How to become involved in working with large wild animals?

How to become involved in working with large wild animals? Topic: work related courses
May 25, 2019 / By Jannah
Question: I am just finishing my degree in International Business Management and have realized I made a huge educational mistake and should have gone into Wildlife Biology or Zoology because the only thing I could ever see myself being happy doing - is working with wild animals like tigers, polar bears, etc. Is there any type of volunteer work or jobs where I can at least interact hands on with these types of animals?? Any references and ideas would be greatly appreciated and thank you!
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Ethelfleda Ethelfleda | 3 days ago
There are many seasonal jobs available to work with animals in the wild to gain hands-on experience..but most require a degree or at least a substantial amount of education in this field. You may try volunteering at a local zoo and maybe taking some more science related/animal related course at a junior college. You may eventually want to go back and earn a degree in biology, zoology, wildlife management, wildlife biology, etc. if you want to work with animals in the wild. If you want to work in a zoo, you can possibly work your way up to a paid position through a volunteer program OR by getting a degree. Take a look at these sites for volunteer and internship opportunities working with wild animals: http://wfsc.tamu.edu/jobboard/index.htm http://www.conbio.org/jobs/ Feel free to email me if you need more advice or info.
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Ethelfleda Originally Answered: How can I use wild animals and livestock to increase biodiversity in my garden?
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Claudette Claudette
whilst i became approximately 9 i began volunteering at an animal shelter, and whilst i became approximately 12 I volunteered on the Human Society. There are animal refuges, animal shelters, and you ought to artwork at a veterinary health center or a zoo. i'm shadowing a vet in my community, you ought to ask around and notice if a veterinarian could make it easier to shadow them and watch what they do. i've got considered many surgical procedures that way and from volunteering on the animal shelter I helpoed safeguard tiger cubs. I additionally choose to artwork/volunteer at a zoo whilst i'm the right age. i'm against putting animals in cages and on deisplay, it relatively is why I volujnteered on the animal shelter, yet i could choose to assist in making the animals' journey contained in the zoo greater gentle if i will and attempt to confirm distinctive tactics of doing issues desire this helps!
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Becca Becca
You can join Vet Clinics on a voluntary basic and later you can move on from there to bigger areas. This is how most people get into animal care/work.
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