I got a bad grade on a test?

I got a bad grade on a test? Topic: Sad case study
June 20, 2019 / By Ohndrea
Question: I'm in the 7th grade in a math class one level above where i should be.So me and my dad study all night long so i can ace this test. But i get to class and i have no idea what's on the paper and i bomb the test. I got a D+ . I'm an A+ student and even if i get a B on a test my parents freak out. The funny thing is that the test didn't really change my grade at all. I had a B before, and... i still have a B (It's my only grade below an A- BTW). So can you give me some help with this issue please? Thanks so much!
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Madge Madge | 4 days ago
Sounds like you over studied. Imagine you're doing push ups, eventually, if you keep doing them, you'll reach a point where you physically can't do another one, but if you stop and give your body a chance to recover, you'll be able to do them again. The same thing happens with your brain. Studying is like exercise for you brain, and like exercise, it's possible to overwork it so much that it just can't function anymore without rest. This is why all nighters are terrible ideas. Not only are you asking your brain to work hard, but you're also depriving your body of sleep which compounds the problem. If you're lucky, all nighters product what a professor of mine used to call 'exam vomit'. Basically on exam day, you can fill in all the answers, but you won't remember much of it the day after. I strongly suggest starting to study for tests well in advance of them. Study until you start to feel like you can't study anymore. For me this feels like my head is fuzzy. When that happens, take a break. Do something that has nothing to do with studying (go for a walk, read the internet, play a game). Just engaging your mind in a different way will help. How long these breaks are, depends on you. I found that 10-20 minutes worked well. I found that studying this way tends to make you retain more of it beyond the test as well as being easier on you. Sleep is also one of the best ways to prepare for an exam. You can't preform well if you're exhausted. As to the grade thing. It's sad that your parents are so focused on grades. It's one thing to want you to preform to your potential, but it's another to make the grade all that it's about. In my opinion, somebody who bombs tests but understands the concepts is succeeding more than the straight A tester with a case of exam vomit. But that's my opinion. Fixation on grades also makes everybody stressed out in my experience. I graduated from college on the honor roll. So did my friend. She was a mess by the end of the program because she 'needed' to get As. I didn't worry, just did my stuff and got the same grades. Honestly the amount of extra effort and worry she went through didn't translate into better grades. Again, just my opinion and experiences. Good luck
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Kennedy Kennedy
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