Question regarding future life decisions bearing relevance to college. Answers are to be explicitly relevant?

Question regarding future life decisions bearing relevance to college. Answers are to be explicitly relevant? Topic: Recommendation letters for university admissions
May 25, 2019 / By Peterkin
Question: Please, for god's and my mental health's state, read the whole question! ==Disclaimer== I am fully aware that I shouldn't be planning for college right now, and that I should "Live my life", but if you're going to deny that at least SOME form of prior preparation for a life-changing event is uncalled for, I advise you to learn some responsibility ==End of== Hello. As many of my questions have already entailed, I'm in the 9th grade. I aspire to go to Harvard (I beseech you not to mock, ridicule, or discourage me. I get enough of that in school). I live, unfortunately, in Saudi Arabia. You see, this is where the essence of my problem lies. Harvard, as similar to many other top colleges, uses grades to "Filter" out the serious students. Then, admission is decided upon based on your character, amount of community service and extracurricular activities (Which I will be referring to as "ECs" for short) and so on and so forth. My grades are, at the moment, devoid of anything which evokes the pondering of a notion of mediocrity. So far, the lowest GPA I've gotten is a 3.79. My highest is a 4.0. I have already assured at least 2 future letters of recommendation by my teachers, and find my current curriculum trivial. I'm already studying for the SATs (finished actually), so the grades part of my worries is, for now, negligible. I start to falter when community service and ECs are involved. That's where my hometown comes into play. In Saudi Arabia, there are no "Advanced courses" or "Volunteer work" (except for taking up jobs at fast food restaurant. But I'm not interested in that type of stuff, making applying for a fast food restaurant job counter-intuitive), and anyone who says otherwise is telling a blatant and ill-conceived lie. The only real, official, organization which actually hosts these kinds of programs is strictly citizen-only (I'm not a citizen.). So my options are, as you are probably aware, frustratingly limited. I WANT to help people, I WANT to take advanced courses, I WANT to be a better person, but I simply can't. The only fathomable ways in which I can both benefit myself and society (E.G do actual community service and ECs) are by either getting help from my parents (which I will be touching on soon), or by moving out of this dismal place. My parents are doctors. Very successful ones at that. My mother (the most remarkable) is getting her professor's degree in Endocrinology (Academic endocrinologist) and my dad is a cardiologist (Clinical). I've discussed this issue with my mother, and she offered to allow me to volunteer at the hospital in which she works in (Which she now owns half of :p). My mother also travels frequently (Thank god for pharmaceutical companies =) to attend conferences all over the world. She usually gives presentations. She is also an honorary lecturer at Cardiff university in the UK. My question is, can my mother help me in some way, shape, or form with all of her lecturing (No pun intended) and/or with her job? Should I take her up on her offer? And can anyone advise me on what my course of action should be? I sincerely thank everyone who has actually taken the time of day to give me, a complete and utter stranger, the time of day. Have a wonderful day! I forgot to mention that, as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a doctor. I love biology in particular and science in general. Making volunteer work at a hospital a dream come true.
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Lux Lux | 1 day ago
Omar, what exactly is your question? Can you get into Harvard as an international student? Of course there is a chance you can. There is no one who can feel assured of getting into Harvard, US Citizen, or international, unless 1. you are clearly someone who they want who can contribute something like being Quaterback of the Football team on athletic scholarship or whose parent is President of the USA, that sort of thing 2.you are a clear genius whose academic accomplishments and potential go beyond perfect grades and test scores or 3. you are a legacy, whose mother or father has gone to Harvard and better yet makes a financial donation every year. No one else can feel assured of getting into Harvard, it is that tough and competitive. Will Harvard care if you do not have community service or advanced courses? No they will not since your cohort for admission will be other international students in your situation, and will have the same problem. Still, you should point to other activities in your life other than studying which show you to be a rounded person. Can your mother help you? Of course she can but I do not understand the question you are asking. Perhaps she has colleagues at some American universities who might be of help. But again, I do not know what you are asking. Good luck to you.
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Lux Originally Answered: I have a problem making big decisions (or any decisions for that matter) question is at bottom?
From your question- I can tell that you are a procrastinator. Procrastinators put things off until the last minute in favor of doing other, more appealing activities. I suggest that you write yourself a schedule for the day and try to stick to it. Schedule time for school, homework, snacks, and some fun time for relaxing or playing games. Write a schedule every day or use the same schedule for each weekday. Just don't out off writing the schedule! If your school offers a class in time management, study skills, or college planning, try to take it. The only way to break the habit of procrastination is to force yourself to do things that you don't want to do. This means making a concious effort to NOT turn on the television or the computer and do your homework. Since you fear not doing things well, ask yourself if you are doing your best work by putting something off until the last minute and rushing to get it done. Ask yourself how much better you could have done had you put in more time on an assignment. There is no quick-fix forprocrastination and it's going to take work, but you can do it. Don't give up! As for decision making- realize that you are going to make mistakes, and that's okay. Think about what you like to do and make a list of all your skills. The make a list of all the jobs you think you would like to have, if you don't already know. Choose a college that offers a variety of majors so you can switch. It is very common for a college student to change majors (I changed mine the first day I entered school!) and you don't have to know what you want to do before you go to college.
Lux Originally Answered: I have a problem making big decisions (or any decisions for that matter) question is at bottom?
Look simple solution is to put your self on a schedule. Have a set time and do it. Do your home work every day at The same time. turn off the TV the video games any distractions. I always make my kids do it right after school. then they can go to their sports and talk on the phone and watch television. Make appointments with colleges so that you feel pressured so you get every thing prepared and ready. fill out the app if the college seems to be one that you are interested in right then and there. Just because you get accepted doesn't mean you have to go to that particular one. Go to someone you trust and tell them you are having trouble making decisions about colleges and ask for advice. to simple to be going on about it. Just do it and get it over with. Then you can get to what you would rather be doing.

Jefferey Jefferey
As unclear as this question is, I think that u should do work experience with ur mama cuz in any other place, its bloody hard to get a place at volunteering in a medical site (take it fron someone who looked all over the UK for almost two yrs) and the most ud get is a charity shop. If ur asking if u will get into harvard, tbh, there is no way we can tell u, but as a word of advice, have a little confidence that yd get into harvard :) Ps: try not to make ur question an essay, maybe we would get a clearer idea of what ur asking :/ Good luck!!!
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Jefferey Originally Answered: I need help with college decisions! UCSB, UCI, SFSU, SDSU, Community College?
Well, UCSB doesnt have management. Only Business econ with an optional concentration in accounting. The other schools on your list offer degrees in management. SFSU is just plain average (not really known for business but its alright) SDSU and UCI is better. You can go to community college (doesnt have to be something in San Francisco or Berkeley since it doesnt really matter...) And, its a lot easier to transfer from a community college than another UC because community college students cant stay for a bachelors degree. If you want to go this route, follow the guidelines on Assist.org (link provided on the bottom) and it will show you what courses you need to take (off the top of my head, i know that you need macro and microeconomics, regular calculus, at least 2 levels of college composition, an intro to computer systems class, at least 60 semester units and having a part time job will be helpful) Admission to berkeley's Haas school of business is really tough. Last i heard, the acceptance rate is 7%. Thats how it is. If you really want to go to Berkeley, you need to be really really really on top of your game in community college (which means, you need really really good grades) and having the right amount of credits is important. However, you would be losing a guaranteed spot at a university if you decide to give berkeley a try and getting a spot as a transfer is harder with the budget cuts (i'm more than qualified for SDSU, but i got rejected too...) So, bottom line, if you absolutely have to go to Berkeley, go to a community college. But then, it would be even better for you to apply to more schools (including out of state public and private) cuz you cant just hope that Berkeley will just give it to you (more schools = a better chance of getting into something) Also, MBA programs (go to a really good one cuz many people have MBAs now and a degree from a mediocre school is really useless) want people with a bachelors degree, work experience (full time) and they look at GMAT scores + undergrad GPA. If you dont want the hassle of applying and hoping that you will get into something, just go to SDSU. You will still be able to get an MBA later anyways and Sorry for the long post...its just that want to share what i know and i want to help. edit: no prob. I go to De Anza College and I actually have a buddy from there that got into Berkeley. He told me that having a part time job really helped him, along with the courses and stuff.
Jefferey Originally Answered: I need help with college decisions! UCSB, UCI, SFSU, SDSU, Community College?
UCSB is the only UC that has a business administration program and yes it does specialize in accounting. I also I applied to SB under business and got in, so I'm considering it as well. I've heard its pretty good and it's probably your best bet out of all those schools. I really would not recommend SFSU, it really isn't known for anything in particular. SD is a good school but SB is still your best bet. Best of luck.

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