Can Somebody Help Me Meet Taylor Swift?

Can Somebody Help Me Meet Taylor Swift? Topic: Cd case stands for
May 25, 2019 / By Ghislain
Question: Alright, so I need a little help and I'm turning everywhere for suggestions. I'm 17 and its my dream to meet Taylor Swift. I've been trying for a really long time and I just want to meet her, she's my hero. I'm never like this with anyone either, I don't know what it is about Taylor Swift but I need to meet her. Obviously she's one of the biggest names on the planet right now so this is going to be no simple task. I've tried everything I can so far; I enter contests and stuff whenever I hear about them. I went to one of her concerts at Gillette Stadium this summer (best day ever, just in case you were wondering) and I heard you should kind of go near the stage door at the end of the show because sometimes she is around there. I tried that though and yeah, a scary security man just stood there in a rather intimidating fashion so everyone went away. Maybe this whole thing sounds ridiculous and creepy but I totally don't mean for it to, she's just my hero and all I want to do is meet her. I'm not really sure what I should do. Does somebody out there have a suggestion? I know there were those few college kids who did the "Hug from Taylor Swift" campaign, I'm willing to do something big too. Ps: Everyone has the right to their opinion, but could you please not write rude comments to me? It's my dream, and think what you want about it but its something that's important to me. Please don't make fun of it.
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Demi Demi | 9 days ago
you can go to free concerts she does like she has upcoming performances at the today show and goo dmorning america in NY and get there early so ull b front row.. u can also go to her concert find her mom near the sound check and ask her for a meet and greet.. also show up to the venue really early in the morning and find her tour bus and wait for her to come out of it,. you can also send her a message on youtube, twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. or write to her fan club. i am also obsessed and feel the exact same way u do about her and so i drove from ny to nashville to meet her at the 13 hour meet and greet and i did!... and trust me wen u finally meet her that wont stop u from trying again! i just entered the contest on taylorswift.com to pre-sale the most cds and get a chance to meet her. u can check it out here http://www.taylorconnect.com/profile/store/9653 good luck!!!! im sure ull find a way one day!
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Calanthe Calanthe
I've tried to hehe.What you could do is start a campaign for meeting Taylor Swift.Go to concerts Meet n Greet and keep up with that faith because everything is possible remember Never say Never-Jbieber says that!.Buy V.I.P packages I hope that work Take Care hope that dreams come true!
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Alvina Alvina
im sure if you hung out in nashville you would eventually meet her lol. I know her new apartment is right across the street from one of the Vanderbilt dorms but idk where you live so that might not be helpful lol. Just keep entering contests, if shes ever staying in a hotel near you then go wait outside and you will most likely meet her.
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