day. Good luck to you both!

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