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June 20, 2019 / By Jobeth
Question: Many people are strongly against "thrill kidnapping", labeling it as just another way to lose or waste money. Alot of people, even say it's disrespectful to victims. Expect, I'm not in it for the "thrill", I'm in it for perfection. I have a short story to tell, so bear with me, I have alot of stress I really need to vent. Ever since I was 7, my mom got me interested (saying I needed self-defense) into MMA. I did Judo, Aikido, boxing, and taekwondo. In my club, the belt system was much less formal and gratifying, many children including myself got black belts. Except I took it much more seriously, I went to multiple junior tournaments and I stored my judo, Aikido, and taekwondo black belts and trophies in my old room, read countless books, still continuing my quest to mastering physical perfection. I stopped Aikido, Judo, and taekwondo when I was 16. From there I started focusing on boxing and started Shotokan karate and went to japan when I was 18 for about a little more than a year to learn japanese, enrich myself in it's culture, and focus on kyokushin karate. There I renewed my Judo techniques feeling confident in my combating abilities. Right now, I'm twenty, spent my 19th birthday in Japan and regret leaving. My trip was the best experience I ever had, but my parents told me it was only meant to be as a break before getting into my freshman year in college. But there's alot they don't know, and I know they see me as a disappointment. The college I got into was crap, completely below their expectations. It was mainly because I didn't focus on school at all, but spent my days boxing, or in my old dojo. My brother got into an ivy league so of course that's what they expected of me. My entire life I've been in his shadow, and that is why it made MMA so much better for me. He was better at basketball, football, played piano since he was 4 such a golden boy, but MMA was mine to be better at. I know he loves me, he's family but I hate him for it. I've been looking up OCD and ADHD symptoms and I know I'm a failure, but I feel as if this is the only thing I could do right. I can't explain it, but I feel an immense desire to be physically perfect. My life is always on schedule 5 mile run at 5 am before I take a shower, and rest at 10:00. If I don't put myself on this schedule I feel unmotivated the entire day. I keep my calories on count, one day I went overboard with my friends, and puked it out and starved myself the next day. I promised I'd never let myself do that again. I do eat junk food, from time to time, but I always make sure it's something I can manage. I'm always insecure about my body, even though people I know say I'm buff. And it actually upsets me when they say it, as if I feel as if they're lying in my face and I hate it. I know I have ADHD because I can't still for 30 min and absolutely hate studying. I can't even stay on topic as I write this post. Sorry, really and thanks if you're reading all this but venting is really easy for me. I do not want to disappoint my parents but I'm thinking about joining the army. Learning is not for me, and to get back on topic, I thinking about spending some of my savings on thrill kidnapping, to just psychologically prepare myself. MMA prevented me from committing suicide many times, and now I'm scared to confront my parents. I'm a disappointment yea, but I feel like I was meant to do this. How can I tell my parents thanks.
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Gabriela Gabriela | 6 days ago
You vent really well! Self diagnosis is really dangerous. Studying and school may not be for you but you seem to be able to be really regimented and disciplined. The fact that you do have the ability to focus when you want to dosnt sound like ADHD. If you are still enrolled on campus you could make an appointment with the campus mental health clinic and talk to someone about your concerns. I'm sorry you hate your brother and have not been able to excel in ways your parents would like. It does seen like you can do well in things you enjoy. Part of growing up is sometimes doing things our parents don't agree with. I'm sure your parents would much rather have you alive in the army than following through with a suicide plan. It's your life and you get to be in control of it! Thrill kidnapping just sounds like a waste if money.
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Gabriela Originally Answered: Joining the U.S. Army as an interpreter need help:/?
First you are right that was long, second the Recruiter DO NOT bribe, the United States Army give incentives to new individuals wanting to join, the value of the Incentives is depending on the value of your experience, education and how much you can contribute to the accomplishment of the missions assigned to you. as far as the item regarding the 3 years contract, is that your active duty time only plus 5 years in the reserves or is it the while 3 years are the complete time from start to end? also what component you are getting ino Active Duty, National Guard or the reseerve? It depends on the language rather if it’s Arabic, Farsi, Pashto or Dari. The United States Army will evaluate how well you speak, read and write the above mentioned languages the army will offer you something called a FLIP “Foreign Language Proficiency” it stars from $200.00 up to $400.00 the score will be from 2 to 5, your goal should be 2+ or 3+ or better. If your English is not up to the army’s standard you will go to ESL” English Second Language”. I went to training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina for BCT “Basic Combat Training” and AIT “Advanced Individual Training”. GET ALL THINGS BEING SAID IN WRITING, THE ARMY HAS A SAYING" IF IT IS NOT IN BLACK AND WHITE IT DOES NOT EXIST"
Gabriela Originally Answered: Joining the U.S. Army as an interpreter need help:/?
These are some of the things the Recruiter bribed our minds with: -$2300.00 per month into our savings account. -$1200.00 for rent. -American enlists start as a Rank E1 but we are start directly as an E-4 Specialist. -They'll subtract $100.00 from monthly pay as insurance towards my college since they'll supposedly pay my college fees for me. -Full Health/Dental insurance coverage. -3 year contract. -Teaching us how to fire pistols, but nothing more sophisticated than that. -30 College credits which is one whole year of college ahead. -Will help us build a resume after college. Definitely take the job! Not many 18 year olds receive oppurtunities quite like this. Not only will this help you in the short term, you will thrive in the long term! If they pay for your school, you will definitely come out of school with many job opportunities. Having already had experience in translating, and a college education, you will succeed. Not to mention those benefits are unbeatable.
Gabriela Originally Answered: Joining the U.S. Army as an interpreter need help:/?
If you meet the residency requirements then sure you could join, when you do not cross resolution or don't get a name again join a navy instruction institution and so that it will aid you to get in. Muslims are wanted in the army for rather just a few roles corresponding to interpreters.

Davina Davina
tldr; get the physical exam with the Armed Forces. That will tell you if your medical conditions will prevent you from joining the military.
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Davina Originally Answered: Joining the Army, how should i cut my hair?
I'm sorry to have to tell you this but no matter if you shave and shine you head they'll still try to shave what ever is left and charge you $7.00 or $8.00 to do it. Whoever told you they did a crappy job was right, but like it really matters their aren't going to be any ladies to impress. At the end of Basic if your lucky they'll let you get a crew cut. So my advice is to save your money and just leave your hair the way it is until you get to basic. As for helpful tips for basic just go with the flow you'll get through it. Once your done you'll look back and say that wasn't so bad. Oh, one serious tip never volunteer to wax and buff the floor or you'll be spending any down time, doing just that waxing and buffing the floors while your battle buddies are writing letters home. Made that mistake and it sucked hard. Oh and check your cleaning locker key against the closet where they store your civies and personal items (i.e. cell phone). Cell phones are a hot commodity in basic training considering the fact that I only was able to use the phone three times during basic and I got an extra call because my great grandmother died during basic. Just a hint if you do use one make sure to erase the call history because we had a lot of people use one guys cell phone but they all got their pay check docked after the DI called all the numbers in the call history to see who called out. The only guy who didn't get was the guy who hid his cell phone and charger in Old Spice deodorant, he removed the majority of the actual deodorant and just left the top so that if the DI didn't look real close he wouldn't notice. I saw the DI look right past it in a raid and they found practically everything to but I guess that hadn't seen that before. Anyways good luck with everything sorry about the tangent
Davina Originally Answered: Joining the Army, how should i cut my hair?
I'm not sure what the army is like but I know from the marines don't cut it. They will shave it for you when you get there, at least for marines. If you shave it yourself, they will shave it anyway and you will get razorburn. The shaving of your head is a type of ritual for the military and it is kind of symbolic for conforming to that type of life. The DIs will chew you out so bad and make fun of you if you show up with a buzz cut.

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