What Questions need i ask myself when choosing a branch of military service?

What Questions need i ask myself when choosing a branch of military service? Topic: Homeworks branches of military
July 24, 2019 / By Kentigern
Question: So right now i feel as if my life has yet again turned to utter ****. I have to leave this place if i want any chance of being happy and enjoying my youth before it is too late. That is one thing i have no trouble working for. I need to know what i should know to make an informed decision on military service.
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Horatio Horatio | 2 days ago
I'm an old fart (prior military, too), and I have to say these are all good answers. Think about why the military? Why not college in another city/state/country? You say you feel that your life has yet again turned to utter do-do. Can you step back from the situation and see if maybe you can salvage it, or perhaps you're too close to it, and can't be objective? If running away from the current situation is the only motivator for joining the military, then go into the military with both eyes open, or you might end up trading one set of problems for another. In any case, the process for enlistment, regardless of the branch, is going to take awhile. You have to take the ASVAB (the better you do in this, the more choices you have for specialties), pass a medical exam, and then you have to wait for a slot in basic training to become available. This all takes time. Look at the websites for the different branches (I would have loved to have such a resource back in the 70s). Learn about the branch you are interested in. Is there something in a particular service that appeals to you, like say, submarines in the Navy, tanks in the Army or Marines, a boom operator (those guys that refuel planes in flight) in the Air Force? When you've done your homework, contact a recruiter for the branch. Sure he or she can tell you what they have to offer, but if you go in with a little knowledge about the service you choose, you can ask better questions. Good luck to you.
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Horatio Originally Answered: Which branch of the military should I join?
Here's how I tell people to look at it: Each branch of service has a different mission: The Army rules the ground; the Air Force rules the air; the Navy rules the sea; and the Marines...well, God bless them. First in, last out, roughest mission... Now, because each service's mission is different, each one has a different personality, so to speak, and you might find that your personality is a better fit for one over the other. The Army has a physical mission, whereas the Air Force and Navy have more technical missions, etc. Because of this, the army enlisted soldier's quality of life tends to be a bit lower than that of the other services. Given what you've written here, here is my best advice: Don't go active, but rather join the Air National Guard. That way you won't have to uproot your family. If you find that you really enjoy the lifestyle, you can go active pretty easily from the national guard. But once you're active, they own you! But first, talk to the recruiters!

Elyakum Elyakum
First of all, take your time. This needs to be a thoughtful decision. Are you prepared to go to war? The greatest liklihood of dealing with that prospect would be in the Army or Marines, though all the Armed Forces are participating. I suggest you get printed information from all the branches of the Armed Forces and compare them. Talk to people who are serving or have served in the past. Ask around. You need to have some long conversations with people who have lived the life. Good luck with your decision.
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Cletus Cletus
You need to be asking yourself what you want to do with your life and what career you would like. Sometimes the Armed Forces aren't the right way "out". This is a big decision, so think it over. Good luck in whatever you do.
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Ananias Ananias
" do i wanna get shot at or do i wanna not get shot at." lol. no but in all seriousness i think it is really up to your physical and mental capabilities and what do you want to do after the military. you dont devulge much about yourself in your question but i would deffinately recomend going to college and maybe do some ROTC. pays for college and you end up on the higher side of the army. not to put down enlisted men and woman of course. But as far as your question goes, Be a medic if your going to enlist it will help you in the future.
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Toria Toria
What kind of job do you want to do? Which military branch do you think you can handle? My husband is in the United States Army Reserves and he likes the army. He just doesn't like it when he gets deployed.
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Toria Originally Answered: Joining the Military; Which branch?
It really depends on what you want to do while your in the military. The Air Force does treat their people a lot better but Im the Navy and its not that bad. Being in the Navy I believe you have a lot more options... you can be a pilot, go on ships and travel different ports around the world, be stationed in the US on shore stations and also overseas on shore or attached to a ship... and even if you want to do some combat their are plenty of deployments open to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Im sure their are pluses to other branches, I work with all of them in my job but it just depends on what you want to do with your time in service. I personally wouldnt mind the Air Force because its all shore stations which are better if you dont want to be deployed anywhere, except they usually "require" a tour to Korea. Whichever branch you choose you will get all they great benifits that come along with being in the military so since you want to get a bachelors degree I would wait till your in and just use the tuition assistance to get your degree and save your GI Bill till later after you get out to get an extra degree or transfer it to your dependents if you plan on doing 10 years or more.

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