Site or forum i can ask if my baseball cards are counterfeit?

Site or forum i can ask if my baseball cards are counterfeit? Topic: Psa papers
June 17, 2019 / By Regina
Question: i'm collecting on ebay and i try to use my commen sense in buying but help from outside is always welcome. is there a site or forum i can post a scan of the card up and i can get different opinions? i know about grading services so i'm asking if you can just ask other members opinions if you post a picture
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Best Answers: Site or forum i can ask if my baseball cards are counterfeit?

Midge Midge | 2 days ago
It would be very difficult (if not impossible) to determine if a card is authentic or a quality counterfeit from just a scan. With today's technology it's very easy to create a quality reproduction. Somebody with knowledge about baseball cards (especially the set in question) would have to examine the paper stock, the texture, the thickness and examine it with a magnifying glass to make a determination. If buying on ebay you should buy from reputable sellers with high feedback ratings. Don't buy a 1952 Mickey Mantle from somebody whose all of his other items are newer than 2000. And just because a card on ebay is graded doesn't mean it's legit. Some scrupulous dealers have been known to make counterfeit grading holders and some of the grading companies are just a joke. PSA is the best one out there. If it's a card older than the 1960's a good site is Net54 http://www.net54baseball.com/. The guys there are very knowledgeable and could probably offer better advice than I could.
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Lexie Lexie
It takes a lot of time and effort to create a quality counterfeit card. Those that are involved in that kind of activity will usually not get involved with lower valued cards. In fact, the chances you will come across a card that is counterfeit is very slim. What you are most likely to come across are cards that are not counterfeit but have been altered to increase their value. I would never purchase a card with a value of more than $100 that is not graded. In this world all things are never equal and this applies to grading card companies as well. The two best and most trusted are PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) and SGC (Sportscard Guarantee Company). There are many others but I wouldn't use any of them. The reason cards are altered is because there can be a huge increase in value with higher grades. For example, a 1952 Topps Willie Mays (Card 261) would have a value of $850 at a PSA 5 but the same card would have a value of $1,325 at a PSA 6. Cards can be altered by trimming them to have sharper corners, touching up the color to give them a better look, and many other alterrations to increase their value. When cards are altered their value goes to zero. Companies such as PSA or SGC will not grade cards that have been altered. It is not difficult at all for a company like PSA or SGC to identify counterfeit cards because the counterfeiter has no way of matching the card stock used on older cards. Also, it is not difficult to identify original printers ink on a card versus a card that has been altered. However, it would be impossible to gather this information from a scan and the professional would have to have the card in hand to give you an accurate assessment. To sum up all of this I would suggest you do not have to be concerned about lower priced cards but if you get up to the $100 plus range I would only purchase graded cards from PSA or SGC for protection against counterfeiting/altering and damage to the card since it will be encapsulated.
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