How do you say Queen in Japanese?

How do you say Queen in Japanese? Topic: How to write and pronounce my name in japanese
June 27, 2019 / By Diamond
Question: I am using it as a name and title for a girl whose name is Queenie, if that helps. Thank you. I don't need google translator. I want to make sure I am saying it correctly and google translate doesn't deal well with nuances. Oh now it's so hard to choose! Two great answers.
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Capucine Capucine | 2 days ago
女王(Jyouo)u. Some people may say "jyoou" but this is incorrect. This is a common mistake people make when learning Japanese. The correct Romanji is Jyouou, with a u in the middle. 女: jyou (means girl) 王: ou (means king) So literary, "queen" translates to "girl king"c This is pronounced like "Joe-oh". Although it is important to remember the U in the middle of the word when writing in Romanji, you do not pronounce it when you speak it. Hope I helped :) Good question by the way! made me think!
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Amey Amey
Joou. In Japanese romaji, the 'o' makes the same sound as 'o' in octopus, while 'ou' makes the same sound as the 'o' in "oval". It could also be said as "oujo", though this could also mean princess, depending on the context. I'd rather use the first one if you wanted to use a name like "Queenie". I'd personally write her name as "Jooui" (the 'i' makes an 'ee' sound). A lot of Japanese names have an 'i' at the end, so it'll sound fine. You can add -sama to the end of either of them; it's a suffix that shows high class and/or respect. Modern day doctors, lawyers, etc, often use this title.
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Warner Warner
Google has a translator and you can even press the speaker icon to hear it! :) http://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=wT#auto/ja/Queen It kind of sounds like Jooooo You should specify more in your question then. How are you suppose to get Nuances through a computer screen.....
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