Read this and tell me what you think?

Read this and tell me what you think? Topic: Social development research articles
July 24, 2019 / By Driscoll
Question: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10206250/sit... How does this article affect (if at all) how you feel about America and its place in the world? *s7e7v7e7n7* -as you can see from the address it's MSNBC not some no-name site. Or were you just looking for a cheap couple of points?
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Brigham Brigham | 3 days ago
Nations are bailing out of the dollar, e.g. UAE publicly but many quietly. "Heathcare" is taking 40% of the GNP for a third world level system overall. The debt bubble in the USA and of the USA abroad is now past question going to burst. The Iraq War, cheapwar.com, with just enough troops to lose funded by national debt abroad, is pressing the velocity of economic defeat faster and faster. Virtually all the USA is doing today is leading to an economic crisis world wide that will leave the steep slide of the US quality of life in free fall. Social Engineering inside the USA based on doctrines which block and exclude gifted individuals from academic advancement eliminate the research and development needed for new industry to compete with the world. Plans by the same doctrines aim to remove the current Constitution/Democratic form of government. Like Global Warming changes, a catastrophic economic disaster is coming, which will leave the USA a very different nation. This is not all gloom and doom: we survived the depression in the 1930's, and we will rebuild ourselves after the next crash. Recommendation: prepare personal supplies for rugged crisis that will burst upon us in a single day.
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Ahiram Ahiram
I believe its true we are going down hill. Most of the work we had workers do in the states we send out to india or other countries where they pay less to get the same job done. I think maybe in ten years we will have to find more jobs to do here...so we might have guys pump gas for us or other little jobs.
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Susannah Susannah
Sorry but i don't go to web sites that may or may not have an infection for the computer, you could have gave some part for us to read. I really do not like going through blind alleys like the one you point out.
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Ralphina Ralphina
so what else is new. this is the same kind of counterproductive crap American industry and technology has been up to for years. logically it will all end in a giant apocalyptic crash. i will hopefully be way to dead to say i told you so. but if I've said it once I've said it a million times.... "i told you so"
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