Do parents exaggerate the joys of parenthood? Does having kids make parents delusional?

Do parents exaggerate the joys of parenthood? Does having kids make parents delusional? Topic: Reference to journal article in paper
June 20, 2019 / By Kingsley
Question: http://healthland.time.com/2011/03/04/wh... The article references a paper in a psychological journal claiming that, essentially, parents tend to glorify the positive aspects of having kids and dismiss the negative aspects of having kids. Do you agree or disagree with this?
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Janey Janey | 6 days ago
Well, I'm inclined to agree. I myself came across a different study (sorry, no links) that illustrated that the average daily happiness of parents is worse that that of non-parents. However, parents would report feelings of tremendous joy punctuating that time frame which 'made it all worth it' such as first steps, first words, etc. When asked if they were happier overall than before they had kids, parents said that they were. When asked much more specific questions, they were shown to actually be less happy. This would explain the discrepancy.
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Essie Essie
I could give a long,Drawn-out answer to the deep psychologies to parenting However the answer to this is perfectly simple... By example...A lottery winner doesen't harp on about how many hundreds of pounds they paid in before they finally got the winning ticket do they?..No,They 'Glorify' THE winning ticket and the millions they now have. Similarily,Parents 'Glorify' the positive aspects to being a Mum or Dad and focus less on the negative because at the end of the day,be it one of the hardest job's in the world...The positives to Birthing and raising a child Far Far outweigh any possible negatives.Plus,,Negatives are only negative if that's how you look at them.There are many challenging times being a parent,,but aty the end of the day,,it's all part and parcel.
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Claretta Claretta
Whoever wrote that is a moron. Yes, raising kids is hard, really hard. At the same time though it is the most rewarding experience ever. It's just like life. Nobody ever promised anyone a perfect downer free life. There are ups and there are downs. Most people I know enjoy being alive. Same concept with parenting. There are ups and downs but once you have a child your outlook on life changes drastically. I am saying it from experience. No matter how hard it gets with my son all the good stuff, like watching him develop, learn to walk and talk, feed himself. grow and learn. All that stuff outweighs the bad. I think you'd have to be a parent to understand what I mean.
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Basmath Basmath
For some reason the website would not open yet i spotted it reported "why having teenagers is silly" on my browser. i assume the guy who wrote the article would not have teenagers. From very own journey, having teenagers is the toughest concern you will ever do on your existence, in case you desire to be a stable determine it rather is. i'm grateful to have a newborn by way of fact it has helped shape me in lots of procedures. you somewhat income from transforming into a extra effective guy or woman once you have babies. You study issues like the thank you to attend and notice and thoroughly selfless. babies make you study plenty approximately existence and approximately your self. it is the main suitable thank you to self reflect and notice the place you're susceptible and the place you're stable. it is an great venture and there is not any way int he international i might commerce it in for something.
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Adelicia Adelicia
I didn't read the article, but...Yes & Yes. Although there are joys to having kids it's hard work & frustrating. Unless you have a good income, & a nanny or two to help you take care of your children (even when you're home), it is a lot of hard work.
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