What is the modernism literary movement?

What is the modernism literary movement? Topic: Essay on narration
June 25, 2019 / By Delicia
Question: How can you sum it up in laymans terms? I also understand it wasn't a movement based solely on literature. So how did that make them different from other authors and artists?
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Bryanna Bryanna | 3 days ago
In response to your edited question: As the industrial revolution came and the world modernized, the authors had to evolve with the times. For one, with the growing fast paced environment, people's attention spans began to wan a bit. They didn't have the time or patience to sit down and read a 500 page book of heavily flowered exposition. They wanted the plot to move along at a faster pace. They wanted a more character-driven story as opposed to an author's omniscient narration. As the wars came and went, we needed an outlet, some where to escape. We weren't reading so much for education anymore but for entertainment and as a stress reliever. So the fantasy genre took off, as did other speculative fiction genres that allowed us to escape the monotony of the real world. Also, there was a lot of cultural changes happening. Slavery was abolished, women gained equal civil rights, all of these once taboo topics were suddenly at the forefront of people's minds. So author's began talking about things that reflected the new "enlightenment" era that the world was experiencing. It helped people accept the changes, understand them. With feminism came more literature that spoke of issues that appealed to this demographic. As homosexuality gained more acceptance, that sort of literature was released as well. So the modernism literary movement is basically the author breaking away from convention and evolving with the times instead of sticking to writing the "safe" materials of generations earlier. It makes it different from other others through their subject matter (address once taboo topics), writing style (less flowery prose that was written as an essay instead of now being in laymans terms), and through character-driven story telling with real life, relatable characters. Hope this helped :)
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The "modernists" basically include all the artists and writers who were living smack in the middle of the huge, massive transformation from olden days to modern times.
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